Custom Foam Mattresses

Custom Foam Mattresses

Looking for a mattress to perfectly fit into a space with non-standard dimensions? Our custom foam mattress service is a great way to get the exact size mattress you need for an antique bed, child’s bunk bed, RV mattress, and much more!

All of our custom mattresses are made from our long-lasting and supportive conventional foam to ensure that you get a great night's sleep for years to come.

Enter your desired mattress dimensions to get started!

Cushion or Mattress

Quoted prices are for foam only. View our Accessories page for standard and custom cover options.

How To Order
  • Select your mattress size above
  • Please enter dimensions in INCHES
  • Please round fractional dimensions up to the next whole inch to ensure that the mattress is large enough for the expected area
  • Do NOT reduce dimensions to compensate for Dacron fiberfill wrap addition
  • Click "Continue" for a price quote

Conventional foam mattresses are great for people who desire all-around comfort while still wanting proper support. The softness provides relief and alleviates pressure but maintains a firmness that supplies proper body support. Specific product capabilities are dependent on the foam type(s) and additional options selected during mattress customization.

Custom foam mattresses are foam only.
Covers may be purchased under Mattress Accessories.

Foam Types: All Conventional Foam
Sizes: Standard and customized sizes available
Heights: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 inches

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.

Return Policy
Custom mattresses cannot be accepted for return unless there is a product defect or a manufacturing error. Please see our Return Policy for more information. If you have questions concerning our return policy, please Contact Us before placing your order.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Custom-cut mattresses and toppers have dimensional tolerances according to the "Custom-Cut Mattresses and Toppers" section of our Dimensional Tolerances table. If your project requires a tighter tolerance, Contact Us for more information about machine cut custom items.

Largest Solid Mattress
The largest solid mattress size available is 76" x 82". When a mattress is ordered larger than one or both of those dimensions, it will be made from two pieces of foam that are glued together. There are no additional gluing charges for oversized mattresses.

Largest Solid Thickness
The largest solid mattress thickness available is 6". When any one mattress is ordered at a greater thickness than that, it will be made from two matching foam pieces glued together to achieve the desired thickness at no additional charge. For mattresses over 8" thick or containing layers of different foam types, please Contact Us.

