Seats and Cushions

Reasons Foam is Ideal for Seats and Cushions

  • Soft yet durable material. Foam is ideal for seats thanks to the fact that it's soft to provide cushioning and comfort while still offering durability that makes it long lasting at the same time. It is one of the few materials on today's market to boast such a claim and the soft yet durable nature makes it ideal for high traffic items such as seats where comfort is crucial.

  • Varying levels of firmness available. There are different types of seats and different preferences in terms of firmness as well. For example, a foam boat seat may be a bit firmer to provide extra support while on the water whereas a seat for a sofa will focus more on cushioning rather than support. There is also that fact that some people may prefer different levels in firmness overall. Foam is one of the most versatile material types in regard to firmness levels so there is something for every need.

  • Different types for different settings/needs. There are also different types of foam available. For instance, a closed cell foam is well suited to outdoor settings or water prone areas while an open cell foam will offer better softness for indoor seating needs. There are also foams designed to be quick drying for particularly moisture-prone areas.

  • Affordable while maintaining high quality. Foam is an affordable solution that also happens to be high quality. When choosing the right material for your needs, you want something that is long lasting and high performing without costing a small fortune. Foam is the perfect solution for those on a budget but unwilling to sacrifice on overall quality.