3LB ViscoSAVER Memory Foam Topper - White

3LB ViscoSAVER Memory Foam Topper - White


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Our 3 lb memory foam toppers are exactly what you need for your mattress. We are pleased to offer toppers that will mold to your body's contours, giving you the support you need in all the right places. Our 3 lb memory foam toppers come in a variety of sizes from twin to California king, allowing you to find the one that matches your mattress size perfectly. Also, our toppers also come in different levels of thickness, starting at 2 inches and going up to 4 inches. No matter which size and thickness suit your needs, you are sure to find it here.

The memory foam contours to your body, allowing you to have a personalized mattress topper, that molds to your body and holds the shape while the foam is in use. When you shift in your sleep, the foam shifts and molds to your new position. Also, the memory foam distributes weight evenly, relieving stress that is put on the body. Less stress means you get an even better night's sleep, without all the tossing and turning. The 3 lb memory foam toppers are the final piece to you getting the perfect night's sleep.

We have various covers available to add additional comfort to your memory foam topper. Please click here for information regarding covers.

Custom Memory Foam Toppers are Available!
We can custom make memory foam toppers to any size. Please Contact Us for details.

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
  • 2", 3", or 4" 100% visco-elastic memory foam
  • ILD rating of 15 for medium support
  • Flexible, resilient, and durable
  • Superior pressure relief reduces back pain
  • Temperature-sensitive foam responds to body heat
  • Molds perfectly to body's contours
  • Increases circulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in USA
  • 30-Day 100% Guarantee*
Resources Notes

*Warranty Information
For details on the Memory Foam Mattress/Topper Warranty and Guarantee, see the return policy on our Customer Service page.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Handle With Care
Please handle with care as foam may tear when being handled due to its weight. Foam Factory, Inc. is not responsible for torn foam due to improper handling. We suggest purchasing an optional cover for the topper to help prevent tearing of the foam and increase longevity.

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Great product
Clay | July 26th, 2023
Replaced the foam on my Sleepnumer bed! Very good replacement!
Zzzzz. Ahhh
An Jesse | June 15th, 2023
I am very sensitive (allergic) to the fire retardants (formaldehyde) in the most popular memory foam brands - hospital trip sensitive. I bought the 3 lb foam for its lack of such an additive, at a 3" thickness. The hubby and I have tough physical jobs. We prefer stiffer mattresses, but our latex mattress was a little too stiff. I had ZERO reaction to this foam. It is dense, very comfortable, and not too smelly. I aired it out on the porch for a few days first. We live at high altitude with low humidity, causing things off gas at a rapid rate. We've been sleeping great since we bought it. THANK YOU for making something that I can sleep on!
Excellent, as usual
Snarkette | October 18th, 2022
I've come to Foam Factory (now foambymail) periodically over the years, mostly for seat cushions, and I come back to them every time I need foam because the quality is excellent. I bought this foam as a mattress topper because I was concerned about contaminants and fillers in the toppers I've seen in retail stores. We're very comfortable on this 2-inch foam.
I love my new bed!
Stephanie | December 20th, 2020
I bought a 4” hd36 mattress and 2” visco foam topper to replace the horrible bed in a house I’m renting for a few months. That bed had been hurting my back so bad and I was sleeping terrible. I’m so so so happy with the new bed and have been sleeping so well again. I just placed a mattress pad on the two pieces of foam and it works great. I’m thinking about spray gluing them together but it’s not necessary since the pad and sheet keeps them together. Thank you so much for offering foam beds affordably!
Even makes bad mattresses comfortable
Chloe | August 8th, 2019
This past year I lived in a pre-furnished apartment, since I'm a college kid who couldn't afford much furniture. My apartment came with a really bad mattress, but you never would've known because this topper is so plush and comfortable! I honestly forgot how bad the mattress was until I had to take the topper off when I moved. All my friends would comment on how comfortable my bed was, and honestly I get the best night's sleep with this thing. I absolutely love it! I've had it for a whole year now and it's still in near perfect condition.
Joe Mac | August 28th, 2019
We bought the 3 inch white topper for our king size bed. It made such a big impact on our sleep quality! It’s so comfortable that our kids come into our bed at night because they like our bed so much more then theirs. We have since bought twins size toppers for their bed and they don’t come in nearly as often. Would recommend this to anyone. Even if you already have a memory foam mattress, adding this topper can make them more comfortable. Do note that you will probably need to get some deeper fitted bed sheets.
Terrific product
Barbara Danin | May 29th, 2019
I was so pleased with the mattress I recently ordered and received. Made very well, shipped with lots of protection, exactly as I had ordered, and, most importantly, extremely comfortable. I can tell this will last a long time and so the cost was reasonable for the product received.