Do It Yourself for Seats and Cushions

Do you have a do-it-yourself mentality when it comes to projects and saving money? You've come to the right place! If you are looking to for all the important information and supplies related to do it yourself seats, we have you covered with all the essentials for a successful DIY project of this nature.

We always have foam sheets in stock, along with fiberfill wrap for the finishing touches on a project. Offered in a range of thickness options and overall sizes, our solutions are varied enough to give you a wide range of choices for this important task. We also provide instructions on how to properly measure and cut raw product to fit nearly all of your seating and bedding applications. Just select an option below to learn how to save money on boat mattresses, marine foam cushions, cushion replacements and more!

How to Measure Your Cushion

Covering elements such as the right way to measure based on the shape and adjusting measurements for foam only versus foam and fiberfill projects, this section will walk you through the first and most important aspect of a DIY seat project. If you don't get a correct measurement in the first place, you will end up with the wrong foam solutions and will most likely have to start all over again. Make sure you start here to ensure a successful start to this project!

How to Cut the Foam for Your Cover

Once you have the right measurements in place and have ordered your foam solution, you need to cut the foam to meet the measurement of your cover. From plotting to the proper way to mark, we cover the starting point for this part of the process as well as the right way to actually perform the cutting step. This is one of the most important steps so making sure you get it right is crucial.

How to Glue Foam Together

Part of the overall versatility of foam is the fact that several pieces can be custom cut and then glued together to get the exact specifications you need for a project. When looking to glue foam together when creating do it yourself seats, there are a few steps and tricks of the trade you need to know. Find out more on this topic with our insights to guide your project to success.

How to Apply Fiberfill Wrap to Your Cushion

When looking to add an extra layering of comfort and full look to your DIY seats, a fiberfill wrap is a great choice. There are two main ways of applying fiberfill wraps to your foam seat cushion. We go over the basics of both gluing and stapling when working with the two different materials to ensure a successful outcome.

How to Stuff Your Cushion

From choosing the right cover to inserting the foam and smoothing out the cover, we break down all the important steps in this part of the project. We even offer visual along with the steps so you can easily see the methods described to ensure a successful end result.

Supplies Needed to Complete Task

Before you begin any DIY project, you need to gather the right supplies for the job. We list all the necessary tools you will need for completing both a standard cushion job and one working with fiberfill wrap to help you make the most of your next project.

To begin, start with the How to Measure Your Cushion section.