Egg Crate Foam Mattress Toppers

Egg Crate Foam Mattress Toppers


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Made in the USA!
Eggcrate foam toppers offer increased air circulation, comfort and support for the body and soften firmer bedding, making it an economical topper for an existing mattress.

NOTE: Eggcrate toppers can be used with the peaks facing up or down, according to the user's preference.

Available Foam Types
Poly Foam (White):
Economical foam for occasional use applications.
Super Soft Foam (White): For people who want a very soft comfort layer
HD36-HQ Foam (White): For people who want a blend of comfort and firmness
Lux-HQ Foam (Blue): For people who want only firm foam

Custom Cutting is Available!
We can cut custom sizes for eggcrate toppers! Please Contact Us for details.

Optional covers are available under Mattress Accessories.

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
Resources Notes

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

*California King Topper
CA King sized eggcrate topper are a solid 72"x80" with an extra 4" glued to the end to make it 72"x84". There is no additional charge for the gluing.

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Verified Buyer
Really good medium-firm layer
Logan | May 19th, 2024
I think this product in the HD36 variety is the closest thing Foam Factory sells to a medium firmness transition layer, if you don't count their latex toppers. I got it as 1.5 inch thickness for a stubborn mattress that was way too hard on its own, and even with a 3 inch gel memory foam topper I sank through and experienced discomfort. Once I added this, it added JUST enough pressure relief from the surface of the mattress to solve the pain I was having without compromising spinal support, like adding a bunch of memory foam did. I was skeptical about whether or not this would actually have a softening effect, as my mattress base is also made of 6" HD36, but it did the job wonderfully. I highly recommend and will likely order this product again to see how the 2.5 inch version compares.
Patrick | April 24th, 2024
This is my second time ordering for personal use. Product quality, price, and delivery are all ideal. Highly recommend FiamByMail!!
Verified Buyer
RB | April 8th, 2024
This is my second purchase. Love the fact that it is made in America! No odor! Made our beds comfortable. No more hip pain!
High Density Egg Crate topper (blue)
Claudia | April 4th, 2024
Love it. Super dense. Added it to a 6" HD Lux base, and a 2" medium latex. Used thos to replace a Serta Firm King. Love it. Telling everyone I know. I'll never buy another commercial actress, again!
Verified Buyer
Great foam topper
Marci | February 16th, 2024
This has added a layer of additional comfort to our mattress. It is a great size and there was no smell when I unwrapped it. I would recommend.
HD36 2.5 inch convoluted egg crate topper
janice | April 14th, 2023
this is my second purchase of this item -- and i am again super happy with it!
I am so impressed.
Alida Buckner | April 2nd, 2023
I am so impressed with the egg create toppers that we bought for our beds. They are entirely new mattresses. We didn't want to buy yet another expensive mattress. These egg create toppers did the trick. Your prices are very reasonable, and your shipping was fast, but the best part is the quality of your product, it is great. I am getting ready order new foam for my couch cushions. Thanks so much for being there for all of us at home with the education that we needed to be foam shopping savvy. Sincerely, Alida Buckner
Very, very soft - make sure it works for you!
MJ | March 29th, 2023
This 2.5 inch convoluted topper seems to be very good quality and VERY soft, but it did not work for me. I am a 6'1, 200 lbs. back sleeper and placed it over 6" coils, 2" 20 ild gel foam, and 2" 5lb/ft3 memory foam. my lower back simply sunk in too much which led to hip and lower back pain. I would think the 1.5 in would have been perfect. That being said, it would be perfect in the right configuration! This is a fantastic company with reasonable prices.
Ordered your LUX-HQ Eggshell type cover
C. Cook | March 24th, 2023
Rare to almost never do I rate a product, HOWEVER, in this this case it definitely warrants letting you know I am TOTALLY pleased with your service and product! I especially love the fact it is made in the U.S.! (Might add your eggshell cover is by far superior to a "purple eggshell cover" which was retailing for an exorbitant price!)
Egg crate topper
E C McLemore | March 9th, 2023
So happy to find U S factory that makes this product. Egg crate mattress topper is a very well made product and just what I was looking for.
Dave | January 28th, 2023
Very high quality, best mattress topper I’ve ever bought. I’m a 50/50 side and back sleeper and the HD36 was perfect for me. Not too soft and not too firm, it’s perfect. My lower back feels great in the morning. Best 50 bucks I ever spent. It’s been 2 months and it still holds form like new. Get the 2 1/2 inch for side sleepers. Definitely superior quality than anything I’ve ever bought before. Highly recommend.
great topper
Angie | October 31st, 2022
I ordered the 2.5 topper to add more support and cushion to my new latex mattress. It has made a great difference in providing comfort to my pressure points. I am not tossing and turning as much and/or waking up with pain. I would do business with this company again as their product is high quality and affordable.
2 1/2" Eggshell Foam
