Custom Cut Seat Cushions

Use our custom cut cushion service to order replacement seat and sofa cushions to breathe new life into your furniture. Simply select your shape and enter in the dimensions, foam type(s), and quantity, and our team of specialists will craft foam cushions tailor-made to your specifications.

Don't see your shape listed below? We can make nearly any custom shape to special order. Contact Us for details.

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There is no denying that foam is a versatile material you can use for just about anything. While it can be used for a range of applications in both commercial and residential areas, one of the most common uses is seating cushions.

With our selection of couch cushions replacements and custom cushions, find the perfect shape for your needs at an affordable price. When a sofa has old, flattened cushions, it can make the seating less supportive and comfortable. Most cushions tend to lose their appeal over time and become relatively thin. The best way to remedy this is with our couch cushion foam inserts. We have a wide selection of foam types and styles for you to choose from with our selection of affordable custom cushion options.

Have an unusual furniture set? It’s easy to get the customized seating you need! Contact Us and we can help you get started!

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Return Policy

Custom cushions cannot be accepted for return unless there is a product defect or a manufacturing error. Please see our Return Policy for more information. If you have questions concerning our return policy, please Contact Us before placing your order.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Custom-cut seats and cushions have dimensional tolerances according to the "Custom-Cut Cushions" section of our Dimensional Tolerances table. If your project requires a tighter tolerance, Contact Us for more information about machine cut custom items.

Largest Solid Sheet

The largest solid size available is 76" x 82". When any one piece of foam is ordered larger than that, it will be glued together with another piece. There are no additional gluing charges for oversized cushions.

Largest Solid Thickness

The largest solid thickness available is 6". When any one piece of foam is ordered at a greater thickness than that, it will be glued together with another piece. Up to 8" thickness, there are no additional gluing charges. For thicknesses greater than 8", an additional gluing charge will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order custom cushions?

To order a custom cushion, start here on our Couch Cushion Replacements and Custom Cushions page. Next, choose a shape that best fits the furniture’s original cushion. Click on the shape, and you’ll be taken to the shape’s page. You can enter the size and thickness you need on that web page and then click on the next step. If you are unsure how to measure, we also have a convenient and easy-to-follow PDF guide on How To Measure.

Who makes custom cushions?

Custom cushions are made right here at Foam Factory, Inc. headquarters in Southeast Michigan. They are cut with a wide range of today’s most innovative technology.

How thick should a bench cushion be?

There is no standard thickness for cushions. Typically, the thickness you want to go with would be in accordance with the cover for the couch or bench cushion.

