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Custom Cut Foam for Boat Seats

The appeal of water activities during warmer seasons is undeniable, whether it’s fishing with a small outboard motor, leisurely paddling in a canoe or kayak, or cruising on a pleasure craft. Regardless of the vessel, comfort and security are crucial for an enjoyable experience on the water. This is where Foam by Mail steps in as a trusted partner, offering custom foam for outdoor cushions, boat seats, mattresses, and safety pads to guarantee your time on the water is nothing short of delightful. Keep reading to learn more about how our custom-cut foam can work for you and your outdoor activities this summer!

Specialized Marine Foam Solutions

Close up of the Porous Dryfast Foam's holes
Porous Dryfast Foam

As a leading foam manufacturer and retailer, Foam by Mail specializes in fabricating mattresses, cushions, and support products tailored to various needs, including marine applications. Our marine foam products, crafted from resilient closed-cell foam, resist moisture absorption, ensuring longevity without rotting or degradation. Neoprene, prized for its resistance to ozone, sunlight, chemicals, and water breakdown, proves ideal for marine settings. Additionally, gymnastic rubber provides dense yet soft cushioning, enhancing comfort on board.

We go beyond closed-cell foam offerings with our Dryfast foam, a specially formulated open-cell foam. Featuring large interconnected cells, Dryfast foam facilitates rapid water transfer and airflow, ensuring quick drying. Its antimicrobial properties suppress mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy marine environment.

Customization for Every Watercraft

corner edge of Buoyant XLPE Foam
Buoyant XLPE Foam

We offer custom-cut foam to fit any watercraft, from the captain’s chair to deck seating and sun cushions. Tailored boat mattresses, available in various foam types and beveled to match hull curvature, ensure a restful night’s sleep on board. Additionally, safety remains vital on board, so we offer foam pads to cushion sharp edges and hard surfaces, minimizing the risk of injury. These pads also protect the vessel from damage caused by swinging doors, cupboards, and hatches.

Even smaller watercraft like canoes and kayaks benefit from our foam for outdoor cushions, with closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam proving popular for its low moisture permeability and buoyancy. Custom-cut XLPE foam cushions provide comfort and support, enhancing the paddling experience. Check out our complete selection of outdoor foam seats & cushions for more information!

Year-Round Enjoyment with Foam by Mail

Whether preparing for the upcoming boating season or making improvements year-round, our comfort and safety products ensure every moment on the water is maximized for enjoyment. With Foam by Mail, outfitting your boat, canoe, or kayak with custom seat cushions for comfort and safety guarantees unforgettable experiences on the water, year after year! Find out more about the benefits of Dryfast foam in a previous post or reach out to our experts for assistance with any of your custom cushion needs.

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