Other Foam Products

When it comes to finding the right foam products for your needs, it is important to consider the task at hand. Many people are shocked to find out that foam can really be used for just about anything. With our selection of household foam products, discover a new way to utilize this material to make everyday life a little easier!

Book Holder - Charcoal - 10"x10"x8"

Hands-free reading, whether you’re at home or at the office! Use our Book Holder to securely prop books, clipboards, or E-readers at a gentle angle for convenient and comfortable reading!

Starting at $6.99

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Office Wedge

Improve your desk’s organization (and your productivity!) with our Office Wedge! Give your phone, book, or calculator a home on your desk, within easy reach and easy view!

Starting at $2.99

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Jewelry Holder - 4-Pack

Keep your small valuables organized and protected! From rings and necklaces to watches and cufflinks, our Jewelry Holder is the perfect home for your treasures and keepsakes.

Starting at $7.99

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Clothbacked Foam - Remay

Ideal for padding hard edges and creating a more cushioned look in upholstery applications! Fabric-backed sew foam can be formed and sewn through to add texture to boat and car seats.

Starting at $3.16

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Tablet Holder - Charcoal - 8"x8"x8"

Free up valuable desk or counter space with our tablet holder! The shape of the tablet holder is perfect for positioning devices at an upright angle, making them easier to view and interact with!

Starting at $5.49

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