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Boat Upholstery Tips You Can Do Yourself

Are your boat seats showing signs of wear and tear that even the most seasoned sailor couldn’t ignore? Are those permanent indentations starting to resemble the contours of your crew’s backsides a little too precisely? Don’t worry, because Foam by Mail is here to make sure your vessel remains shipshape and comfortable for all your nautical adventures. We have all the best foam for outdoor cushions and upholstery foam to get your reupholstery job done! If your boat’s vinyl ... (Read More)

Custom Cut Foam for Boat Seats

The appeal of water activities during warmer seasons is undeniable, whether it’s fishing with a small outboard motor, leisurely paddling in a canoe or kayak, or cruising on a pleasure craft. Regardless of the vessel, comfort and security are crucial for an enjoyable experience on the water. This is where Foam by Mail steps in as a trusted partner, offering custom foam for outdoor cushions, boat seats, mattresses, and safety pads to guarantee your time on the water is ... (Read More)

Why Dryfast Foam is the Best Option for Outdoor Cushions

Foam is a versatile material with a variety of characteristics, ranging from cell type and strength to density, size, shape, and color. Certain types of foam enjoy widespread recognition, like the soft and squishy polyurethane foam or the robust closed-cell polyethylene foam. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the unsung heroes—the foam varieties that quietly perform essential functions without seeking the limelight, like Dryfast foam. This versatile product is the best foam for outdoor cushions, and this post will explain ... (Read More)

The Differences and Characteristics of Cross-Linked Foam

At the heart of material strength lies the intricate web of molecular bonds, particularly evident in the realm of plastics and foams. Here, polymers, made up of interconnected repeating molecular units, weave the foundation of diverse materials like polyurethane and cross-linked polyethylene foam. These polymers play a pivotal role in shaping the strength and characteristics of the final material, determining its flexibility, load-bearing capacity, and resilience to pressure. Today, we’ll be exploring the differences and characteristics of cross-linked foam. ... (Read More)

Combining Custom Acoustical Sound Treatment with Refined Studio Design

In today’s world, where more and more people are streaming their activities online, having a high-quality audio setup is essential. Whether you’re streaming video games, art tutorials, or music performances, achieving the perfect sound can be a challenge – but that’s where acoustic foam treatment comes in! Sound issues, such as outside noise, white noise, and echo, can significantly impact the quality of your streams. However, with the right acoustic treatment, you can create a studio environment that enhances ... (Read More)

A Review of the Dunlop Latex Foam Mattress

Since 1995, Foam By Mail has been your go-to destination when you’re looking for a premium hypo-allergenic latex mattress and other bedding essentials. Crafted using the Dunlop method, our latex foam boasts 100% natural ingredients, completely free of fillers or synthetic materials. This natural composition ensures that both our latex foam mattress and latex foam topper are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to mold, mildew, and mites. Dunlop latex foam mattresses also offer slightly firmer support and comfort, making them ... (Read More)

How to Create the Ultimate Cozy Bedroom for Winter

When winter weather hits your city with gusting winds, heavy snowfall, and freezing overnight temperatures, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to retreat to a warm, cozy bedroom for the evening. If your current sleeping space falls short of the comfortable and inviting sanctuary you’ve always envisioned, don’t worry – the solution might be as simple as adding a foam mattress topper! But there are plenty of other elements besides using a memory foam topper that you can ... (Read More)

DIY Bed Frame Inspiration

You’ve just purchased a brand-new memory foam mattress or foam topper from Foam by Mail, and are excited to begin enjoying targeted joint support, superior comfort, and restful sleep every night. As long as you’re in an upgrading mood, why not replace your old bed frame with something that better fits your mattress and decor? Elevate Your Bedroom with These DIY Ideas Here are some awesome (and relatively easy) DIY bed frame projects to consider: Platform Bed Frame with ... (Read More)

Refresh Your Cushions for the New Year

Saggy cushions not only make furniture look old and dated, but also turn armchairs, sofas, and love seats into uncomfortable eyesores that mar the aesthetic of your living room. Fortunately, it’s possible to rescue furniture from this condition by finding a foam cushion replacement for worn or lifeless cushions. Replacing cushion foam is simple, and we have plenty of upholstery foam to help you get the job done. How to Easily Order Replacement Foam to Renew Floppy Cushions Tools ... (Read More)

How to Insulate a Shed with Foam

Most people are familiar with insulation for their homes, but they do not always consider insulating their sheds. Insulating your shed with insulation foam is a smart way to keep your shed’s contents safe from extreme temperatures and weather. Here are our tips for using outdoor insulation foam to insulate your shed: Why Use Foam for Insulation? Prep Before Using Insulation Foam Before you dive into your insulation project, you should inspect the shed for leaks and cracks. The ... (Read More)

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