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A Custom Foam Mattress Will Offer You the Best Night’s Sleep

Over the years, studies have linked many health problems to a lack of sleep, including weight gain and loss, irritability, inability to focus, depression, and even hallucinations. These symptoms can arise not only from a lack of sleep, but also from poor, restless sleep. This, combined with the fact that we spend an average of one third of our lives sleeping, makes having the best sleeping experience possible a vital factor in leading a happy and productive life.

Contour-Hugging Custom Mattress
Contour-Hugging Dunlop Latex Mattress

Unfortunately, nights are often spent tossing and turning, and mornings arrive with aches and pain. This is frequently the result of a poor sleeping surface that doesn’t give your body the balance of comfort and support it needs. At Foam Factory, Inc., they know every person’s sleeping experience is unique. This is why, in addition to a broad selection of standard mattresses, they also provide fully customizable mattresses, in any size, shape, design, or foam type.

Foam Factory boasts a wide variety of foam types for mattresses, including soft, medium, and firm conventional foam, latex foam, occasional use poly foam, and 3LB, 4LB, and 5LB memory foam densities. This selection ensures that no matter your preferences, you can have an incredibly soft bed, a super firm bed, or anything in between. Varieties not traditionally used in a foam mattress can also be utilized, should a customer have a need for a special custom-sized mattress. These foam types include open-cell Dryfast or rebond foam and closed-cell gymnastic rubber, neoprene, or polyethylene. Additionally, should a customer desire a specific foam not available in-house, Foam Factory will cut or modify the product to specification if the customer provides the material.

Antique, imported, novelty, and custom-made contemporary beds are enjoyed by many because of their individualized styling and designs, but when it comes to finding mattresses for these products, their non-standard sizes make it difficult to find a product that physically fits the bed while still offering a comfortable sleeping surface. Many times, a compromise has to be made in comfort just to have a usable bed. This is no longer an issue with Foam Factory’s custom mattresses, as they can produce a personalized bed, tailored to both you and the unique frame. The only size limitation is what shipping carriers can physically deliver. In short, if it can be mailed, it can be made. Other applications that frequently utilize custom mattress products are crib bedding, boat beds, campers, and sleeping cabins in freight trucks.

5LB Memory Foam Atop Firm Foam
5LB Memory Foam Layered on Firm Foam

If custom comfort and not custom size is the issue, Foam Factory is able to manufacture bedding products in any structural combination desired. Whether it is a 10″ thick, all medium-feel mattress, 3″ of 5LB memory foam on top of a 5″ high-quality firm base, or 4″ of poly foam  for a guest bedroom, if you want it, Foam Factory can make it. This manufacturing flexibility is particularly useful for couples who have two very different sleeping preferences but share a single bed. Different types of foam can be bonded together to create a mattress that provides vastly different sleeping experiences in one product. One side of a mattress can be made of soft foam for an extremely cushioning product, while the other can be made of firm foam for long-lasting support. Different mattress layers can be created for a hybrid sleeping experience as well.

Foam Factory can also create mattresses of separate materials for different characteristics in multiple areas of the mattress, such as medium density foam at the head and neck, firm foam through the torso and legs, and soft, cushioning foam at the feet. Furthermore, striations and patterns can be cut into products to meld together the qualities of both a firm mattress and a soft mattress. They also manufacture a foam bed bridge that allows two mattresses to be combined into one larger mattress, without the uncomfortable gap or seam in the middle where the two meet.

Considering the benefits of a good night’s sleep, as well as the consequences of a poor night’s sleep, a proper mattress is one of life’s most important investments. So before you purchase a cookie-cutter mattress, rolled out of a warehouse with no thought taken toward your individualized needs, imagine sleeping soundly through the night, waking up ache and pain free, refreshed and ready to face the day. That’s what a Foam Factory custom mattress can provide. If you’re still unsure, sleep on it, and when you wake up in the morning, feeling sluggish and tired once again, you’ll find your answer.

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