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Great experience and product!!
Ilza | July 26th, 2023
Bought a 3 inch to place on top of existing mattress. Mattress is new but jus a tad firm. Cut exactly to specifications and I sleep like a princess. Just what I needed!!! Great price and service.
Great purchase
Jennifer | July 25th, 2023
I ordered three foam custom cut mattresses for our pop-up and they are perfect. They are Comfortable and they fit perfectly. I made a mistake in my order and Foam Factory caught it and gave me a call to let me know that I had mistakenly ordered a dacron wrap around the foam instead of the zippered cover. We fixed the error and the mattresses were shipped out within a few days. Im very pleased with the product and blown away by the customer service. We will be replacing the cushions in our 64 Shasta camper soon and i plan to order from Foam Factory.
Top Notch Service
Nathan | July 5th, 2023
Team was great to work with. They noticed a slight error in my order and immediately contacted me and provided a swift resolution. Highly recommend this company.
Fast and good quality, but foam wrap description seemed wrong.
Nick | June 28th, 2023
Order recieved super quick. Foam is great quality,as cases. Both mattresses were irregular sizes requested and made them perfect. Only complaint is the wrap they recommend getting on foam is said to add a inch. So I ordered my foam at 2 instead of 3. The wrap definitely didn't add a inch so it's thinner that I would have liked. Other than that it's great.
A company run by humans
Patrick Keegan | June 28th, 2023
I never thought I’d ever write a sentence like that without it sounding cynical, but that was the first thing to come into my mind throughout the transaction. Well done. Nice product. 6 likes, 4 happy faces. 1 heart.
Dad said I did great in getting it
Cheryl Turtle | June 27th, 2023
Foam mattress looks good and really inflated to over 6 inches with no problem. Everything fits snuggly just like the original one over the cab in our camper.
Great experience
Lawrence | June 23rd, 2023
Ordered the soft foam mattress to soften up the trailer bed. Shipping was good and the softer trailer bed is so much better!
Great product
Kris | June 22nd, 2023
I bought all new foam for a camper and the ordering was so easy. Just a note, I wish I had taken off a 1/2" or more on all measurements because getting the camper cushion covers back on is quite difficult.
New mattress is awesome!
Daniel | June 20th, 2023
I bought a foam mattress from Foam Factory to replace the old mattress that came in my RV, and I'm glad I did. The new mattress (with the optional cover) is great and I'm able to sleep soundly now.
Great Experience!
Tessa Crisp | May 24th, 2023
I was looking for a custom size to use as a topper for a futon that's not so comfortable. This was perfect! Ordering what I needed was easy and quick.
Needed odd size
Lee Ann | May 18th, 2023
Just what we were looking for. Our rv can only accommodate a mattress that's 72 inches long and the so called short queen mattresses are 75 inches.The optional zippered cover is nice too.I haven't slept on it yet but laying on it is comfortable.Thanks foambymail!
Ordered for my dogs Orvis bed
Brandon | May 18th, 2023
I ordered a luxury foam mattress for my Orvis Luxury Dog Bed sleeping cushion. It was made exactly to my measurements, high quality, and my dog loves it. This company is awesome, I was shocked when I found them. I will definitely use them in the future and definitely recommend, this company was very easy to deal with and very punctual.
. Custom cut mattress with striped cover
Nancy Martin | April 17th, 2023
Perfect fit, great quality and price. Highly recommend this company.
review of foam purchase
Diane Hampson | April 15th, 2023
The HD36 foam was delivered on time. Pefect for my application. I have slept on this and it was comfortable. Iwill continue to order from the Foam Factory.
Good product
Jackson | April 14th, 2023
Exactly as described, Good product. Easy to order custom size. Priced fairly.
Good product
Jackson | April 14th, 2023
Exactly as described, Good product. Easy to order. Priced fairly.
10/10 love these products
Tim Hudson | April 14th, 2023
Bought some special sized foam for our RV sleeping arranagements. Love the quality and feel. Perfect choice. Will buy more in the future!
Cori | April 6th, 2023
Absolutely perfect! I ordered to beds for my RV, the ones we currently have just are *not* comfortable! They were odd spaces (35x66 and 44x66) and they came out amazing! My kids love them! I wish I could post a photo to show how wonderfully they fit!
94x46 foam
Nina | March 29th, 2023
Very pleased with my foam. I ordered to replace an over head mattress in our hauler and it works perfectly!
Just what I wanted
Norman | March 4th, 2023
So great to be able to order custom foam like this. I used it when I wanted an extra thick foam under my shag rug, so that I could lie on it extra comfortably. Email customer service from Haley was excellent, helping me through every step of the order. I really enjoyed receiving samples of three different types of foam to help me make my selection.
JustineIcepe | March 2nd, 2023
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Exceptional Quality
Wai | February 27th, 2023
This is the second custom foam mattress I have ordered from Foam Factory. It meets all my expectation with the quality and comfort the mattress provided. I will definitely order from them again in the future.
Mattress purchase
Patrick | February 23rd, 2023
Ordered custom mattresses for my camper. They arrived quicker than expected. They were exactly what I ordered. We are happy with them.
Wrong item but fully rectified
Bob bair | February 22nd, 2023
We ordered a foam mattress for a youth bed for our visiting grand son. They promised it would get here on time for their visit. The mattress we received was foam the size of a chair ottoman . When I told them I needed it in less than a week they made a new one and it got here in just a couple of days. Mattress was the perfect size for the bed. Great customer service.
Excellent Service!!
Andy | February 21st, 2023
Great service!! Easy to order. The foam was cut to my required dimensions and the striped cover with a zipper is a great addition. This company is highly recommended.
Sam | February 21st, 2023
Got the lux foam 8" for a very large in height and weight person and it's great. I could see it being to firm for someone under 200 lbs, but for larger folks this works great