James Welsh | October 25th, 2022
Great product, Great Service.
So Far, Very Good!!!
Lornie B. Wagner | October 5th, 2022
I wanted "firm" and It is as advertised, "Firm". So far my wife and I are very happy with the mattress topper, it is very comfortable and works as advertised.
Excellent product
Tpdd | September 20th, 2022
I'm very pleased with the cost and quality of the product. It's very comfortable, and will help me avoid bed sores. I highly recommend this product.
Does the trick
happycamper | September 6th, 2022
We recently purchased the Eggcrate Foam Topper HD36-HQ. 2.5". Customer service was very responsive to my questions. Happy with product. Makes bed more comfortable. Hip aches definitely reduced.
1 1/2 inch topper
Sunshower | August 24th, 2022
Great for my very hard mattress. A regular size sheet will fit over it, too. Helps with painful pressure points.
Ellen Garrett | July 7th, 2022
I got the super soft 2 1/2" one & am so glad I did. I sleep on a very hard bed & this is perfect, especially for a side sleeper like me. I love it.
Great product
Sandy Opitz | June 5th, 2022
We purchased this product for our RV King bed. We had previously bought and tried a memory foam product which just caused us to roll and sink into a spot. Not good. We have used this product about 5 nights so far. No sinking. Comfortable. We did the HQ 2 1/2 " and it was perfect for our bed. Due to our bed size we had to cut it down a bit, but it was easy to do. We would recommend this product and will be using this company to replace couch cushions and boat seat foam when needed.
foam 2 1/2 topper
Sue | June 2nd, 2022
Purchased this for twin bed on porch, Soft, so comfortable. I am able to sleep on side without any hip pain I highly recommend shopping at Foam Factory, I have always had good luck with their products.
Love this Topper!
Mandy | May 19th, 2022
I bought this to add to a memory foam mattress in my camper. It is a 'camper queen' sized mattress, so I ordered a full size topper and it fits very well. I put it under a queen sized mattress protector and everything seems to be exactly as I had hoped. It is high quality.
Lora | April 19th, 2022
I bought the HD36 HQ 1 1/2",I bought a new mattress and it was way to firm, but with the egg crate it makes it so much more comfortable, this was my first time ordering from this company and love that it is made in the USA.
Finally! Something that works for both husband and me!!
Lisa | April 18th, 2022
We recently purchased a firm memory foam mattress when our high end bed purchase failed after just 2 years. This puts us at 4+ years of frustration. Current bed is too hard for my husband who is a chronic side sleeper and it was causing more back/hip pain for me because it felt like it was sinking in all the wrong areas for me. I kept wanting my old "egg crate" mattress pad from 25+ years ago that we got rid of and was unable to find what I was looking for. I fell upon this website by the grace of God! Got me the LUX (firm) and my husband the HD (soft with support) in the 1.5 inch. It's like I finally found something that works for both of us!! Grateful after all these years of misery!
Just Right!
Glenn H. | April 14th, 2022
We've been using memory foam toppers and decided to try this softer foam. It has been very good so far!
Wow - a wonderful mattress topper
Andrew Hardman | February 4th, 2021
Purchased the 2.5" convoluted (eggcrate) HD36-HQ topper. All I can say is "wow" - what a wonderful sleep this topper provides. The foam cradles and supports you. The foam returns much quicker than memory foam that way you're not rolling into a dip in the mattress. I wake up rested and refreshed - great topper.
Very comfy eggcrate topper
DeeDee | February 13th, 2020
I got the HD36 1 1/2 inch eggcrate topper. I wanted a little extra cushion without it being too thick or soft. It's perfect. I've ordered from this company before, and this is the same pad I had on my bed before. It held up a long time, but I got a different size bed, so I needed a new pad. I've ordered several items from this company over time, and have been happy with everything.
Made the bed like new again.
James | March 11th, 2020
Great topper. Foam made the bed firm and fit perfectly. Great sleeping now.
Exactly what I needed
Elizabeth P | February 28th, 2020
I bought the HD36-HQ foam topper in 2.5" for my queen sized bed. This was the right choice because it is a great mix of soft and supportive. I use mine with the peaks up and then a mattress protector on top. It has made side-lying much more comfortable and I don't toss and turn as much anymore. My mattress is only 3 years old but felt like I needed an upgrade. I am so happy I found this company because it is USA based and the quality is really fantastic for the price.
Very comfy
Liz | December 4th, 2019
We purchased two twin long 2 1/2” HD36-HQ. perfect mattress topper. Not too hard..not too soft. We’ve ordered from this company several times. Great customer service!
super soft foam is great for the kids
Kris | November 20th, 2019
Purchased the 2.5" Super Soft Foam. Not dense enough for me, but my 7 year old is only 60# and loves it.
Kris | November 20th, 2019
Purchased the 2.5" HD36-HQ. Super comfortable. Just right.
Very comfortable
Daniel O. | July 14th, 2019
I bought the 1.5" HD36 and I'm really happy with it. The firmness is just right. It's clean, high-quality foam. I just wanted a little extra cushion on my extra firm mattress, but not too soft or too thick and this pad provides that.