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Foam Crash Pad for Kids

Foam crash pads are a must have for any home with young kids. These pads consist of a durable cover filled with a solid core of 6”, medium firm, open-cell foam. This helps provide a safe landing space for your kid’s in all their activities. Some ways to use a foam crash pad include the following:

  • Below jungle gyms, swings, and other backyard playground equipment
  • As a wrestling mat
  • For practicing gymnastics
  • For climbing and jumping
DIY crash pad

Foam crash pads are an excellent tool to help calm children with sensory processing disorders or other special needs. The sturdy, comfortable foam gives children the kind of sensory input they crave, while it also protects them from injury and harm. Foam crash pads can be used by individuals in search of comfort and soothing or by multiple children seeking cooperative play opportunities. Some activities to try (all with adult supervision, of course) include:

  • Crawling over and under the pad
  • Rolling across the pad
  • Sinking into the crash pad
  • Using the pad as a resting place for a nap or quiet time in a dark room
  • Using the pad as a comfy couch while watching movies
  • Pulling heavier crash pads across the room

Brand name crash pads can run for several hundred dollars. This can be enough to make parents give up on the idea of buying one. There are affordable alternatives, though, that are every bit as safe and effective as the expensive ones. You can buy your foam directly from us at Foam Factory. You can also add in a zippered liner in your desired size, and make a DIY crash pad on a budget. For even more savings, simply use an old duvet cover in place of the zippered liner to hold your foam.

If you have active young children or children with special needs, and you think a foam crash pad is right for your home, then contact us today! With foam from Foam Factory, you can make a foam crash pad that rivals the brand names for a fraction of the cost!

12 thoughts on “Foam Crash Pad for Kids”

  1. This article on Foam Crash Pad for Kids calls out adding in a zippered liner from the site, but I can’t find anywhere to order one. How would I go about this?

  2. Hello, I am looking to purchase foam crash pads for a basement climbing gym I made for my family. It is a fairly good size area which will require a lot of foam. The first area is 18′ x 6′ 6″‘; the second area is 8′ x 2’ 6″. Also, would like a recommendation on how thick to go (my guess is 3″ thick) I am located in the Denver, Co area. Is this something you can help me with?

  3. We would suggest our Lux-HQ foam for your application. However, typically what is used is 2″ of 2.2LB polyethylene foam over 4″ of Lux-Regular foam.

  4. I am making a sensory crash pad for my son. How much of the shreded foam or foam scraps would I need to fill a 5×5 sack?

  5. I read your suggestions for creating a crash pad for kids using foam stuffing. Do you have a page with available size liners and the amount of fill needed to create a rectangular pad?

  6. Hello! I am interested in making a sensory crash pad for my autistic child…the pad will be 54x75x8. I think I’d like to fill it with scrap foam…do you have quantity recommendations? Thank you!!

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