Just what I ordered
Edouard Duroux | February 21st, 2023
Sized perfectly - ordered a replacement piece of high density foam for an RV mattress. Love the free shipping.
Lucy | February 8th, 2023
Ordered custom cut foam for a day bed and it's perfect! It fits perfectly and it's very comfortable!
Exactly what I wanted!
Rebecca Arena-Bland | February 1st, 2023
My mattress came promptly and was exactly as I ordered. It fluffed up within minutes and is very comfortable.
Great quality, but 6” is too firm for mattress
Larry Beasley | January 29th, 2023
Great company, with fast shipping I have no complaints at all besides I wish I understood the different thickness levels better before purchasing, I purchased the 6” HD36 foam to use as my mattress in my Van RV Conversion and it is just way too firm. I was afraid it wouldn’t have been firm enough actually I almost order the 8” again not really there problem just wish I understood it better
Excellent support!
Sarah Pogell | January 16th, 2023
My mother is difficult to please, but she loves, loves, loves her premium foam mattress. It works great on her electronic hospital bed, whose head and foot can be raised and lowered. Thanks for the quick service, too!
Dan | January 16th, 2023
Got a custom cut lux foam - HQ. Really like the foam. Firm and supportive but not too hard.
Great fit, great quality!
David Oehlschlaeger | January 13th, 2023
I’m a 6’8” tall man who has trouble finding just about anything to fit me—including a mattress! With their custom sizes, Foam Factory came through in a big way for me. I was able to get the perfect sized foam mattress to fit my current bed frame. It feels like good quality foam and is comfortable to sleep on. I would highly recommend this company for all your foam needs!
Great product fit perfectly
Marcus | January 3rd, 2023
Fits perfect and very comfortable
Perfect fit
Ramona | December 29th, 2022
I have not slept on the 5" foam mattress yet but it is plush and was cut precisely to the measurements I specified for a make shift camper.
Perfect fit, finish, and quality
BR | December 22nd, 2022
Ordered 2 custom cushions with striped covers to fit our treehouse loft. Chose the higher quality foam to last longer with outdoor temperature changes. The mattresses fit the loft space perfectly. The striped covers are also a good quality, and are helping keep the foam clean. Will definitely use in the future for any custom foam needs.
Foam cushions
Paula | December 6th, 2022
I have ordered 3 foam cushions for under window seating and they are perfect!
Perfect fit!
Emily | December 4th, 2022
Bought a custom mattress to add to the top of a Pottery Barn Teen fold out couch that has a pad that folds flat onto the ground. The addition of the custom mattress makes it much more suitable for adult guests. I called to get some advice and the person on the phone was very helpful. It shipped very quickly and we are very happy with our purchase. We also bought a cover which makes it very polished.
Special order mattress for antique bed
Patty | December 1st, 2022
Great quick service.and exact size ordered. Fit perfect on antique bed. Thanks so much.
Excellent bench cushion
Marta | November 27th, 2022
I ordered the high density foam mattress to make a pillow for the bench in our living room. The cushion is perfect! Very comfy, with the exact measures requested, it arrived very well packed and the shipping was fast. Very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend this product and Foam Factory. Thank you!
Perfect fit!
Amber | November 22nd, 2022
Ordered a custom size memory foam mattress for my daughters 'tent' that she prefers to sleep in rather than her bed and it came out perfectly. I feel much better knowing she is sleeping on an actual mattress, and she's happy she can sleep in her 'tent', a win-win! Shipping was also way faster than I expected. Received it about 10 days after I ordered it. Will definitely come here again if I need any other custom cushion.
Sofa cushions
Kristy | November 3rd, 2022
Garret at Foam by Mail is a life saver. I had ordered a firmer foam on line and he reached out to me to suggest I go down in firmness and he was 100% right. I love how our sofa turned out. It is perfect. This company is top notch in my book.
Excellent product
Esperanza | October 30th, 2022
My husband and I have ordered quite a few foam mattress's from your company and always received great customer service and excellent products. Thank you.
Two pieces
Zoe | October 25th, 2022
I ordered to oddly shaped pieces (not your typical full size mattress). They came very quickly and it was communicated very clearly when I might expect them. The foam was great to finish a captains bed I built. I would definitely order from them again.
Much more firm than i expected
Linda Crowther | October 25th, 2022
I am very happy with the service and quality of the product !! I ordered a custom sized HD 36 Foam 6" mattress for my RV, and also purchased the white striped cover (custom size). It is too firm - and i am thinking possibly that the striped cover is so tight that it does not allow the mattress room to 'give'... I would take the striped cover off, but it is so tight, i am afraid i will never get the mattress back in that cover. I have recently ordered a poly foam topper (3") to see if i can soften it up a bit. I think the pictures portraying the foam with 'give' is a little misleading. I .will see if the poly foam topper helps !
Good matress
Jake | October 25th, 2022
Bought a custom mattress, fits great and came quick.
Great product!
Daniel | October 23rd, 2022
I've been using my custom mattress for a couple months now. Wanted to use it before reviewing. The mattress is very nice and comfortable. Quality is great. If I ever need another foam mattress, I'll definitely order again.
Quick delivery, great quality
Kevin | October 11th, 2022
Got my order less than a week after I ordered it, and the foam is very high quality. Only reason it was 4 stars and not 5 was because my sections were cut about a 1/2 inch too wide, so I had to trim them a bit, myself. Still, would definitely purchase again, next time i needed. :)
Great for Rooftop Tent
Dustin | September 16th, 2022
This is a great option for additional cushion in my rooftop tent. Very pleased with the quality for the price.
Foam mattress
Peggy Book | September 12th, 2022
We enjoy this mattress. We have purchased an identical one from you in the past and recommend this product to friends and family.