Write a Review

Great product
Mike | August 14th, 2023
The product is great, correct size and well made. Ordered with the Dacron wrap. The website is very informative, I know more about cushions then I ever knew existed.
Excellence Throughout the Process
Kevin | July 26th, 2023
Purchased a foam cushion with Dacron wrap. There was excellent information to make a good choice of materials and the order process was very easy. The product came when promised and was exactly as ordered. The cost was a tiny fraction of what the decorator wanted to charge. I highly recommend Foam Factory.
Really Pleased
Marshall Dougherty | July 22nd, 2023
I ordered from Foam Factory after seeing their product on a YouTube channel (KYD). I ordered pre-cut dinette cushions. They were delivered when promised and looked to be exactly what I ordered and expected. I've just installed the cushions and will be fully utilizing them this weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they perform. I'm thinking they will be a large improvement to our original seat cushions.
Great fitting cushiond
Linda | July 19th, 2023
I love everything about these cushions. I’m sitting on a sofa with a nice firm feel!!!
Rescued my sofa
AHeil | July 19th, 2023
These cushions are a couch saver! Fast Easy Ordering with clear instructions. Also purchased cushions for 2 chairs and they are just as wonderful. Thank you saving my furniture! Would give 10 stars if I could
Love the new cushions!
Mike | July 17th, 2023
Finally replaced the dinette cushions in our 2006 travel trailer. We decided to get the HD36 with Dacron wrapping based on customer service's recommendation and we are 110% satisfied with our purchase. I am so happy with the whole process that I am looking for other cushions to replace around the house.
Sue Ellen | July 10th, 2023
Great product….perfect at a nice price. Fast free shipping! Thank you!
Saved My Sofa!
Linda | July 8th, 2023
The Lux Foam, High Quality, Firm cushions converted my sofa into one that I love.
Perfect Fit and Fast Shipping
Jason | July 7th, 2023
I replaced wornout foam on a sofa with the Lux-High Quality. The foam was cut to the desired dimension and arrived quickly. The feel of the new foam is perfect. Thank you!
Excellent foam cushions
Donna | July 7th, 2023
I've ordered many cushions and they were all perfect. I will continue ordering as needed.
Love these cushions
Carey | July 5th, 2023
We purchased two of these cushions to replace our old patio furniture cushions and wow!...night and day difference. It is like sitting on a cloud. They are very comfortable and most of all, affordable. My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago. I love them!
Foam Pad for sleep number bed
Jerry L Bixby | July 4th, 2023
More than happy with foam Pad I ordered to replace worn one on one side of my sleep number bed. Although I did have to get creative to get it shipped to my home in Alaska I never the less got it here and am very satisfied.
Foam seat cushions
Ken Garza | June 26th, 2023
Seat cushions using the High Quality Lux foam is an excellent choice for 2" seat cushions. Very comfortable and they last forever
Replaced trailer seat cushions
Thomas | June 25th, 2023
We bought 2 Lux foam cushions with Dacron wrap to replace the worn foam seat bottom cushions in our camping trailer. They arrived sooner than expected, the fit is right and they are much more comfortable now. We're very pleased!
Replaced Outdoor Loveseat Cushions
Yvette | June 19th, 2023
I watched the video to measure my seat cushion covers. I ordered asked described in the video and they matched perfectly! Easy ordering process and delivered in a timely manner. I am delighted with my purchase and I love my renewed outdoor loveseat!
Outdoor Cushions
L Gary Stone | June 19th, 2023
I replaced some "builder's grade" cushions on my two patio chairs. Foam Factory cut these cushions out of the High Quality Lux Foam, and then wrapped in Dacron, 24 x 24 x4. Since Lux Foam cushions were not intended for outdoor use because of water, they told me what to do to make them usable for my application, and that was to wrap and seal them in plastic silk wrap. I did just that and now have two of the most comfortable patio chairs in the neighborhood. Thanks to Haley M. Inside Sales Representative, for helping me get these cushions ready to fit my use!
Bench cushions are better than before
Davif | June 19th, 2023
We ordered some very cheap cushions for our kitchen bench a while back. The foam was completely flat. Ordered this foam with the dacron wrap to fill the existing cover. It's a tight fit but this foam is much firmer, will last so much longer and with the wrap.. is very comfortable. Great value and great result
Custom fit for my CR-V conversion
Brian B | June 16th, 2023
