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Custom Cut Foam for Boat Seats

The appeal of water activities during warmer seasons is undeniable, whether it’s fishing with a small outboard motor, leisurely paddling in a canoe or kayak, or cruising on a pleasure craft. Regardless of the vessel, comfort and security are crucial for an enjoyable experience on the water. This is where Foam by Mail steps in as a trusted partner, offering custom foam for outdoor cushions, boat seats, mattresses, and safety pads to guarantee your time on the water is ... (Read More)

Why Dryfast Foam is the Best Option for Outdoor Cushions

Foam is a versatile material with a variety of characteristics, ranging from cell type and strength to density, size, shape, and color. Certain types of foam enjoy widespread recognition, like the soft and squishy polyurethane foam or the robust closed-cell polyethylene foam. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the unsung heroes—the foam varieties that quietly perform essential functions without seeking the limelight, like Dryfast foam. This versatile product is the best foam for outdoor cushions, and this post will explain ... (Read More)

How To Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space with Foam Products

Designing an inviting and comfortable outdoor space is a great way to enhance your living experience. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a cozy balcony, or a compact patio, the right foam products can make a big difference – and here at Foam By Mail, we have the highest quality foam for outdoor cushions that are designed to completely elevate your space. In this post, we will explore the unique benefits of using foam for outdoor cushions. We’ll also ... (Read More)

Foam Floats for Water Activities

In recent years, as summertime rolls around and the water on the lake or in the pool begins to warm up, people are flocking to stores to pick up their very own Foam Floats. These Foam Floats provide an even more enhanced experience for your time on the lake! What Are Foam Floats? If you ever drive past a lake and see a handful of people looking like they are walking on water, the odds are they are simply ... (Read More)

Insulate Your Hunting Blinds for a More Enhanced Experience!

Whether it is already hunting season or you’re preparing for next season, getting ready is extremely important! One of the most important aspects of hunting is having a great hunting blind to mask you both visually and audibly from the animal that you are hunting. Although hunting blinds can be bought with these capabilities, it can also be very helpful to add different types of foam to make the blind even more insulated, both thermally and audibly. In this ... (Read More)

Creating An Outdoor Holiday Area

In the era of coronavirus, even family holidays have not been spared. This has left many families scrambling to find safe ways to gather together again. Many suggestions have come out on how to keep family get-togethers safe. If you choose to meet, but want to keep things outside, we have the perfect tips for creating an outdoor holiday gathering area. Setting Up the Table If your family is traveling from a distance to visit during the pandemic, you’ll ... (Read More)

Revitalize Your Porch/Patio for Spring

If you live in an area where freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are regular winter occurrences, then chances are your porch or patio have been utterly neglected for the past few months. That means you’ll have to put in some time revitalizing your outdoor space so it can be deemed ready for spring use. Here is a brief list of ideas to get you started: Sweep or power wash the area to clean it of winter debris. Pull your ... (Read More)

DIY Boat Upholstery Tips

Do the seats on your boat have permanent indentations that precisely match the backsides of their most frequent passengers? Is any of the vinyl ripped or torn, revealing the underlying foam? Has the foam cushioning started degrading and breaking down due to wear and tear or exposure to the elements? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to reupholster your boat. Depending on the size and number of seats requiring repair, paying a ... (Read More)

DIY Patio Chair Cushion

Comfortable patio furniture may sound like an oxymoron at times—especially when it comes to sets made from metal or wood. These materials are purchased more for the sake of their durability and aesthetic appeal than for comfort, which is why a good chair cushion can make all the difference. Fortunately, you don’t have to part with lots of cash to add some extra comfort to your outdoor patio retreat. All you have to do is follow these quick and easy ... (Read More)

Make Your Own Stadium Cushion in 4 Easy Steps

What is the one thing that pro football games and little league tournaments have in common? You’re sure to be seated on those classic cold, hard aluminum stands. Whether you’re at the Super Bowl or your kid’s recreational weekend game, you’re likely to find yourself squirming for hours on end trying to get comfortable. With fall right around the corner and sports season revving back up, the all too familiar aches and pains associated with the morning after a ... (Read More)

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