Adhesive Backing for Foam

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If you are looking for an easy way to bond foam to other materials without the mess, we now offer a service to add adhesive backing to the foam that you purchase from us!

The adhesive backing that we apply to our foam is Avery Dennison FBA 8318 GL, which is a Low VOC acrylic adhesive. Ordering our adhesive backed foam is a great decision if you want to quickly and easily bond foam to other material substrates.

The adhesive itself has a double coated tape construction. It has a very low outgassing/VOC output, and is made out of a polyester film carrier and a glassine release liner. Even after we put the adhesive on our foam, it still maintains a high tensile strength, and has excellent die cutting capabilities.

Adhesive backed foam works well for applications, such as: mechanical insulation, vinyl bonding, exterior mirror bonding, tile bonding, and any application where our closed-cell foams are normally used.

  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Low outgassing/VOC output
  • High resistance to UV, heat, and solvents
  • Resists temperatures up to 120 °F
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent die cutting performance
  • Made of a polyester film carrier and a glassine liner
Resources Notes

Foam Price Not Included
Prices shown are for the adhesive backing option. Foam cost is extra.

Not A Standalone Product
Adhesive Backing is not a standalone product. It can only be purchased alongside one of the listed foam types.

Not Recommended for Wet and Underwater Conditions
Adhesive Backing is not recommended for use in wet or underwater conditions, as this can cause the adhesive backing to not function properly. Please make sure all materials are dry before adhesive is applied.

Not Recommended for Outdoor Use
Adhesive backing is not recommended for use outdoors. Our adhesive backing will only function properly in dry indoor conditions.

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Great stuff
Eric Armstrong | March 9th, 2023
I've used contact cement in spray cans and from a jar. Always a mess to clean up, and missed spots near the edges that needed fixing. Had to wait for it to get tacky, and darn hard to get things lined up and put them down accurately. (It's a skill. Maybe one day I'll get it.) This stuff TOOK AWAY THE TROUBLE. Easy to align, then partially pull back, peel, and apply. No mess, no waiting, and perfect adhesion, RIGHT NOW, with no areas bare or missing adhesion. Once I tried the sample, I was hooked. It adds some expense, but saves SO much trouble...
Great company
DONNIE KARLESKINT | November 15th, 2022
Fast shipping and a great durable product
Great Product
Dylan | October 3rd, 2022
Pretty fast turn around, especially since adding the adhesive backing. An email saying how long that would take would have been helpful. Awesome price too.