Couch Cushions Replacements and Custom Cushions

Use our custom cut cushion service to order replacement seat and sofa cushions to breathe new life into your furniture. Simply select your shape and enter in the dimensions, foam type(s), and quantity, and our team of specialists will craft foam cushions tailor-made to your specifications.

Don't see your shape listed below? We can make nearly any custom shape to special order. Contact Us for details.

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There is no denying that foam is a versatile material you can use for just about anything. While it can be used for a range of applications in both commercial and residential areas, one of the most common uses is seating cushions.

With our selection of couch cushions replacements and custom cushions, find the perfect shape for your needs at an affordable price. When a sofa has old, flattened cushions, it can make the seating less supportive and comfortable. Most cushions tend to lose their appeal over time and become relatively thin. The best way to remedy this is with our couch cushion foam inserts. We have a wide selection of foam types and styles for you to choose from with our selection of affordable custom cushion options.

Have an unusual furniture set? It’s easy to get the customized seating you need! Contact Us and we can help you get started!

Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
Return Policy

Custom cushions cannot be accepted for return unless there is a product defect or a manufacturing error. Please see our Return Policy for more information. If you have questions concerning our return policy, please Contact Us before placing your order.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Custom-cut seats and cushions have dimensional tolerances according to the "Custom-Cut Cushions" section of our Dimensional Tolerances table. If your project requires a tighter tolerance, Contact Us for more information about machine cut custom items.

Largest Solid Sheet

The largest solid size available is 76" x 82". When any one piece of foam is ordered larger than that, it will be glued together with another piece. There are no additional gluing charges for oversized cushions.

Largest Solid Thickness

The largest solid thickness available is 6". When any one piece of foam is ordered at a greater thickness than that, it will be glued together with another piece. Up to 8" thickness, there are no additional gluing charges. For thicknesses greater than 8", an additional gluing charge will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order custom cushions?

To order a custom cushion, start here on our Couch Cushion Replacements and Custom Cushions page. Next, choose a shape that best fits the furniture’s original cushion. Click on the shape, and you’ll be taken to the shape’s page. You can enter the size and thickness you need on that web page and then click on the next step. If you are unsure how to measure, we also have a convenient and easy-to-follow PDF guide on How To Measure.

Who makes custom cushions?

Custom cushions are made right here at Foam Factory, Inc. headquarters in Southeast Michigan. They are cut with a wide range of today’s most innovative technology.

How thick should a bench cushion be?

There is no standard thickness for cushions. Typically, the thickness you want to go with would be in accordance with the cover for the couch or bench cushion.