I turned my CR-V into a convenient and comfortable sleep car using Foam By Mail's custom cut foam. Your cuts were very precise giving me a great fit. Thanks!
RV Dinette Refresh
Bill Edwards | June 12th, 2023
I ordered 2 custom cut and Dacron wrapped Lux Foam cushions to replace the 2 low quality dinette foam cushions that came with my RV. The Foam Factory cushions were a perfect fit and transformed my dinette into a place I now want sit. No more sitting on plywood. Thanks Foam Factory!
Made my sofa new!
Laurie Davis | June 9th, 2023
I ordered two bottom cushions for an Ethan Allen sofa, that was so uncomfortable to seat in….the original cushions lost all their support. The replacement cushions, I ordered from foambymail made the sofa feel brand new again. I am now going to replace the back cushion. I Highly recommend this company. Great product and perfect fit.
Pam | June 8th, 2023
We ordered 4 pieces and they are all perfect. They are replacements for our camper cushions and they fit just perfectly.
Liz C | June 7th, 2023
I bought two cushions for my boyfriend’s couch and he loves them. He said they are firm and comfortable. We will buy again from this company. Thank you for a great product.
Excellent quality
Murugan Ranganathan | June 5th, 2023
This is the second time I am ordering with Foam by mail. The product quality and cut are excellent.
Best Foam options
Jeanenne | June 5th, 2023
This is top quality foam. Sometimes I custom cut my own cushions, but if they are standard shapes, it makes more sense for me to let The Foam Factory work their magic and cut and wrap the foam for my cushions. I am never disappointed.
the product we ordered was perfect and a perfect fit to perk up our saggy sofa.
mike barnes | June 5th, 2023
The foam is high quality firm upholstery grade material, not a cheap substitute. I would definitely order again if I need to. Thanks
Got exactly what I wanted
Michael | June 2nd, 2023
Ordered cushions for the benches in the RV, two benches, seat and back. They fit perfectly and are comfy. I'll be ordering more stuff.
Great service!
Scott | June 2nd, 2023
Service was fast and friendly. They did not hesitate to e-mail me to question one of my measurements, which was wrong.
very happy
JTGS | June 1st, 2023
I ordered two cushions, an L shaped and plain rectangle. I used HD36 Foam - High Quality (6" depth) and had then dacron wrapped. The customer service was fantastically responsive to my questions about measuring and the support provided by HD Foam at a 6" in depth.. Both cushions look great. Quite firm. Any firmer foam would have "felt like sitting on a rock." Thank you!-
Replacement cushions
Dana | June 1st, 2023
Received very quickly and made our couch like new again! The perfect firmness!!!
Big Difference
LDIY | May 31st, 2023
Ordered cut to fit replacement HD foam for rv trailer cushions. Fit perfectly and made a huge difference in dinette seating. No longer hitting plywood so much more comfortable. Some FedEx shipping delays so don’t fall for their early delivery notices. Still arrived when Foam Factory said it would, just not earlier.
Great cushions!!
Cathy Bellamy | May 31st, 2023
I ordered custom cut dinette bench cushions for my travel trailer. I was so impressed with the quality of the cushions. Sitting at my dinette for longer periods of time is much better now!! So glad to support a local business!!
Great all the way around!
Meg | May 31st, 2023
I ordered Lux Foam HQ cushions with Dacron to replace my 17 yo sofa cushions. They were exactly as I ordered and arrived extremely fast! There was a slight odor (I could only smell it when I was close to it), but that disappeared in a few days. The cushions were more firm than I expected but not uncomfortable. They’re great to sit on, but some may find them too firm for lying down. I’ll definitely bookmark them for other cushion needs.
Replacement cushions fit perfectly
MumsyHC | May 26th, 2023
I ordered dacron-wrapped 2" foam in the exact measurements of my kitchen chairs, and they've worked perfectly for the patchwork covers I've made. Shipping was prompt and the order fulfillment was exactly right. I'll definitely order from here again.
Perfect fit
Marci Baker | May 26th, 2023
The two cushions that I purchased were perfect fit (thank you for the specific measuring instructions) and have the right density for the two different functions. Great service and even better, great price!
Seat cushion
Jan DeShazo | May 23rd, 2023
This is my second time ordering from Foam Factory! Not only is their product amazing, but their customer service is excellent. I thoroughly enjoy ordering from them. The delivery was also wonderful. I plan to order my remaining cushions from them.
custom rectangle couch cushionswith warp
jane johnston | May 22nd, 2023
fit perfectly. Glad I didn't try to do myself! I will order again.
