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Get Lower Body Comfort and Support With Leg Pillows!

Pillows, in one form or another, have been around as long as humans have wanted to be comfortable. Which is to say, a pretty long time. But as we learn more about the physiological needs of our bodies when sleeping and resting, we realize pillows aren’t just for catching some Zzz’s or for decoration on your grandparent’s plastic-covered couch.

These days, pillows have functional uses from your head to your feet. Some purely exist for comfort, others for support, while most offer benefits in both areas. Contoured pillows, memory foam pillows, and neck support pillows have greatly risen in popularity, but another lesser-known need that pillows can address is lower-body comfort and support. Leg pillows exist in all shapes and sizes, and Foam Factory, Inc. is proud to offer many different styles to help you sleep better, relax better, and simply feel better.

Wide Style (CS29)
Wide Style (CS29)

While implemented at the other end of the body, leg pillows serve the same purpose as traditional sleeping pillows by helping you achieve the best combination of comfort and support. One of the biggest benefits from leg pillows is improved lower-body circulation, courtesy of the elevation they provide. As you stand and sit upright throughout your day, your veins constantly fight to return blood to the heart in your circulation system. When elevated, they get the assistance of gravity, instead of fighting against it.

Leg pillows can also relieve stress on joints and muscles by supporting areas a flat mattress or couch cushion cannot. And of course, some individuals just find using a lower-body pillow to be a more comfortable way to sleep, even if they don’t have circulation or support issues. Body pillows are another comfort option that can be used by the upper and lower body at the same time, and are a favorite of side sleepers.

Foam Factory’s four different leg pillow styles each offer their own brand of fit and function, allowing customers to pick a product that’s tailored to their specific needs. Made from burgundy medical foam, these forms are resilient, as well as antimicrobial – an important feature given the amount of body contact these pillows experience.

The simplest leg pillow available is CS29, or the Wide Style. This cushion is the most versatile of the four varieties, offering the lowest incline for people who would only like a slight adjustment to their positioning. The wide, flat pillow features a taper that supports the leg on its way up to the cushioning plane, while the calves, ankles, and feet rest comfortably on the flat top.

Wedge Style (CS32)
Wedge Style (CS32)

For the greatest boost in height, the Block Style leg pillow (CS30) can be placed under the knees. The height takes pressure off the knees and provides substantial elevation. While it offers more lift than most people require for basic comfort, people who require a drastic lift for support will be relieved to implement this pillow.

Similar in shape to the Block Style, the smaller Wedge Style leg pillow (CS32) is able to offer a middle ground in terms of elevation between the Wide Style and Block Style. The Wedge pillow has a gentler rise from the ground with a complete taper, while the Block Style is cut off at the ends. This helps cradle the thighs and calves, rising and falling from the knee.

Lastly, is Foam Factory’s most unique comfort product, the CS31 Scoop Style pillow. With two scoops cut out to cradle your calves and heels (imagine where we got the name!), this is easily the most stabilizing pillow offered. By holding the leg from the knee on down, the Scoop Style is particularly beneficial to people who may have experienced injuries or are recovering from medical procedures that require extreme support when resting. It also features a detachable base, making the height adjustable as well.

The question of which leg pillow to get, or whether you even need one, is one only you can answer. But if you experience discomfort or restlessness at night, would like to elevate your lower body when resting or recovering from a procedure, or just think you’d find one comfortable, Foam Factory leg pillows are soft, supportive, and comfortable.

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