Residential Dacron Polyester Fiberfill

Polyester fiberfill, or Dacron, is a soft batting material that is used for a range of projects and applications. Fiberfill is most commonly used as a wrap for new foam cushions. Dacron is what gives cushions their rounded, softer look. This material is recommended for all cushions and seats. Polyester fiberfill can also be used to fill throw pillows and bean bags, and is often used in DIY craft projects.

Polyester Fiberfill - 1" Thick

Give your DIY cushion a rounded, more professional look! Dacron wrap can help improve the aesthetics of practically any seat or cushion, while also making it easier to slide the cushion into its fabric cover.

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Scrap Polyester Fiberfill - 12"x12"x60"

Compactable scrap polyester fiberfill is a great filler material for throw pillows, travel pillows, stuffed animals, and more!

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