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DIY Casper Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses offer many benefits that ordinary spring mattresses do not offer. For example, memory foam has the ability to conform to the contours of your body, which helps provide support where it is needed most while simultaneously relieving pressure on the shoulders, hips, knees, and joints. In addition, memory foam inhibits motion transfer so the movements of one partner are less likely to disturb the sleep of the other partner.

So it’s no wonder that memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, Leesa, Casper, and other name brands are top sellers. The problem with these products, however, is that they are extremely expensive and are out of the price range of many consumers. What people may not realize is that it’s fairly easy to recreate a Casper foam mattress from equivalent or even better materials from FoamByMail for less than half the cost! Here’s exactly what you need to make a DIY version of the queen sized Casper foam mattress:

foam-factory-foam-thickness-2016-1Queen Memory Foam Mattress

  • 1” Latex Foam (4.6LB density) – Queen 60” x 80” for the top layer
    • Price: $81.99
  • 2” 3LB Memory Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the contouring middle layer
    • Price: $76.99
  • 5” HD36-R Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the supporting base layer
    • Price: $105.99
  • Spray adhesive to glue the individual layers together (1 can)
    • Price: $17.99

Total Cost: $337.95

The density of the memory foam mattress components listed above is comparable to or better than the density of the materials used in the popular Casper and Leesa models. Density is an important consideration because the higher the density, the higher the likely quality of the foam, making it more resilient and durable.

Based on the information available, here is a comparison of our recommended materials vs. their product:

Our Materials: Leesa/Casper Materials
1.8 LB density HD36-R foam 1.8 LB density foam base layer
3 LB density memory foam 3 LB density memory foam
4.6 LB density latex foam 4 LB density latex or latex substitute
Price (including glue and cover): $337.95 Price: $1000 to $1300

As you can see, our latex foam top layer is already a higher quality than our competitors use, and for even greater comfort and support, you can choose to upgrade the other two layers we suggested above while still saving money compared to the Casper or Leesa brand foam mattresses. For example, you could upgrade the base foam layer from 1.8LB to 2.8LB density HD36-HQ foam for less than $40. You can also upgrade the middle layer from 3LB memory foam to 4LB for around $40, or to 5LB memory foam for around $60.

If you’ve wanted to try a Leesa or Casper memory foam mattress but are put off by the price, we invite you to DIY and recreate the same product with higher quality materials from FoamByMail. This DIY version will give you all of the great benefits of sleeping on memory foam at a fraction of the cost, so head over to FoamByMail.com to place your order today.

Leesa products mentioned above are products sold by leesa.com

96 thoughts on “DIY Casper Foam Mattress”

  1. I love this! I just ordered all the parts to try this myself. I went with all the higher quality foams, too. I have a question, though. What is the benefit of having the 1″ latex as the top layer? Is it just for temperature regulation?

  2. How heavy is this in queen size? I’m looking at the dyi queen casper foam mattress. I’m considering for a travel trailer.

  3. Great work! Totally going to do this. How much would a King size mattress cost? Do you have a link for those materials? Also, I’d like to make some for my toddler’s beds. Any links to help me there? Thanks!

  4. Would you recommend any modifications to this mattress (to provide moderately firm support for the hips and shoulders) for side sleepers?

  5. Which would you recommend for side sleepers to relieve pressure or pain from shoulders and hips?

  6. At least 3″ of memory foam or 3″ of super soft foam. Then use a medium foam such as HD36-HQ or our medium Latex as a base layer.

  7. This is great information! I am a 6′, 185 lb. side sleeper who buys deep mattresses to prevent lower back pain. However, I need to build a relatively thin mattress (no more than 5″ deep) for camping in my car. I know I can’t expect perfection, but what would you recommend to be my best bet for a supportive but thin mattress?

  8. The two adhesive’s on the website are Camie 373 Spray Adhesive and 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive. Which one should be used for these foams? Thanks

  9. I have 6 inches of latex, 3 soft and 3 firm that I am using as the top of the mattress, O am trying to decide what 4inch base layer to use. I want it to be durable so I was looking at the Lux but don’t want it to be too firm. What would you recommend so that it lasts but is not overly firm even with 6 inches of latex on top.

  10. What foam layer combonation would be best for a 280 lb body builder. I am a combonation side sleeper. Would all latex foam be best with the lux/firm base? Should i add an extra layer? Thanks.

  11. I’m curious, could this construction be used for a futon? I’m guessing the layer of dense foam on the bottom is where there would be an issue, but what if it were scored or cut where the frame bends?

