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Is Household Foam Safe for Pets to Eat?

The natural curiosity of pets often leads to them eating materials that aren’t meant to be eaten. Dogs and small animals like rodents are known to chew up just about anything, but pets like cats and birds can often exhibit the same behavior. Even the best-trained pets may inevitably chew on or eat items around your house, because chewing releases endorphins. The responsible thing to do is to keep a close eye on your pets, and be aware of ... (Read More)

The Perfect Pet Room

Your pet is not just a furry animal living rent-free in your house, they are an important part of the family; in fact, your pooch or kitty is probably the heart of the home! To show how much you care, give them their own designated pet room. This can offer them a nice space to get away from the hustle and bustle when they need some downtime. Here are a few of the best suggestions for using foam to create ... (Read More)

What Kind of Foam Pet Bed Does My Dog Need?

When shopping for a foam pet bed, you’ll be confronted with a bewildering array of foam types, densities, and shapes to choose from. Assuming you’re not an expert on the different benefits of each kind of foam, you could conceivably spend hours trying to figure out which pet bed your dog needs. To help shorten your research time, FoamFactory.com has put together this brief foam pet bed buying guide. Memory foam pet beds Memory foam does for dogs exactly ... (Read More)

Ease Your Dog’s Aches and Pains with a Memory Foam Pet Bed

As dogs reach their senior years, they begin to slow down and become increasingly susceptible to the same types of aches and pains associated with old age in humans. For example, most dog breeds are vulnerable to joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, and general stiffness, while larger breeds are also at risk for more serious issues such as hip dysplasia. If your senior dog suffers from any of these health problems, one way you can help ease the pain is ... (Read More)

Pet Beds Make Traveling With Your Best Friends Easier!

While you would be hard-pressed to find a pet owner who didn’t love his or her animal to the end of the Earth, it would also be difficult to find one who wouldn’t admit in a candid moment that there are a few ways owning a pet makes certain things in life a bit more difficult than they would be otherwise. Travel seems to be the one area pet ownership often causes some difficulties. Whether it’s a day spent ... (Read More)

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