Todd | May 22nd, 2023
We ordered new seat and back cushions for our dilapidated-looking 10yo family room couch. What an amazing difference; the couch looks and feels like new! A shout out also to customer service for reaching out to question our foam selection for the back cushions, recommending we use a softer foam for those (rather than the firm foam we selected). Not only do we appreciate how proactive this step was, they were totally right. Thank you!
4 Seat Cushions for Love Seat and Couch
Mike | May 22nd, 2023
My wife and I were a little nervous about ordering cushions online. The process was so simple. Customer service reached out and went over the way to measure and made recommendations as far as which product would be best for our needs. The order was sent quickly and we are proud owners of a new couch and love seat thanks to new cushions. In the future we will order again!
Nancy | May 22nd, 2023
The replacement cushion for my favorite chair is beyond perfect. Fast shipping, great price and quality cushion. I will definitely be using them again for more replacements.
Couch cushions
Amber | May 18th, 2023
I’m so very happy with my purchase!!! My couch is 12 years old and you sank when sitting or lying on it! Not anymore! I have a family of all teenager boys and their friends stay over almost every weekend. They’re on the bigger side and say how much more comfortable the couch is! I’m so very grateful! Thank you guys so much!!
Outdoor cushion foam
Kurt | May 18th, 2023
Replaced terrible fiber fill in outdoor cushions, with this high quality firm foam. Perfect fit, night and day difference over the original cushion material. Excellent product.
So happy
Ashley | May 16th, 2023
Our couch was ruined by our territorial cat. He’s 15 and the couch is from the 90s. We wanted to save both but I could not find L shaped cushions anywhere! These are so nice. They fit perfectly and feel amazing. The cat approves and spends 20 hours napping on the improved couch. The spray bottle is ready and filled with water if he tries to mark it again. The cushions made the couch too nice for his shenanigans
Highly Reccommend
Angie | May 13th, 2023
I purchased the HD36 Foam - High Quality WITH DACRON WRAP 6” for replacement cushions for my family room sectional. The original cushioins were trash from the start but the upholstry was still in great condtion. 5 years later the cushions are still in great shape. No sagging or impressions and no breaking down of any kind. Saved me thousands of dollars to replace a sectional that was otherwise in good condition. Follow the directions for proper measurement and installation and these cushions will perform great and provide many years of good use. Spend the extra money for the dacron wrapping and higher quality foam for heavy use applications - it is worth the extra money. HIghly reccommend!
Great Purchase
Tony | May 13th, 2023
Our two favorite chairs are from the Amish. We sit in them nightly and over the 5 years we have had them, it came time to replace the cushions. Everything else on the chair was still in "like-new" condition, it was just the pads. We contacted the Amish first and they quoted a $175 per pad price for a whopping $350 upgrade. A friend of mine told me about the Foam Factory and after I got the measurements, it cost us $110, not for each, but for both total! Huge savings! The pads arrived and were shipped in a protective wrapping and vacuum-sealed package. Once unwrapped, they looked like there was no way they would fit in the same space the old ones were in, but they did and they are great! What a difference!!! I highly recommend Foam Factory and after sitting on the new pads for a few weeks now, we could not be happier!!! We ordered the "Cushion, HD36 Foam - High Quality WITH DACRON WRAP 6" x 24" x 24" Good luck and thank you Foam Factory!
3x20x20 foam
Milan N | May 11th, 2023
Needed some firm foam to replace the stuffing in my outdoor seat cushions and these were perfect.
Great product
Carol | May 11th, 2023
I needed to replace the foam in my sofa bed bottom cushion. It was very easy to order the product and it came much quicker than I expected. I did follow the measurement instructions, but the foam was too big, so I had to cut it down. Otherwise the product is very comfortable. Next time I would call customer service for additional guidance.
Mark | May 9th, 2023
These guys have never let me down. Great products and shipping. Prompt.
Great service
Stephen Doggett | May 9th, 2023
Great service and prompt delivery
Ed K | May 6th, 2023
I ordered cut to size foam to update the cushions on my sofa. Quality foam that fit perfectly. Prompt delivery
Good product and delivery
Jenn | May 4th, 2023
Website is informative and helpful in choosing everything I need to complete my project. Very satisfied with order.