Horizontal High Density Foam SawWhen choosing foam products, you want a high-quality solution that is precision cut to meet your exact specifications. With our high performing and precise horizontal foam cutting machine, we promise you will get just that with every order. Let's take a closer look at the operation of this high performing machine.

The automated horizontal saw is the first stop for conventional open-cell foam and memory foam once it arrives at our facility. This horizontal foam cutting machine is used to slice buns into more manageable sheets that are then sold as-is or processed into a more refined end-product on another piece of machinery. Featuring an automated 86" x 132" table that pulls the buns through the 2-1/4" wide blade, the horizontal saw can handle foam buns 51" tall and 88" wide, though the average bun size runs closer to 40" in height and 76" in length, making it incredibly versatile and functional for a range of creations. Depending on outfitted features, a horizontal foam cutting machine can weigh anywhere from 4,500 to 6,000 pounds. This heavyweight champion is certainly high performing enough to earn its place in any foam cutting facility.

True to its namesake, the horizontal cutter operates along a flat plane with no articulation of the blade. Using this saw, we are able to slice sheets as thin as 1/4" with impressive precision and speed. The products most commonly produced by this machine are mattresses, though every non-reticulated/non-latex open-cell foam will pass through the horizontal saw at some point. We also slice bulk sheets for upholsterers and other businesses with this horizontal foam cutting machine. This machine is a workhorse that creates a high volume of foam products and cuts thanks to the high performing design and operation of the machine. While it is precise, it can leave a few rough edges on select products which our team will then work diligently to remove before the product is sold. As one of the most standard machines in a foam producing factory, there is no denying the horizontal cutter is a mainstay for foam creations.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:
HD36 Foam Sheet Charcoal Foam Sheet Anti-Static Foam Sheet HD36 Foam Sheet