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Insulation For Your Screen Porch

No matter where you are in the world, everyone loves a screen porch or sunroom. When chilly days are ahead, it often means a rise in heating costs. As a result, many of us are on the lookout for budget friendly ways to keep the cold out. It is possible to lower heating costs for your sunroom or porch by considering the addition of insulation foam. Even a little bit of insulation can go a long way in keeping ... (Read More)

How To Make A Mandalorian Helmet

It’s no secret that a certain Disney+ show has reignited and sparked a new love for a beloved franchise set in a galaxy far, far away. The combination of adorable new characters such as “the baby” and Din Djarin as the steadfast, tough, yet relatable Mandalorian has created a show that people are going crazy about. In fact, they are jumping at the chance to recreate these iconic characters and cosplay as their favorite. Not everyone may be able ... (Read More)

Creating An Outdoor Holiday Area

In the era of coronavirus, even family holidays have not been spared. This has left many families scrambling to find safe ways to gather together again. Many suggestions have come out on how to keep family get-togethers safe. If you choose to meet, but want to keep things outside, we have the perfect tips for creating an outdoor holiday gathering area. Setting Up the Table If your family is traveling from a distance to visit during the pandemic, you’ll ... (Read More)

How Long Do Foam Mattresses Last?

Purchasing a new foam mattress is an important decision. We spend a lot of our lives in the bedroom at rest. Having a comfortable mattress that lasts is an investment that is absolutely worth it. But how long do foam mattresses last? A high-quality memory foam mattress can last you anywhere from twelve to twenty-five years if they are well cared for. Typically, memory foam mattresses outlast and outperform the standard box spring mattress, even if it is a hybrid. One of the ... (Read More)

Using Foam To Make An Interchangeable Sofa

Few pieces of furniture can be considered the ultimate in customizability quite like the modular sofa. These interchangeable sofas have become extremely popular in homes, apartments, and living spaces—inside as well as outside—for so many reasons. They are called modular, or interchangeable, because the whole sofa is created by piecing smaller parts together. As a result, interchangeable sofas can be broken up into chair-sized chaises, corner seats, ottomans, corner couches, L shapes, and a multitude of shapes that fit ... (Read More)

DIY Foam Accessories for Your Car

Driving can be a burden, especially when your seatbelt is uncomfortable or there are noisy or valuable things rattling around in the trunk. These annoyances can be easily alleviated with a few super easy DIY ideas that use foam to make game changing car accessories for your next drive. Before you take a long trip or even go get your groceries, create one of these easy foam car accessories by following these step-by-step instructions! DIY Seatbelt Foam Sleeve Stay ... (Read More)

How to Install Ceiling Insulation

If you are a hands-on homeowner who likes the DIY approach, taking on the insulation of your home should be a fun project. While it is always good to learn new skills for the upkeep of your home, this project that takes care, patience, and a little knowledge to do correctly. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to make this project a successful one. Understanding R-Values Before looking at types of insulation, it is important ... (Read More)

How Foam Rolling Works

Living a healthy lifestyle is important! No matter what exercise you have been doing, foam rolling is being touted as something that should be added to everyone’s routine. Practitioners of foam rolling will tell you that it can loosen up tight muscles. This makes it beneficial before and after exercising. What Is It? To understand how foam rolling works, we need to be clear about what products are used. In order to practice foam rolling, a rounded foam cylinder is used. The ... (Read More)

The Perfect Pet Room

Your pet is not just a furry animal living rent-free in your house, they are an important part of the family; in fact, your pooch or kitty is probably the heart of the home! To show how much you care, give them their own designated pet room. This can offer them a nice space to get away from the hustle and bustle when they need some downtime. Here are a few of the best suggestions for using foam to create ... (Read More)

Foam Packing and Shipping Solutions

With more people shopping online every day, packing foam is becoming critical for businesses and consumers, alike. Improperly packed parcels can be damaged during shipping. This causes loss in revenue and delay in shipments to customers or loved ones. Foam is one of the best ways to solve this issue. Foam is designed to absorb shock and provide support to contents during shipping. Packaging Foam can be utilized in many different situations. It is simple to use and can ... (Read More)

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