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The Best Foam Products for Fitness Enthusiasts

The benefits of exercise are well-documented and widely touted by health fanatics and professionals alike, but traditional exercise methods such as running or weightlifting may be difficult for some because of injuries, physical capabilities, or access to exercise equipment. Fortunately, there are alternatives that offer low-impact and in-home exercises that save travel time and gym membership money – and one of those is foam rollers. Whether you prefer traditional exercises or alternative methods, Foam by Mail offers a wide ... (Read More)

Balance Safety and Fun on the Playground with Foam Padding

In the digital age, where screens dominate children’s leisure time, creating a safe and enticing outdoor playground at home has never been more crucial – and as parents and caregivers, ensuring our little ones have a safe space to play, explore, and learn is of paramount importance. Enter closed cell foam; a versatile, shock-absorbent material that offers a perfect solution for cushioning home playgrounds. In this comprehensive guide to outdoor foam, we’ll delve into the world of foam padding, ... (Read More)

Use Foam Rollers to Relieve Pain or For Home Workouts

Foam rollers are handy tools that can help relieve pain and soothe sore muscles. Whether you’re feeling sore after an intense workout, or you deal with chronic muscle pain, you can start using foam for exercise equipment in the comfort of your home. Not only can rolling out with foam help release any muscle tightness, but it can also help increase your joint range of motion. In this post, we’ll walk you through the many uses and benefits of ... (Read More)

Create Your Own DIY Yoga Studio

The mental and physical benefits of yoga have been enjoyed recreationally for thousands of years. Many studios offer a wide variety of yoga practices like power yoga, prenatal yoga, PiYo, aerial yoga, and even goat yoga! Individualized plans can provide unique benefits that relax and rejuvenate the yogi. Regardless of the type of exercise, a key focus is relaxation and meditation, which the surrounding environment should reflect.There may be several reasons why you’re hesitant to make it to your ... (Read More)

Master MMA with Your Very Own Sprung Floor

If you are into MMA (jiu-jitsu, judo, etc.), then you know that the throws and takedowns involved can be pretty painful! How do we stop, or at least dampen the blow? Most MMA instructors would say that it is a special flooring that makes this possible, a sprung floor! How Sprung Floors Work Combat sports are hard on the body. There is rigorous training and practice that goes into mastering all forms of martial arts. What you cannot be ... (Read More)

Benefits of Face Shields

Today, there are more ways than ever to protect yourself as you navigate through life during a pandemic. Masks are essential as you reintegrate back into your work environment. Even before the pandemic, masks and other types of PPE (personal protection equipment) have long been part of labor and industry. Face shields are a necessity for various tasks in the workplace and even at home. There are many great reasons to consider adding a face shield to your toolbox ... (Read More)

The Underestimated Importance of Insoles

Many of us take our feet for granted when we are younger. They allow us to run, jump, and stand for very long periods of time. Our feet are often subjected to great amounts of pressure and shock.  This constant pressure and impact can lead to foot disorders, foot pain and even back pain. At any age, protecting our feet should be a high priority. What can you do when you are between paychecks and can’t afford new insoles, or ... (Read More)

How Foam Rolling Works

Living a healthy lifestyle is important! No matter what exercise you have been doing, foam rolling is being touted as something that should be added to everyone’s routine. Practitioners of foam rolling will tell you that it can loosen up tight muscles. This makes it beneficial before and after exercising. What Is It? To understand how foam rolling works, we need to be clear about what products are used. In order to practice foam rolling, a rounded foam cylinder is used. The ... (Read More)

The Benefits of Knee Pillows

We all know that a good pillow is key to waking up rejuvenated for a new day. Most people think of a pillow as a product for their head, but there are other ways to utilize pillows to get the quality rest that you need. Knee pillows are a great addition worth considering. There are a few things you should know about the benefits of having a knee pillow between your legs while sleeping or relaxing. Who Should Use Knee ... (Read More)

Foam Crash Pad for Kids

Foam crash pads are a must have for any home with young kids. These pads consist of a durable cover filled with a solid core of 6”, medium firm, open-cell foam. This helps provide a safe landing space for your kid’s in all their activities. Some ways to use a foam crash pad include the following: Foam crash pads are an excellent tool to help calm children with sensory processing disorders or other special needs. The sturdy, comfortable foam gives ... (Read More)

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