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What Does the Density Rating on a Memory Foam Mattress Mean?

When it comes to discussing density, it is important to note that this measurement is different than firmness, and the two terms do not always coincide with each other. Memory foam density refers to how much one cubic foot of the material weighs, and is typically expressed in pounds (for example, 3lb memory foam, 4lb memory foam, etc.). This measurement will tell you the quality of the foam, but will not tell you how firm the foam is.

Many people believe that a higher density foam will be firmer, but that is not always the case. With memory foam from Foam Factory, Inc, as the density goes up, the firmness will actually seem to go down. The 5lb memory foam is our softest, whereas the 3lb will feel the firmest. Keep in mind that the thicker you go on our memory foam, the softer it will feel, too! This is because there is more material to sink into before feeling the mattress underneath.

3lb ViscoSAVER – White

This is the most budget-friendly option, but it is not poor quality by any means. The feel of this foam is considered firm by Foam Factory’s memory foam standards, but it is not hard in any way. It actually has a medium feel because of it offers the nice, slow, comfortable give that memory foam is known for, but it lacks the contouring ability. Since it does not contour like denser memory foams, it will not form around you as you lay on it. This is a good option for those seeking comfort, but who do not enjoy the “hugging” feel that denser memory foams offer.

4lb ViscoPLUSH – Blue

This is our middle-ground topper. This foam will feel softer than the 3lb, and will offer contouring. This foam will curve and shape to your body, but it will not hug you like a “perfect fit”. It will still offer a slow give, but with additional softness as you sink into the material.

memory foam

5lb ViscoMAX – Pink

This is the softest memory foam topper that Foam Factory carries. This foam is often described as a giant marshmallow! It is so plush that it contours to your body and fully hugs you as you lay on it. It will fit your body like a glove. It is designed for the sleeper to fully sink and be nested by the topper.

When shopping for a memory foam mattress from Foam Factory, Inc, keep these general guidelines in mind. Most importantly, when seeking a high quality, longer lasting memory topper, higher density is better. If you are seeking memory foam from us with a firmer feel, though, less dense is MORE firm and denser is SOFTER.

If you need even further assistance in picking the right topper for you, Foam Factory is here to help!

6 thoughts on “What Does the Density Rating on a Memory Foam Mattress Mean?”

  1. I got from you a 5 or 6 inch firm mattress couple of moth ago. Very happy with the product but is too firm.
    I tried a 2 inch memory foam that I have at home, problem is any time when I turn in my sleep, (and I do that a lot every night) the memory foam topper is kind of sticking to me making turning difficult.
    Which topper will add softness without fighting me when I turn in my sleep from one side to another?
    3lbs or 5lbs memory foam topper?? I have my mind set for 3 inches size.
    I appreciate your help.

  2. Will a lightweight, 120-lb body sink into the 5-lb density topper too? Is the 5-pounder the hottest to sleep on because of the total nesting effect?

  3. 165-170ib male side sleeper here. Would purchase the 5lb memory foam for it’s durability factor. This would be placed on top of your HD36-HQ 5″ ILD 35 base/core poly foam. What is your opinion on the 3″ or 4″ memory foam for my application ? I assume the 3″ would feel slightly firmer with less thickness. Would the 3′ keep me from reaching the base/core mattress when fully compressed with my hip and shoulder weight ? Would I be safer ordering the 4″ ?

  4. Thank you for reaching out to The Foam Factory via our blog.

    Please see below for our frequently asked questions about Memory Foam:

    Which density should I get?:
    3LB ViscoSaver White: Suggested for people who want the benefits of memory foam at an economical price. The firmest memory foam option, but is not hard in any way. This is considered firm or a medium overall feel because it has the nice, slow, comfortable give that a memory foam should have and is known for but lacks the contouring ability so it does not form around you as you lay in it. This is good for those who do not like a “hugging” topper while they sleep.
    4LB ViscoPLUSH Blue: Suggested for people who want high quality memory foam at a great price. The middle ground topper; this foam is softer than the 3lb and has some contouring abilities – it will curve around your shape but not fully hug like a perfect fit. You still have the slow sink but with an added softness to the feel of the material and it will cradle you as you sink into it.
    5LB ViscoMAX Pink: Suggested for people who want the highest quality memory foam at a competitive price. (Similar in quality to Tempur-Pedic’s Memory Foam). The ultra-soft topper; This topper is best described as a giant marshmallow! It is so plush that it fully hugs you as you lay in it and gloves to your body. This topper is meant for you to fully sink into and nest in the middle. At 4” thick this material does get a little difficult to roll out of on the account it contours so well.
    Which thickness should I get?:
    2 Inch: Suggested for people who sleep on their stomach or are looking for the most inexpensive, yet effective memory foam pad. Because more weight is located on the front of the body than the back, stomach sleepers tend to have lower back issues due to mattresses supporting and cradling to their torso. This can flex the back out of position due to the difference in body weight distribution and shape. Any pad thicker than 2 inches will most likely not help their condition.
    3 Inch: Suggested for side, back or combination sleepers, excluding stomach sleepers. This is the thickness TempurPedic uses for their mattresses, and is the standard for most memory foam mattresses. A 3 inch memory pad will provide the perfect balance of contour molding and support capabilities.
    4 Inch: Also suggested for side, back or combination sleepers, excluding stomach sleepers. This thickness will feel softer, as there is more material to settle into, providing more pressure relief than the 2 or 3 inch pad.

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