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Foam Floats for Water Activities

In recent years, as summertime rolls around and the water on the lake or in the pool begins to warm up, people are flocking to stores to pick up their very own Foam Floats. These Foam Floats provide an even more enhanced experience for your time on the lake!

What Are Foam Floats?

If you ever drive past a lake and see a handful of people looking like they are walking on water, the odds are they are simply walking and sitting on a Foam Float.  Foam Floats are large pieces of foam with qualities that make them ideal for use on the water. Whether you are going out on the boat, or just swimming on the lake, a Foam Float can give you more surface space to spread out, as well as a safe place for the kids to rest while swimming, even with their life jackets on.

What Foam is Recommended for Foam Floats and Why?

If you are looking for foam to use as Foam Floats, then there are a few foams that will work. Typically, the most common foam types you will see used are our 2.2lb Polyethylene and our 2lb Crosslinked Polyethylene. If you want something even more durable, Minicel T200 EVA foam is also a great option.  For these foams to work, they need to be at least 2” thick, but 3-4” is recommended to best support the weight that is put on them.

stacked foams

These foams work great, because they are closed-cell foams, which means they are heavily water-resistant. Although they are not tested for use as safety devices, they have been purchased for similar applications. Minicel T200 is actually tested for buoyancy specifically, so it is even more primed for use as a Foam Float.

More Fun on the Lake!

With a 4” thick sheet of 2lb Crosslinked Polyethylene (72” x 48”), 2.2lb Polyethylene (108” x 48”), or Minicel T200 (72” x 48”), you can create more fun on the lake than ever before! Floating foam pads are great for kids to play on, allowing you to sunbathe, or let your dog hangout while you swim. Not only that, but they can be an extension to your boat.

If you are looking for a Floating Foam Pad of your own, then Foam Factory, Inc has the answer. Check out our website for our 2lb Crosslinked Polyethylene, 2.2lb Polyethylene, and Minicel T200 today. If you have questions regarding this foam application, or any other foam use, then Contact Us today!

*Note: The foam mentioned here has not been tested for safety as a personal floating device.

**Note: 2” Full Sheets of 2.2lb Polyethylene & 3” and 4” Sheets of 2lb Crosslinked PE and Minicel T200 are Pick-Up Only. Quarter sized and Third sized sheets are available for shipping.

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