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DIY Foam Accessories for Your Car

Driving can be a burden, especially when your seatbelt is uncomfortable or there are noisy or valuable things rattling around in the trunk. These annoyances can be easily alleviated with a few super easy DIY ideas that use foam to make game changing car accessories for your next drive. Before you take a long trip or even go get your groceries, create one of these easy foam car accessories by following these step-by-step instructions! DIY Seatbelt Foam Sleeve Stay ... (Read More)

Automotive Seat Repair

Your vehicle is an important part of your day to day life. You depend on it to get you to work, school, or your errands on a daily basis. The seats need to be comfortable enough to accommodate all that driving. If your seats are showing signs of wear and tear, foam is the best way to fix them for a renewed sense of comfort. A car with an uncomfortable seat is never fun, so it’s important to take ... (Read More)

DIY Reupholster Motorcycle Seat

As a motorcycle owner, reupholstering the seat is something you may have to do at some point. For example, you might need a new seat if your old one begins to deteriorate after years of use, sustains damage in an accident, or is too low, too high, too angled, or too uncomfortable in some other way. Reupholstering a seat is also something that will eventually appear on your To Do list if you enjoy restoring vintage bikes in your ... (Read More)

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