  12. I have a platform bed so I don’t use a box spring. Which base layer foam would use suggest I use?

  13. Im looking to make a foam bed for my boat. Any recommendations for mildew or water control it is inside the cabin will not get wet but moisture always in air at the marina

  14. I previously DIY’d 3 foam/latex mattresses for my home. For our master bedroom I ordered 6” of the Lux HQ foam, 4” of HD36 R foam, and a 3” soft blended latex foam topper (from a different site). It was noticeably way to hard. I’m a 5’6” 265lb woman, side sleeper and my husband is 5’11” 180lb, side sleeper. For my daughter, I ordered 5” HD36 HQ foam, and the same 3” soft blended latex topper. Her bed was way more comfortable.
    I’m about to DIY a hybrid mattress since those are the most expensive ones I see online. I’m going to assemble it like so: 1” Lux HQ foam, 8” combi-zone pocket coil base (Arizona Mattress – http://www.mattresses.net), 1” Lux HQ foam, 3” HD36 HQ foam or 3” Dunlop latex topper (medium density), 1/2” cool gel memory foam sheet 24” x 72” from Amazon (positioned horizontally across the middle third of the bed), and a 1” talalay latex topper (soft). 13” bamboo zippered mattress cover (Arizona Mattress – http://www.mattresses.net).

  15. I’m looking to create a topper and was looking at a [2” 5lb memory foam topped with 1” latex layer] or [3” 5lb memory foam topped with a 1/2” HD36 or LUX] or just a plain 3” 5lb memory foam. Are these combos advisable? Any advice on R or HQ for the top foams? I’m 5’10, 175lbs, combo sleeper, and tend to wake up with a stiff back on a practically new, firm mattress I inherited and I’m just trying to find a low cost way to make it sleepable for me. Thank You in advance!

  16. We have a foam mattress in which the top layers have degraded to the point it is uncomfortable. This is the replacement mattress after making a warranty claim on the first that had the same problem. I have opened it and it is clear that the memory foam layer has broken down. I would like to perform surgery on this mattress and keep the good base foam (5″ of stiff foam, 4″ of slightly softer latex seem good). The remaining 3 inches needs some help. What would you recommend? We like a med-firm mattress and are not all that thrilled with the heat from the memory foam. Thank you!

  17. Stumbled upon this from a YouTube video! I’ve been deciding between the Layla bed and the cocoon but I can’t get over the price vs what’s it’s actually made of. Would love to figure out how I can go about recreating a firm, yet inviting bed (I am a 120 pound stomach sleeping female with back problems) perhaps in a California king size? Any suggestions?

  18. i am interested in using a 1″ latex + 2″ memory foam on top of a stiff bed in a camper. During the day, I’ll need to store the foam. Does it roll up? How much space would it take up?

  19. I am a side sleeper, sometimes sleep on my back, 6’1 and 225. King size bed. and our current bed gives me lower back pain when I use it now and its its not that old. When I use our old non pillow top bed in our spare room, I get no back pain. It has noticeably softer box springs. I was thinking of 5″ of Hd-36 (or Lux?) , 2″ of the medium latex, and then 1-2″ of super soft foam? Thoughts? Your lady on the phone said 3″ of latex and 5″ of HD-36 but I’ve read

  20. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot but I don’t see the 2″ 3LB memory foam layer to make this. Is it still available?

  21. i want to do this! how do i price this? make this? i saw your video.
    i need a TWIN for a female side sleeper- my bed now hurts my lower back all night.
    reading this is this what i need?
    1. measure a twin bed?
    buy 3 layers at twin size?
    very bottom would be 5″ luxhq
    glue spray 3m super77
    then add 2″ super soft
    then glue spay
    then add 2” latex

    then put a zipper cover?
    does that sound good? my mattress now is 12″ on a slatted base.
    where on this website do i order this? thank you!!!!!!

  22. i have a hard twin mattress (was the top one for kids bunk beds), i am a side sleeper and thinking about using with a topper.
    what would be a topper? foam and latex? how much of each?
    and do i glue them together?
    and do i put the entire matress & topper in a zipper cover?
    Thank you for the video and any help you give me.

  23. I love this post, but seeing how it is a couple year’s old, it would be great if you can update the product recommendations to account for some of the “premium” offerings from the mattress brands, like Necter. Thank you!

  24. We tried a mattress that seemed decent, and it has 8″ of base foam. (http://websites.retailcatalog.us/2346/mm/concertoinfo.pdf) Would we just do a 6″ and a 2″ to replicate that, since you don’t have 8″? Would the memory foam you offer ‘be hotter’ than some of the gel-swirl, BlackICE, etc foams seen in other mattresses? Finally, the Latex, for example, looks to be one type (density and hardness), where some mattresses (http://websites.retailcatalog.us/2346/mm/preludeinfo.pdf) offer soft and firm versions. It looks like yours might be a medium, but without the target spec, is it tough to approximate? Excited to work with you!

  25. To replicate that, we would suggest 3″ of either our 4LB or 5LB memory foam on a 5″ medium foam base. Our HD36 foam is medium. That is actually our standard memory foam mattress. The latex layer is soft, we do not carry a soft latex. So the alternative is memory foam instead of latex foam in this case.

