skiverWhen it comes to foam products, the possibilities are endless. With our selection of high-quality foam types for various applications, you are sure to find the solution for your needs. When creating our products, we use several different machine types to achieve the end result. Let's take a look at how our foam skiving machine works as well as the products it can cut.

Every foam has its own unique properties in terms of density. A heavier density denotes a foam that is stronger and more durable but also hard to cut. When it comes to cutting our densest materials, the foam skiving machine is the right tool for the job. To cut our densest foam rubber, such as closed-cell foams and plastic foams, we employ the foam skiver because it can handle cutting through the densest of materials without wear and tear while still offering a precise cut. With the ability to slice sheets as thin as 1/16" or as thick as 5", it operates exclusively on a horizontal plane. Because of the density of the materials cut with the skiver, the blade is substantial, measuring 3.3" wide and .04" thick. Given the demands high-density materials place on a cutting machine, the foam skiving machine is incredibly powerful and constantly self-sharpens its blade. The fact that is it handles tougher materials while still maintaining its own blade makes it one of the most valuable pieces of equipment we use.

The machine is manually fed and can handle sheet widths up to 76", with no limit in length. For especially long sheets, the skiver is able to be fed from rollers. The skiver requires some programming when setting desired sheet thicknesses, but not to the degree of a CNC machine, as the saw blade remains stationary once programmed. Since the skiver can only cut horizontally, products are often trimmed down to size afterward on vertical saws, waterjet cutters, or die cutters. Products produced on the skiver include high-density packaging, flotation devices, and sports matting and padding.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:
minicel foam polyethylenegymnastic rubber minicel