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Understanding the Temperature Sensitivity of Memory Foam

Memory foam’s most unique characteristic is its temperature-sensitivity, which is what allows it to offer the custom-contouring the material is so famous for. Engineered with visco-elastic polymers that react to body heat by yielding and softening, memory foam is able to create a surface unique to the user every time they use it, no matter what position. This is true of memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers, pillows, bolsters, or any other product. While the material’s temperature sensitivity certainly ... (Read More)

Get the Most Out of Your Trips with Travel Pillows!

At some point in our lives, we’ve all seen a travel pillow in some form. Whether as an ironic joke, or in use by someone who swears by them, these U-shaped neck cushions are a deeply engrained part of travel culture. Even so, many people have never tried them, or outright refuse to due to how they think they look. But in actuality, travel pillows exist for a reason, and a very good one at that: they help make ... (Read More)

Twin Long and Full Long Mattress Sizes: New at Foam Factory!

When a company notices a need among their customer base, the easy thing to do is address it. After all, if it will bring paying customers, why wouldn’t you? The harder thing to do is to address that need in a way that sends a customer home happy, pleased with his or her product, and bound to return again. Imagine a heat wave gripping your city in the dead of summer. Would you be more inclined to remain the ... (Read More)

Save Money with New Medical Foam Pillows and Bolsters!

Many of Foam Factory’s comfort products, like sleeping pillows and body bolsters, were only offered in memory foam. However, some people prefer the feel of a conventional foam to that of a memory foam, while others simply enjoy the savings a conventional foam pillow has to offer. Introducing Medical Foam, a 1.5LB density 36ILD conventional foam specifically designed for use in comfort, support, and orthopedic products. Formulated with anti-microbial additives, Medical Foam is a good choice in applications where ... (Read More)

Need New Foam Ideas? Let Some of These Projects Inspire You!

We’ve all had moments of brilliance when we find ourselves trying to get out from between a rock and a hard place, sifting through wacky idea after wacky idea, until we find that one gold nugget that solves the issue inventively and effectively. When that happens, it’s almost harder to tell whether you enjoy the solution to your problem more, or the number of people who, upon hearing about your idea, say, “I wish I had thought of that!” ... (Read More)

How To Protect Musical Equipment During Transport With Foam

Whether you’re on the road every week or once in a blue moon, transporting your instrument is an important task that needs to be done with care. The frequent travel that can accompany a musician’s life takes its toll on instruments if they’re not appropriately protected during transport. Cases with musical equipment like microphones, guitars, keyboards, and other gear are great for protecting from spills, scratches, and general damage that may occur in the studio. During transportation, however, equipment ... (Read More)

What Happens to Old Foam Once We Take It From You?

One of Foam Factory, Inc.’s most popular offerings are our custom-cut cushions. Customers can bring in old, flat, worn-out foam, and leave with brand-new, comfortable, and supportive cushions, stuffed with the foam of their choice. It’s a fast, easy, and hassle-free way of getting more bang for your buck from your furniture. Occasionally, customers will want the old foam from their cushions back, intending to use them for things like projects around the house. The vast majority of customers ... (Read More)

No-Flip Mattresses are No Bargain for Customers

In recent years, one of the newest trends in the mattress industry has been the increase of “no-flip mattresses.” On a surface level, this seems like a great idea; less work, less hassle, and one less thing to worry about. Great, right? Not so fast. One of the reasons flipping traditional mattresses was originally suggested by manufacturers is that it helped balance the wear and tear on a bed by distributing pressure evenly across all surfaces. It may have ... (Read More)

Should a New Mattress be Part of Spring Cleaning?

The melt is on, the birds are returning, and the days are getting longer. You know what that means… spring is on its way! After the historically harsh winter of 2014, springtime is as anticipated as it has ever been, making us anxious to see the temperature begin its annual climb upward. The change in seasons brings with it traditions we look forward to every year; spring break, flowers blooming, baseball, and more. But not everything is as eagerly ... (Read More)

Beat Back Discomfort with Foam Pillows and Back Bolsters

Back pain is a common ailment that typically stems from the postures and activities that take place in our everyday lives. Many people work while sitting at a desk, and there are plenty of ways that sitting with poor posture over a span of eight hours a day or more can become the norm for people. If this sounds like the source of your back discomfort, foam back bolsters and pillows can help ease your pain. Standing or constantly ... (Read More)

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