5LB ViscoMAX Memory Foam Topper - Pink

5LB ViscoMAX Memory Foam Topper - Pink


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Our 5lb memory foam mattress toppers are for those who have tried everything else, and just don't seem to be able to find a pad that works for them. It can be difficult to find a mattress topper that is thick enough for you, and offers enough support for you to sleep comfortably. The 5lb memory foam mattress toppers are perfect for those who need a heavier padding for their mattress. These come in sizes starting at Twin and going up to California King, so you will be able to add it to your mattress, no matter the size. They also come in various levels of thickness, starting at 2 inches, and going to 4 inches.

Memory foam is popular for many reasons, and our 5lb memory foam mattress toppers are no exception. The memory foam molds to your body, so you get a personalized bed, just for you. It will hold its shape while in use, and adjust to you as you adjust your sleeping position. Not only that, but it also then matches your body temperature, to keep you regulated and comfortable. Finally, with it's even distribution of weight, it takes the stress off the body so your body can rest and rejuvenate. Less stress means you toss and turn less each night, and get a better night's sleep.

We have various covers available to add additional comfort to your memory foam topper. Please click here for information regarding covers.

Custom Memory Foam Toppers are Available!
We can custom make memory foam toppers to any size. Please Contact Us for details.

Certipur-US logo
Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
  • More fluidly responsive to body heat for a smoother, gradual shift in firmness.
  • Finer cell structure offers a softer, more luxurious feel that better relieves pressure points and increases circulation for a deep, rejuvenating sleep.
  • High-tech, environmentally-friendly forming process allows for excellent consistency and quality.
  • ILD rating of 12 for a soft feel
  • 2", 3", or 4" 100% visco-elastic memory foam
  • Meets CA TB117 flammability requirement
  • Flexible, resilient, and durable
  • Superior pressure relief reduces back pain
  • Temperature-sensitive foam responds to body heat
  • Molds perfectly to body's contours
  • Increases circulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in USA
  • 60-Day 100% Guarantee*
  • 10-Year Warranty*
Note: 5LB memory foam topper may differ in color from light pink or pink to peach.
Resources Notes

*Warranty Information
For details on the Memory Foam Mattress/Topper Warranty and Guarantee, see the return policy on our Customer Service page.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Handle With Care
Please handle with care as foam may tear when being handled due to its weight. Foam Factory, Inc. is not responsible for torn foam due to improper handling. We suggest purchasing an optional cover for the topper to help prevent tearing of the foam and increase longevity.

