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Top 10 Ways Foam Can Be Used In The Fall

When autumn rolls around, you want to make sure your home is as comfortable and cozy as possible so you can truly enjoy this special season. If you are looking to take on a few side projects before the start of this season, foam is a great solution you can use in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways foam can be used in the fall to give you a few great ideas.

  1. Pet Beds
    As the weather starts to cool down, you will want to keep your dog comfortable and give him a warm place to sleep. There are many reasons why fall is the perfect time to give your pooch a new bed. For example, if your pet typically spends a lot of time outdoors, you will want to give them away to keep warm and comfy in their doghouse. If your pet will be spending more time indoors due to the chillier temperatures outside, you want them to have a pet bed to keep them off the furniture. Another reason fall is the perfect time to use foam pet beds for your beloved pooch is because many older dogs suffer from arthritis which is made worse by colder weather. A foam pet bed is a great way to show you care while giving them all the comfort they rightfully deserve this fall.
  2. Insulation
    When looking at the top 10 ways foam can be used in the fall, insulation is a no-brainer to any homeowner. Since insulation helps keep heating and cooling costs down year-round, it is an important part of any house. Foam is a great way to add to the insulation of your home to trap in the heat as the chill of fall rolls around. From foam sheets used for insulation in the walls to adding foam along the windows to stop cold air from getting in, the beginning of fall is a great time to double check this aspect of your home before the even colder temperatures of winter arrive.
  3. Cushion/Seat Repair
    In the fall, you will most likely have family and friends over for the holidays. Whether you are throwing a Halloween bash, a potluck Thanksgiving feast, or getting ready for your annual Christmas party, your guests will need somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy the festivities. If you have a sofa or chair in need of repairs, foam is a great choice for this project. You can either custom order a cushion replacement or you can repair a hole by gluing foam scraps in place underneath the cover. Best of all, foam allows you to choose the right firmness or softness to meet your desired preferences.
  4. New Mattress/Mattress Topper
    If you intend to have family over this fall, you want to make sure the guest bedroom has a comfortable mattress sure to give them a restful night of sleep. With the use of foam, you can easily revamp a tired mattress to give it new life. Whether looking for a firm choice for added support or a softer option, foam is a great mattress solution thanks to its durability, comfortable nature, and the wide range of firmness levels available. If you are looking to add a mattress topper to an existing mattress, foam is a great solution for this task as well.
  5. Pillows
    When looking to spruce things up a bit for fall, refreshing your pillows is a great idea. From oversized couch pillows to memory foam support pillows, foam can be used for a range of pillow types to match any preference. Whether for the living room, bedroom, or guest bedroom, a fluffy pillow of foam is always a big hit to cozy up in the autumn.
  6. Bean Bag Chairs
    If you are hosting the family this year for fall get-togethers, bean bag chairs are the perfect way to host kids and teens while giving them a cool place to sit. Bean bag chairs filled with foam scraps are an affordable and fun way to up the seating choices in your home this fall ahead of the big holiday get together. Best of all, these can be stored with ease or used year-round.
  7. Sponges
    While spring cleaning is usually the main hype for cleaning, there is no denying that things can get messy in the fall leading into the winter. With the holidays all packed together in the span of three months, you need a few reliable sponges to get the house clean and sparkling for all the planned festivities. From wiping up after preparing Thanksgiving dinner to cleaning the guest bathroom before the family comes over for the holidays, foam sponges are a great choice.
  8. Draft/Doorstoppers
    With the cooler air of the season, the need for draft stoppers is important. Foam is a great choice for draft stops since it can help insulate. You can add strips of foam at the bottom of doors to keep the warm air locked in the house. Foam can also be used as a door stopper for the added dual performance of insulating and keeping doors closed in areas not often used such as the attic or spare rooms.
  9. Decorations/Craft Projects
    From Halloween costumes to Thanksgiving décor, foam can be used in all sorts of craft projects for the season. Whether you are looking for a way to make horns for a Halloween costume or a festive turkey display craft perfect for the kids, foam is a versatile solution well suited to various crafty purposes of the season.
  10. Outdoor Seating
    In the fall, there are few things as enjoyable as gathering around a bonfire or fire pit in the backyard with your friends and family. In order to make this a fun fall activity, the outdoor seating needs to be comfortable. With the use of foam, you can repair or add extra foam to your outdoor seating to ensure the comfort of everyone gathered around the fire.

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