Monitor Isolation Wedges

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4-Pack: For improved sound from your speakers and monitors, enhance them with our monitor isolation wedges. These wedges improve the accuracy and clarity of your equipment by separating them from the mounting surface, dampening auxiliary vibrations. The standard angle of our wedges is 4 degrees, but through stacking, equipment can be placed on a flat, 0 degree plane or on an 8 degree angle. Two wedges, side by side, can support up to 100 pounds.

8-Pack: This larger pack of wedges provides more versatility in positioning for your speakers and monitors. This package includes the original four lipped wedges with another four wedges sized slightly smaller with no lip, for a total of eight pieces. The non-lipped wedges can be used to add or subtract 4 degrees of surface angle to suit your needs. Two wedges, side by side, can support up to 100 pounds. For safety, we do not recommend using these wedges to create an angle greater than 8 degrees.

  • Can support up to 100LB side by side
  • Can create 0, 4 or 8 degree angles
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Monitor wedges
Mike | October 16th, 2019
I ordered the 8 pack to get the additional angle I needed . Items came fairly quick and well packed.My only complaint is that they were not cut evenly one wedge was narrower than the other. They worked well for me and you can’t beat the cost.