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Verified Buyer
Very helpful adjunct
Nick | June 19th, 2024
The 2” was just enough to make my firm mattress more comfortable so I can sleep on my back longer, but not so thick as to feel like you’re sinking in the mud.
Verified Buyer
High Density Pink Foam
Stella Trudel | April 25th, 2024
From the reviews, I expected this to be like our first Temperpedic. Something that actually held a hand print for a while. When pressed, this actually pops back up fairly quickly. However, it is comfortable. The problem with most foams now is they break down quickly, leaving body marks that don't spring back. I have yet to see how this one does, but it will determine whether I purchase again.
Verified Buyer
Love my 5lb density queen
Tracy Wilson | February 13th, 2024
I was having probs with my mattress. It was too hard. Got this and I can sleep so well. No more aching back in the AM!
Lauren | November 3rd, 2023
We bought this to replace a 1.5" convoluted soft foam topper that had flattened out after a few years. I was hoping this equally soft (12 ILD) 2" memory foam would do a better job of indenting to cushion my hip and shoulder while also rising up to support my waist when sleeping on my side. It did! Also provides perfect support while sleeping on my stomach or back. My husband likes a firmer surface (why we have a Sleep Number bed) but he also loves how this feels. To my surprise, we were able to put it on the bed after just a few hours of airing out. I am sensitive to smells but the smell was surprisingly faint compared to other foam toppers I have bought.
The Goldilocks of Memory Foam
Tina | September 6th, 2023
I went through 3 mattresses and countless toppers trying to find something that wouldn't cause me back pain at night or during the day. Was either too soft or too firm. The 3" 5lb memory foam topper is perfect for me. Soft, yet supportive enough that I don't sink in so far and get swallowed up. No more back pain at night or during the day. I'm 115lbs and still had trouble with hips sinking in too far with other memory foam toppers. It's paired with a medium firm mattress. Good quality foam.
Amazing quality, would definitely recommend for both DIY or to add on to a pre built mattress.
Eduardo | June 19th, 2023
I did a DIY Hybrid Memory Foam mattress. 3’ of the 5lb memory foam comfort layer, 2’ dunlop latex as transition, 1’ of HD36-HQ for a insulation layer, 6’ springs and then a 1’ LUX-HQ as stabilizer for the bottom of the build. The only thing i did not purchase here was the springs, however all of the foams i received were top quality. The 5lb MemoryFoam surpassed my expectations as a comfort layer. It is absolutely majestic with my build and it works very well with my weight and my girlfriends weight. We are both average people. Overall, great purchase.
Paul Bowman | June 3rd, 2023
Disappointed with (and gave up on) Tempurpedic products since they were sold off/bought out. By contrast, this topper from Foam Factory is like the old school Tempurpedic material...lush and luxurious. Very satisfied with this synthetic memory foam.
Money Well Spent!
Amy Rollins | May 3rd, 2023
I purchased the 3 inch pink memory foam topper (5 lb. density) to replace the one I have had for over 8 years (it was also 5 lb.). The old one developed the well-known "dip" that naturally occurs no matter how you flip or turn it. I put the new one on yesterday morning and allowed it to "breath" for the day. This morning, my back didn't hurt for the first time in a long time. Great product. Great company! I highly recommend!
Best replacement for Sleep Number bed matress high density memory foam that relieves muscle pain.
Gary Phillips | March 22nd, 2023
Our Sleep Number bed mattress "deep blue high density memory foam" died about 3 years ago. Over time, the memory foam that came with our beds split horizontally across the bed in multiple places as though we had sliced it into jagged strips. I can assure you from personal experience that the "Princess and the Pea" fairytail IS true, and my wife IS the Princess. She has muscle/joint pain almost continuously due to a debilitating muscle condition, and feels every lump, bend, and valley. We haven't been too keen on going back to Sleep Number, because you can't simply just find and buy replacement anything on the Sleep Number web site, and we don't give a rip if we still have any warranty left on the mattresses. We just wanted to fix the problem for a realistic cost. I have searched over two years to find a memory foam that even comes close to the original dense, heavy, deep blue memory foam that came with our king size split bed. We tried the light-weight memory foam from Walmart (all I could find in any store at a reasonable value for the price), and even doubled the thickness, but it just didn't work for my wife. I only recently, f-i-n-a-l-l-y, found Foam Factory on the net and knew instantly my search was over. I also immediately realized that the cover we could by with the foam topper would help prevent the foam from splitting, and would be much easier to handle. For sure, I'm a believer - miracles still do happen!!!! I bought the 4 inch thick 5 lbs / cubic ft. pink dense twin bed xl size topper foam piece with the canvas cover on line, and everything progressed exactly as presented on Foam Factory's web site. No buyer's remorse here. For the price - I have seen far inferior products for 2 - 3 times the price - and marvel that I didn't have to pay anything to have a 48 lb box shipped 1,000 miles and delivered to my front door. I discovered that this pink foam is higher quality/denser that the original, has the compression characteristics that I had hoped for, and that the deep blue memory foam even seems a bit light-weight in comparison. I was very pleased to see the quality of the heavier-weight-than-expected, well-made canvas cover. The cover is well worth the extra $55 to ensure the integrity of the foam over time. Most important though.....my Princess no longer feels the pea under her. For the first time in 3 years my Princess is finally comfortable lying down. It has reduced her discomfort and pain significantly. I am going back for another topper for my half of the bed, and sending another to my son who suffers back pain from injuries he received during active military duty. As far as I'm concerned, this is an excellent product manufactured by a genuine company, Without question, Foam Factory provides outstanding value for the price.
Great products all around
Will | January 24th, 2023
We had a 2" topper before and needed to replace it. We got it 3" instead and it is a dream. We now have a mattress, topper, body pillow, and foam sack from Foam by Mail, and we could not be happier
Repeat order; The real thing
Joan | December 9th, 2022