Write a Review

SO Great!!
Louise Schabkein | October 14th, 2021
I'd been propping my couch with plywood, stuffing towels under the cushions, and finally said "just try some new foam!" Oh my gosh!!! So excited! It's like a new couch! Great service, easy to follow directions (measure to cover seam-to-seam). I'm very pleased. Going to order one more. Thank you!
Completely Satisfied
John Dumont | October 12th, 2021
Ordered replacement cushion for living room chair.... Better than the chair ever was when new....perfect!!!
2 custom cut cushions
Michelle Kealey-Harbaugh | October 2nd, 2021
Wow! We ordered two cushions for chairs in our living room. The cushions were sagging and just not very comfortable anymore. Decided to try new cushion inserts as opposed to buying new chairs. First of all, I placed the order on Sunday and they were delivered on Friday! Next, the cushion inserts were well packaged. Lastly, they are exceptionally comfortable and well made. I saw custom inserts at other sites for far more money, don't waste your moment l money. Get these, they're worth every penny.
They Saved my Sofa!
Chris | September 22nd, 2021
I purchased an expensive sectional sofa only three years ago. I’ve noticed how uncomfortable it has become, and figured it was due to cheap foam manufactures use. After a quick google search I found this amazing company. I placed my order, and a few days later new foam arrived at my doorstep! You can really tell the difference between the manufactures foam that was originally used and their high-quality foam. It’s like my sofa is brand new again. Also, my back will no longer hurt sitting on my sofa!
Joe | September 17th, 2021
I was skeptical about ordering online, but I went ahead and tried it. I placed my order and recieved an email a couple days later making sure that the material was exactly what I wanted. The time for delivery was estimated for 4-6 weeks (which I was perfectly content with), but I recieved exactly what I wanted about 1 week after confirming the material. I will definetly be going through this company for my future needs, as well as refferring this company to those in need for cushion replacememt. Fast, curtious, and very professional! Thank you guys for the great service!
Seat Cusion
Michael Nixon | September 13th, 2021
The seat that I ordered arrived today as a first. I will need 4 more. I am very impressed with it and as I sit on it it seems to be great quality. Very sturdy, far better than the cheap seats that the sofa and loveseat came with. Shipping is slow but that I suppose is to be expected. Great seat cushion, I am impressed up to now.
This is the way to go
Fred F | September 8th, 2021
I have a 20 year old leather sectional sofa that was in great shape except for mushy seat cushions. The new Lux Foam HQ made the cushions feel like new. The 5" cushions are now very firm, but they do have built in pillow tops. Without the pillow tops, I might have preferred the softer HD36 foam. I would also recommend the high quality versions of the foam because if you are going to take all the trouble to replace cushions, you mine as well pay a few extra bucks to get a foam that is going to last. Foam Factory did a great job cutting the foam to the needed sizes. Be sure to read their measuring guide. My old foam was measuring 4.25" thick, so I almost ordered 4" thick foam, but the measuring guide said to always round up, and I am glad I did. I had an unusually shaped corner cushion in the sectional, and they cut it perfectly. It was a little bit of a struggle to get the foam into the covers, but I found it is best to just work it in a little at a time on each side while pushing on the foam to compress it a little.
Game Changer!
Debbie Eve | August 6th, 2021
Received the custom sofa cushions and they fit perfect! Very sturdy materials and the sofa looks brand new again! Have another loveseat that I will be looking at replacement custom cushion next!
Absolutely wonderful
Pamela Phillips | July 22nd, 2021
My older sofas needed new cushions desperately! I looked for the best place to get them made. This is the place!! Wonderful experience! A truly great product. Ordered and received in less than 2 weeks. It's like having 2 new sofas again! Just a great experience!! You could not do better than The Foam Factory!!
Very Happy
Michele Grace | July 20th, 2021
Decided to give this a try before purchasing a new couch and so glad I did! I ordered the Lux Foam with Dacron Wrap and even though I followed the directions in measuring, I was so nervous when I received them because they were so much bigger then my old cushions. It definitely took some effort, but I was able to get them into the covers and my couch has the firmness that I wanted and feels amazing. Definitely worth the purchase!
Eric Milgroom | June 8th, 2021
Just bought 7 seat cushions for my outdoor sofa sectional. I did the measurements but got great help from Haley. I ordered the best firmness and the Dacron wrap. The sofa feels like new. The order was done and shipped pretty quickly and packaged well. So good I am going to order the seat cushion backs.
Customer cut fits perfect!!!
Aaron | May 20th, 2021
I just received my sofa foam inserts. I ordered the HD36 High Quality with dacron wrap and they fit perfectly. Shipping was super fast. Took about week to get to my door. These are more on the firm side for a 6 inch, but that was expected and what I was looking for. Thanks for the fast service and excellent quality.
Perfect Replacement
Lin | March 8th, 2021
