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Custom Cut Foam for Boat Seats

The appeal of water activities during warmer seasons is undeniable, whether it’s fishing with a small outboard motor, leisurely paddling in a canoe or kayak, or cruising on a pleasure craft. Regardless of the vessel, comfort and security are crucial for an enjoyable experience on the water. This is where Foam by Mail steps in as a trusted partner, offering custom foam for outdoor cushions, boat seats, mattresses, and safety pads to guarantee your time on the water is ... (Read More)

Why Dryfast Foam is the Best Option for Outdoor Cushions

Foam is a versatile material with a variety of characteristics, ranging from cell type and strength to density, size, shape, and color. Certain types of foam enjoy widespread recognition, like the soft and squishy polyurethane foam or the robust closed-cell polyethylene foam. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the unsung heroes—the foam varieties that quietly perform essential functions without seeking the limelight, like Dryfast foam. This versatile product is the best foam for outdoor cushions, and this post will explain ... (Read More)

The Differences and Characteristics of Cross-Linked Foam

At the heart of material strength lies the intricate web of molecular bonds, particularly evident in the realm of plastics and foams. Here, polymers, made up of interconnected repeating molecular units, weave the foundation of diverse materials like polyurethane and cross-linked polyethylene foam. These polymers play a pivotal role in shaping the strength and characteristics of the final material, determining its flexibility, load-bearing capacity, and resilience to pressure. Today, we’ll be exploring the differences and characteristics of cross-linked foam. ... (Read More)

Combining Custom Acoustical Sound Treatment with Refined Studio Design

In today’s world, where more and more people are streaming their activities online, having a high-quality audio setup is essential. Whether you’re streaming video games, art tutorials, or music performances, achieving the perfect sound can be a challenge – but that’s where acoustic foam treatment comes in! Sound issues, such as outside noise, white noise, and echo, can significantly impact the quality of your streams. However, with the right acoustic treatment, you can create a studio environment that enhances ... (Read More)

A Review of the Dunlop Latex Foam Mattress

Since 1995, Foam By Mail has been your go-to destination when you’re looking for a premium hypo-allergenic latex mattress and other bedding essentials. Crafted using the Dunlop method, our latex foam boasts 100% natural ingredients, completely free of fillers or synthetic materials. This natural composition ensures that both our latex foam mattress and latex foam topper are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to mold, mildew, and mites. Dunlop latex foam mattresses also offer slightly firmer support and comfort, making them ... (Read More)

The Best Foam Products for Fitness Enthusiasts

The benefits of exercise are well-documented and widely touted by health fanatics and professionals alike, but traditional exercise methods such as running or weightlifting may be difficult for some because of injuries, physical capabilities, or access to exercise equipment. Fortunately, there are alternatives that offer low-impact and in-home exercises that save travel time and gym membership money – and one of those is foam rollers. Whether you prefer traditional exercises or alternative methods, Foam by Mail offers a wide ... (Read More)

Fun Foam Cutouts for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to embrace the spooky season by creating some delightfully eerie crafts. Foam cutouts in the shapes of jack-o’ lanterns and bats are perfect for DIY foam crafts that add a fun and frightful touch to your Halloween decorations. Luckily, Foam by Mail is offering spooky DIY foam cutouts that are perfect for crafts and decorations, just in time for Halloween! Jack o’ lanterns are iconic symbols of Halloween, and foam ... (Read More)

Build a DIY Beanbag with Our Shredded Foam

Homemade beanbag chairs and foam sacks have been growing in popularity recently, as people begin to tread farther off the beaten DIY project path. Whether they’re for a child’s bedroom, a school’s playroom, or a family’s theater or game room, beanbags built to suit your preferences and style can give you comfort and satisfaction in ways few other pieces of furniture can. And for people who want those benefits without the hassle and markups of big-box stores, DIY beanbag ... (Read More)

Balance Safety and Fun on the Playground with Foam Padding

In the digital age, where screens dominate children’s leisure time, creating a safe and enticing outdoor playground at home has never been more crucial – and as parents and caregivers, ensuring our little ones have a safe space to play, explore, and learn is of paramount importance. Enter closed cell foam; a versatile, shock-absorbent material that offers a perfect solution for cushioning home playgrounds. In this comprehensive guide to outdoor foam, we’ll delve into the world of foam padding, ... (Read More)

Always Have the High Hand with Your Own DIY Game Table

Card and poker nights among friends and family have been popular for generations, and as these games become bigger parts of people’s lives, the tables they’re played on grow in importance as well. Homemade gaming and card tables are a creative way to tailor the playing surface to the size of your group or add a touch of personalization, and you can easily make one yourself with just a few materials, including closed cell foam and upholstery foam. No ... (Read More)

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