Ordered a 2" thick 5# foam mattress topper for one of our beds and liked it so much that I ordered a second one for the other bed (and the second one was replacing a 1 1/2 year old Wmrt brand that was really poor). I've been using memory foam toppers for many, many years. Most of the stuff out there that claims to be memory foam doesn't even compare to the original. This one does!!
would reorder
N. | November 23rd, 2022
Excellent product for comfort, quick delivery, and customer service. *Please note that this foam off-gasses for more than a month and is quite strong smelling. It hurt my eyes and throat and I would not recommend sleeping on it right away. That being said, this is my second order of this product. I just left it out in my sunroom to air out until I could tolerate breathing the fumes. Overall, I am satisfied with the product and the company. Knowing what I am in for, odor-wise, I would probably order again.
So happy!
Jenna | October 3rd, 2022
I have spinal stenosis and arthritis in my hips and although I spent a small fortune on a mattress 4 years ago, I still wake up with alot of pain. Since recieving the 3" 5lb memory foam topper, this hasn't been the case! I sleep so well and wake up without pain. My 72 year old mother helped put it on the mattress for the first time and she loved it also! So I bought her the same for Christmas. Amazing how much better sleep I'm getting and waking up not worried about so much pain.
Very satisfied customer
Brian Bieller | September 27th, 2022
What a difference this topper made to my sleep. Super comfortable. Tempur-who? Would highly recommend.
Anne Cherry | September 2nd, 2022
Bought this for my son’s dorm room, and it’s perfect! Would totally recommend!
Nice firm mattress
Peter | September 1st, 2022
The 4 inch 5 lb mattress is a bit firmer than I expected but I will adjust to it over time.My old mattress was a 4 lb.No odor
5 LB Memory Foam Topper
Edward Walters | July 1st, 2022
This foam is very good quslity. It is thick, dense, comfortable, and conforms nicely as I had hoped.
Comfy foam
Karin | May 5th, 2022
A friend recommended Foam Factory and I’m so happy with my purchase. We have a defective mattress that is being replaced but will take a few months. THIS has allowed me to sleep again in comfort. Thank you!
Great and as advertised!
Robert H | April 21st, 2022
The 5 lb topper is excellent! Estimated ILD of 14 seems right on. Much better than so many cheap, mushy toppers.
Finally! A real memory foam topper!
Kathy | April 5th, 2022
After trying several cheaper options on Amazon and elsewhere, I purchased this memory foam topper for my king sized bed. The density is fantastic and my topper no longer scoots off the bed. Do yourself a favor and don't waste time and money on cheaper options. This topper is the real deal!
Great foam and great service
KF | March 15th, 2022
Product is the perfect blend of firm and accomodating.
Aug | January 22nd, 2021
Arrived very quick. Barely had any offgassing. First impressions were amazing! Amazing immediate handprint on the memory foam! It’s heavy, so you know it’s good quality! This is definitely a hidden gem on the internet.
Topper is awesome!
Larry Cole | March 19th, 2020
This memory foam topper is great. I can feel myself sink into it for that relaxing sleep
5# memory foam
Judith | January 29th, 2020
Compared this foam to the old 5# foam and it's not as dense. I'm old and i could carry the package with 2" 5# king sized topper and put it on the bed by myself.
2 inch 5 lb
Brenda | January 29th, 2020
Love the 2 inch 5 lb density topper we got. I prefer 2 inch so I don't feel like I'm sinking too far into it, and prefer the feeling of the 5 lb density. Hard to find so very glad you had it.
High quality
Big Willy | January 22nd, 2020
This mattress topper is very dense and great for those with any back problems. It came a little larger than the cover I had ordered so i had to trim it down some. Overall great experience. Will recommend to others.
exactly the same as the expensive one
David Anderson | December 29th, 2019
I bought a topper 10 years ago, and went to the site the forums said had the quality foam. I spent three times the price of this topper from foam by mail, and they are exactly the same having compared them side by side. After sleeping on it for a month its what the other was when it was new. I think the site I bought it from got it from foam by mail and up charged me. I am very satisfied with this topper.
queen size 4"
Penny S Davis | December 19th, 2019
We bought this because of having hip/sciatica pain. Have seen about 50% improvement since purchase. Was hoping for 100% need to search for something to help with the pain
Rick | December 19th, 2019
I'm not great at the whole falling asleep thing, this thing eliminates that problem 100% perfectly comfortable like you're on a cloud. AND beats the ones off Amazon. Only thing is shipped with FedEX which is nerve racking if locations near you are seemingly worthless.
5lb 3" king
Jeff Roske | November 22nd, 2019
This is, no doubt, 5lb/ft2 material (>4.8 based on my measurements and scale weight) and within stated manuf cut tolerance. There's some mild odor I can smell yet after a week out of package but only when my nose is right near it; it's not an unpleasant smell. I'm really happy with the topper, packaging, shipping time and price.
Awesome topper!
Joanie McCargo | June 12th, 2019
I am very pleased with my 4 inch 5 pound topper. It is thick and firmer than your average topper and actually does leave the infamous hand print when pressed which so many foam toppers fail to do. This indicated the quality of this foam topper actually doing what is supposed to do: relieve pressure points and support your back. I highly recommend this topper as it is excellent quality. No more pain at night and sleep so much better. It was a challenge to put on the bed by myself but I was determined ( I'm 5"1' and am only 100 pounds and it weighs almost as much as I do due to the high density) This is a far superior topper than others I have tried. The customer service was phenomenal They reached out to me to make sure I had a cover because with this topper you need one. I would highly recommend this topper and the foam factory! Thank you for such an excellent product and for the best customer service! Don't think twice it's worth every penny!
Connie | June 5th, 2019
We are delighted with our 5lb memory foam topper from the Foam Factory! It gives us both the support we need to get a night's sleep without pressure point pains or morning backache. Thanks guys for a great product.
Director of Finishing
Wayne | May 23rd, 2019
This mattress topper was used to augment the bed pads on my boat. It was ideal for this purpose, best night of sleep since I bought the boat. At first I didn't understand what the 5 lb designation meant but that translated to a box that was 70 + lbs when it arrived at my house; that was concerning. But once we installed it onto my boat and trimmed it up using an electric turkey carving knife, the fit, firmness, flexibility and comfort of the material was everything I expected it to be. Great choice, no regrets.