Acoustic Pyramid Foam

One of our top sellers, pyramid foam is a long-lasting and high-performance solution to your sound-deadening needs. The unique four-sided design of pyramid studio foam increases the surface area of the material, resulting in slightly different diffusion and absorption characteristics. Choose from four different thicknesses in a variety of colors!

1" Pyramid Foam

Our 1" Acoustic Pyramid panels are a great way to control mid and high frequency sound in smaller spaces. Ideal for a streaming setup or vocal booth!

Starting at $7.99

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2" Pyramid Foam

Often regarded as the industry standard, 2" Acoustic Pyramid panels are a great choice for improving audio clarity and reducing reverberation! Install in offices or home studios, or combine with Bass Absorbers for a complete home theater experience!

Starting at $13.99

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3" Pyramid Foam

A versatile acoustic treatment, our 3" Pyramid panels are suitable for rooms of any size! This acoustic foam is effective at absorbing all frequencies of sound, from low to high!

Starting at $18.99

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4" Pyramid Foam

The ultimate sound absorbing panel for large rooms! From theaters to gymnasiums, these 4" Pyramid panels are a great choice for controlling low, mid, and high frequency reverberations.

Starting at $23.99

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