The down cushions on my couch were so uncomfortable no one wanted to sit on it. The thought of buying a new couch sounded terrible and costly so looked into replacing the cushions instead. The couch is usable again and saved me so much time and money not having to replace the whole thing. Highly recommend that if the fabric is still in good condition that you go this route.
Renewed our couch!
Rose | March 2nd, 2021
We purchased a couch from Ethan Allen about 11 years ago. The external fabric and construction of the couch is in excellent condition, however, the cushions were just two soft after all this time. I decided to take a chance on “foam by mail“ and can not be happier! I did not tell my husband that I swapped out the old cushions with the new and when he sat down he exclaimed “Wow! This is amazing!” It truly is a brand new couch! I went ahead snd order two more cushions for my wing back chairs that are about 60 yrs old. Can’t wait to get those!! The online order process is simple. The prices are REASONABLE confiding the cost of a new piece of furniture and the results are worth every penny! Customer service was excellent even via email (no phone calls at this time). Thank you for everything!! I will be recommending you to everyone I know!!!
Couldn't be happier
Barbara Erlenbach | February 18th, 2021
Our couch is 18 years old and the cushions were very soft. Ordered 2 replacement cushions, received them in a week. Opened them and let them expand for a day. Put them in the covers and they fit perfectly. You guys are amazing and so reasonable. Just sat down and ordered 2 cushions for our love seat. Thank you. We feel like we just bought a new couch.
Rachael | February 5th, 2021
I got the 6” lux high quality foam to replace the seat of my couch which was 15 years old. It wasn’t easy to replace it, but it was so incredibly worth doing. My couch is now much better than new. I originally thought I might have to replace the springs under the couch, or put in more wood underneath but no, the springs are perfectly fine, they’re just intended to support fresh foam. There was nothing left to support of the old foam. I like a firm couch, this lux high quality foam is perfect. I napped on the couch and it’s more comfortable than my bed. The foam is so firm but it cushions pressure points nicely. I’m really happy with my foam by mail experience. I got a new couch for $90. I’m already planning my next foam purchase!
Fabulous cushions
Megan Stevens | January 21st, 2021
I’ve had our furniture for 10 years and it’s in decent shape except for the cushions. They had become super lumpy and uncomfortable. I contacted a lady who does upholstery repair and she wanted to charge me $700 for my cushions!! Might as well by new furniture.. I gave Foam By Mail a shot. I followed all of their measuring directions and my cushions were shipped super fast! I am sitting on my new wonderful cushions and I am in love!!! I have recommended this company to all of my friends and fam!
My Cushion arrived today!
James | December 28th, 2020
I love it! Thanks so much. I had been sleeping on a futon for 5 months. That was horrible! Today I laid down and was on Cloud 9! Thanks again, great craftmanship.
Donna Rogers | November 25th, 2020
My sofa is 13 yrs old, but being just my husband and I, it's still in great shape, except the cushions needed replaced. I received my new cushions today, and like others say, I feel like I have a new sofa. Thanks so much.
Amazing !
Dean | October 22nd, 2020
You guys are absolutely amazing we had an L-shaped couch and needed five cushions replaced we used the firm foam and it’s amazing feels like we have a brand new couch again. you guys are so affordable compared to a custom upholstery shop. I’m now recommending you to my mom thanks guys for your quality product at an affordable price..
Great cushions
Gail Stone | July 12th, 2020
The cushions were a perfect match from what I ordered for my chairs. The cushions were more firm than what I wanted, but that was entirely my fault. When I order more cushions, which I will, I'll know what to order next time.
Very happy
Stan | July 3rd, 2020
We are thrilled with our cushion order. Received so quickly and our cushions were perfect!
Kathy | June 3rd, 2020
What a huge difference these cushions have made! My husband is a large man so I ordered extra firm cushions. I feel like I have a new couch!!
Exactly what I was looking for!
Olivia | May 3rd, 2020
My 6+ year old couch had some loose springs in the cushions, so I ordered a pair of replacement cushions in HD36. Shipped much faster than expected and fit my couch perfectly! Just the right amount of support/cushion for the sofa I use extensively (in a tiny studio apartment, so they get most of the sitting). Would definitely recommend! I also did some research before purchasing and these were a great deal in terms of price and quality.
Nice Upgrade
Bill | May 2nd, 2020
The cushions were a very nice upgrade to the 10 year old cushions that I had. Thank you!
Perfect fit.
Marcia Zinser | March 23rd, 2020
We needed a new cushion for a very old chair. We followed the directions, ordered and received quickly. Perfect fit and it looks wonderful!
Great Product
Robin Warner | March 19th, 2020
Received our couch for free but the cushions needed replacement. The cushions I ordered arrived quickly and are perfect for my now "new" couch. I would recommend this company again.
Terrific product
Anne Spalding | March 18th, 2020
I sit in the same spot on my couch and the cushion was in very poor shape. I ordered a cushion hoping it would work. The price was great, it came in just a few days and looks perfect.
Great service and product
Maureen | March 18th, 2020
Replacement cushions for our outdoor sofa. I thought we were looking at a new one until these cushions arrived. Completely revived the look and comfort and will give us many more years of use. Appreciate the information on this site on how to measure for the custom size. Fit perfectly.
