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Why Dryfast Foam is the Best Option for Outdoor Cushions

Foam is a versatile material with a variety of characteristics, ranging from cell type and strength to density, size, shape, and color. Certain types of foam enjoy widespread recognition, like the soft and squishy polyurethane foam or the robust closed-cell polyethylene foam. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the unsung heroes—the foam varieties that quietly perform essential functions without seeking the limelight, like Dryfast foam. This versatile product is the best foam for outdoor cushions, and this post will explain ... (Read More)

The Differences and Characteristics of Cross-Linked Foam

At the heart of material strength lies the intricate web of molecular bonds, particularly evident in the realm of plastics and foams. Here, polymers, made up of interconnected repeating molecular units, weave the foundation of diverse materials like polyurethane and cross-linked polyethylene foam. These polymers play a pivotal role in shaping the strength and characteristics of the final material, determining its flexibility, load-bearing capacity, and resilience to pressure. Today, we’ll be exploring the differences and characteristics of cross-linked foam. ... (Read More)

Understanding Military Performance Specifications for Foam

For industries that require materials on a large scale, consistency and quality are two of the most important considerations when thousands or even millions of products are being impacted by a batch of materials. This is important not only for one order, but as more and more orders are placed over time, each set of materials is expected to perform to the same specifications as the previous ones, and all orders that follow. To ensure the uniformity of materials ... (Read More)

Foam Manufacturing, Development, and Competition through History

Foam has a rich history that dates back to 1849. With the creation of foam, many great new products were able to manifest, bringing us to some of the most versatile and comfortable products available today. Foam manufacturing and its processes have served us for nearly two centuries, and the developments that occurred during that time have only helped to serve us better. Let’s take a look back at the history of foam and the many steps it took ... (Read More)

Get the Most Out of Your Speakers With Decoupling

A premium sound system can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but is also able to prove its value to a listener the second a favorite song reaches its crescendo, or when a blockbuster movie’s final fight scene breaks out.  But no matter how much is spent on speakers and receivers, their performance will still be impacted by the room where they reside. This is the reason acoustical treatment is so important for getting crisp and bold sound out ... (Read More)

Compression Cutting for Custom Foam Products

Custom compression cutting is taking all types of foam products to the next level. Whether you need personalized comfort detailing for your mattress or mattress topper, or specialized foam cut specifically for your sound booth, Foam Factory has got you covered. Foam Factory’s new compression cutter, or foam profile cutting machine, is an addition that’s allowed our high-quality products to become even better by producing detailed, specialized products to fit your personal needs and tastes. It can implement designs ... (Read More)

Understanding A-A-59135 and A-A-59136 Item Descriptions

The world of foam polymers can be a complicated one, with minor differences in structure, additives and molecular makeup creating completely different products. Because the forming of these materials can be manipulated in so many ways, highly-specialized products for unique jobs are often created, with only a slight change in formulation tailoring them to a certain application. The benefit of this is that users rarely have to compromise on a material that only meets some of their requirements. The ... (Read More)

Military Uses For Foam – Part II

This is the second post in a two-part series on the uses for foam in the military and armed forces. For the first post in this series, visit: Military Uses For Foam – Part I — Another foam material that is present in the daily lives of many service men and women are sleeping pads. Distributed throughout the branches of the military, a camping pad is one of the most important inclusions in the gear of military members. Given ... (Read More)

Military Uses For Foam – Part I

For our post on the uses for foam in the military and armed forces, we have decided to break the entry into two separate posts due to its broad range of applications. — Foam products serve many purposes, but some of the most overlooked applications of foam materials are in the military and armed forces. The resources required to protect our nation and contribute to global initiatives are substantial, and in many ways, the branches of the military are ... (Read More)

Insulator, Filler, and Fixer: Foam Joint Filler Backing Rod

In plays, television and movies, actors and actresses are most often the ones credited with a show’s success. But for every celebrity or household name, there are dozens of people behind the scenes, working hard to ensure the seamless execution of a performance. This is also how the world of construction works. We see the beautiful glass windows on buildings and feel the strength of sidewalks under our feet, but there are many materials we never see in construction ... (Read More)

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