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DIY Foam Amethyst Home Décor

The desire to better connect with our living spaces is stronger than ever. With many of us working from home or spending more time at home, the need to make our living spaces truly comfortable and reflect a sense of ease has increased. It isn’t much of a surprise to see interior décor turn toward ... (Read More)

Creating An Outdoor Holiday Area

In the era of coronavirus, even family holidays have not been spared. This has left many families scrambling to find safe ways to gather together again. Many suggestions have come out on how to keep family get-togethers safe. If you choose to meet, but want to keep things outside, we have the perfect tips for ... (Read More)

Using Foam To Make An Interchangeable Sofa

Few pieces of furniture can be considered the ultimate in customizability quite like the modular sofa. These interchangeable sofas have become extremely popular in homes, apartments, and living spaces—inside as well as outside—for so many reasons. They are called modular, or interchangeable, because the whole sofa is created by piecing smaller parts together. As a ... (Read More)

DIY Foam Car Accessories

If you spend a lot of time on the road, then you know that your time behind the steering wheel is not always a comfortable experience. No matter what kind of vehicle you are in, the inner design and seating arrangement is based on the average person. Unfortunately, no two people are exactly alike! Height, ... (Read More)

How to Install Ceiling Insulation

If you are a hands-on homeowner who likes the DIY approach, taking on the insulation of your home should be a fun project. While it is always good to learn new skills for the upkeep of your home, this project that takes care, patience, and a little knowledge to do correctly. Let’s take a look ... (Read More)

Insulating a Shed with Foam

Most people are familiar with insulation for their home, but they do not always consider insulating their shed. Insulating your shed with foam is a smart way to keep the contents of your shed safe from extreme temperatures and weather. Why Use Foam for Insulation? Very Effective Insulator Closed-cell foams, such as polystyrene (EPS) and polyethylene, ... (Read More)

Christmas Foam Crafts

The holidays are a special time full of magic and cheer. When it comes to spreading Christmas cheer during the festive season, homemade DIY crafts are a popular way to add to the magic. Make this holiday season merry and bright with our suggestions for Christmas foam crafts! Decorative Foam Sacks Snowman Foam Sack Chairs An ... (Read More)

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