I.M von Borstel | March 18th, 2020
My order arrived earlier tham promised and the demensions were perfect.
Foam for camper table cushions
Timothy O Burlingame | March 18th, 2020
We were very pleased with the product we recieved! Fit was perfect and fimness is exactly what we were looking for! We will definitely be using Foam Factory again when we start replacing our other cushion foam!
susan tracy | March 13th, 2020
I was very excited when I received my cushions for sofa, chair, and love seat. I waited for 48 hours to let them expand and they fit perfect. Excellent work for custom cut. Will ordrr again from your company when i need them save me MONEY by replacing cushions then going out buying all new set.
Great service
Jie | March 12th, 2020
normally I buy the replacements for cushions from local store. This year I decided to order on-line. The whole process takes less a week to get the my new cushions it is cheaper than the local store even Including the shipping charge and tax and with the better quality i like this company, strongly recommend!!!
lux cushion
Michael Swenson | March 12th, 2020
the high quality foam is what should be in all big and tall office furniture. so comfortable and supportive.
SUSAN OLDAKOWSKI | March 11th, 2020
I was looking for replacements for cushions that were 20 years old. I measured but had questions which were quickly answered by customer service, I ordered a set of two and received them quickly. They fit great but when I ordered the second set of two I ordered 1/2 inch smaller for both the length and depth. These also fit well. The dacron covered foam seems to make the two couches like new again. I would definitely recommend this company!
Custom Cut Order
Jerry L Bixby | March 11th, 2020
Our complete order was delivered on time and all cuts were exact. So far very happy with the palm for our seats in Travel Trailer so much an improvement on what was provided by Trailer company. Hopefullylly these will last.
Great replacement for old sofa cushions
George M Brennert | March 11th, 2020
Quick shipping and great option for old down filled sofa cushions. Sofa looks brand new and firm again!
Cushion for leather chair
Fred Seid | March 11th, 2020
The cushion fitted properly and the composition of the foam exactly fitted the desired characteristics that was needed. Great job.
New Cushions
Susan Winowiecki | March 11th, 2020
Purchased 2 cushions for a love seat where the cushions had been ruined. The new ones were wrapped in darcon and they fit perfectly. In fact they were better quality than the original ones. Thank you.
Great cushion replacement
Shirley Spangler | March 11th, 2020
I ordered dacon wrapped lux foam 5 inch cushions for my vintage sofa and loveseat. What a difference!! It is like having brand new furniture. Cushions are so comfortable. You cannot go wrong by ordering from foam by Fast delivery. Thanks for a quality product!!
Joe W | March 11th, 2020
Couch cushion replacement for an expensive couch that was 5 yrs old. This replacement was better that the orginal cushion. As a result, I purchased additional cushions to replace all since the rest of the couch was still like new. Very please with purchases.
Great Stuff"
DG | March 6th, 2020
Great job, folks. 3-in cushion with dacron fits great and looks terrific. You're on my list!
Couch Cushion replacements
Very Satisfied | March 5th, 2020
I bought a great couch about a year ago. Unfortunately the foam cushions that came with the couch did not last as long. Thank goodness I found high density replacements on I simply followed the guidelines for measuring the cushions that the website provided. I got my order more quickly than expected. I opened the packaging to let the foam replacements "breathe" overnight and the next day I removed my old foam cushions from their zip on covers and inserted the replacements. MAN! what a difference! The new foam cushions are an exact fit and high performance density for excellent support. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Reasonable price saved me from buying an entirely new couch.
Lisa | March 4th, 2020
I recently purchased some new sofa cushions and absolutely love the product. I was a bit skeptical that everything would work out, but I followed the measurement instructions on the website and have nice plumb sofas again for a fraction of the cost.
cushions for couch
Theresa Hebert | March 4th, 2020
I ordered cushions for my couch, the foam was indeed firm which I wanted but on one of the L cushions the edge was not square on one end but cut crooked causing it to slant at an angle.
Couch saver!
Sara | March 4th, 2020
I’ve replaced cushions on two old couches and both times it has made a huge different. Goodbye back pain, hello binge watching.
Great Experience
Pam Jones | March 4th, 2020
The cushions I ordered to replace padding on kitchen and dining room chairs are just what I needed and they arrived pretty quickly.
Claudia | March 4th, 2020
They made ordering the cushion very easy. I measured what I needed and it fit perfectly! The quality was amazing and now I don’t hate my couch anymore. The delivery was also very fast. I will definitely be ordering more cushions!
Amazing product
Laurie ackroyd | February 28th, 2020
These were exactly perfect. I followed the directions and they fit like a new couch. I would definitely recommend this company.
Repeat customer
Laura J Coffren | February 28th, 2020
This is the second time I have ordered foam cushions for two different couches. Obviously we liked the first set and went back for our second set. Great company love our cushions.