  26. I’m so excited…I’ve had your site bookmarked for over a year as we built our custom RV/Schoolbus because I knew I’d be back to get our 2 custom-sized (70″x30″ +/-) mattresses YAY! But now, I need your help figuring out what I need.
    We are 5’2″ & 5’7″ both around 230lbs & combo sleepers (side/back) – hubby has had several back surgeries & likes it a little firmer & I have RA & degenerative spine issues & like it a little softer… And we both hate being hot (meds & just being old lol)
    We can go as thick as 8″ +/-.
    Thank you so much for the help! This bus is going to be our home for the rest of our lives & these mattresses will help us live our best life 🙂

  27. Hi. I’m 245 and a side sleeper with some upper back pain. My wife is 125 and a side sleeper with lower back pain. What combo do you recommend? I was looking at the basic casper/leesa setup you suggested above as the starting place. Thx. I’m ready to order!

  28. Hi. I have a Verlo bed that I have been unhappy with since I purchased it less than 2 years ago. It’s a pillow top, constructed with coils, base foam of unknown quality/firmness, only 1/2″ of gel foam, and a very uncomfortable pillow top (no memory foam). I had 1″ of latex added beneath the pillow top, but I’ve had to add another layer of foam over the pillow top because the bed is too firm for me. I’m a 6’4″ tall, 250 lb side sleeper with shoulder and hip problems. I’d like to remove the pillow top and add some memory foam. I assume my latex layer is glued, so I’m looking for suggestions as to what type of memory foam to layer on top. One layer? Multiple thin layers? How dense? I’m looking for a feeling similar to the medium to plush feel that I had with a Serta icomfort memory foam bed (similar to the current Blue Fusion 200 or 300 model) that I had previous to the disaster that I own now. Thank you for your thoughts for a low cost fix!

  29. I would suggest 3″ of our memory foam on top of 5″ of our Lux-HQ base. An extra layer of eggcrate foam can be added to one side to increase softness.

  30. Hello, what would you recommend for a 250 side and back sleeper who sometimes suffers from lower back pain and moves alot at night? Is there a way to make a combination that’s 12 inches high to avoid strain when getting out of bed?

  31. I have a son who continuously uses his bed for everything from eating in it to using it to play video games. What would you recommend for a 300 pound man who sleeps on his side and back and uses his bed as a couch.

  32. Hello. I am a 170lb, 5’10”, 25YR old male. I sleep mostly on my stomach and side. I prefer something on the slightly firm side. What would be your suggestion be for components? Thank you.

  33. Hi, so excited to find this site! Hope you’re still available to comment. We purchased the Serra Icomfort Blue Max Elite 3000… 2 1/2 years ago. It was great as we are both side sleepers and have hip and lower back pain. Now it has broken down ..not surprised though. I know it won’t pass the famous string test for warranty claim. I have to see if my cover unzips ??
    It is 14” .. what foam would you recommend so I can perform surgery and bring it back to life? My husband is around 210 .. and I’m between 150-175.. we mainly sleep on our sides.. I like softer .. for pressure relief on my hips and he needs it so his shoulders sink in enough. But we can’t have TOO soft as we don’t want to go through all the layers as that’s what’s happening now and we’re hitting that hard foam. Please HELP!!

  34. I have a jackknife couch and I am looking for something to lay over top of it when it’s opened because it is terribly uncomfortable. With the space gap down the middle and the armrests which hamper the length and get in the way. I’m thinking of using a foam mattress to raise it up to the same height as the arm rests. It would be for a single bed roughly and I would want to be able to compress it and put it in a vacuum bag so that it would fit in a very small area during storage. Any thoughts?

  35. It sounds like our HD36-High Quality foam would be the best product for your application. It provides a medium support, so it is comfortable to be used as a mattress, but soft enough to make it easy to store as needed. You can get pricing for your size on our custom cut cushion page.

  36. We need a bed for our sprinter van. What is the thinnest combination of these products we can use to create this “diy” mattress while still being comfortable?

  37. I am going to do a DIY mattress from you. I just refoamed my sofa and it’s amazing.
    We have a king size inner spring mattress now. About 8 years old. I forget brand but paid about $1800. Well me and wife cuddle and now we have no choice because dip in middle of bed rolls you to it.
    My question will be all foam mattress or replace foam with some from you onto of springs.
    I am 6’2″ 170lbs wife I’d 5’10” 165lbs. Both side sleepers and sometimes back when my shoulder or her hip starts hurting too much.

    I have bad disk in lower back. Have trouble putting my own shoes on in morning. However I just drove with my son 3600miles across the country in 4 days. After first day I felt great. I’m thinking the amazing mattresses helped.
    So all foam or hybrid?
    I like the casper setup you show as I’m a latex fan too. I sweat at night some from certain medicines sometimes. I was thinking I could get a good quilted cooling mattress cover to help. Maybe you can recoomend one.
    Long post but I figured your answer might help others. I will be in touch after holiday for sure.

  38. I have a 24 year old CALIFORNIA KING 10” mattress, i added a 3”memory foam pad ,,THEN I HAD A 4 IN COMBINATION foam/memory foam topper, that worked well for years,, ,i discarded the 4” COMBO,,,i bought a 2” down alternative and 2”Gel Memory foam mattress TOPPER….i bottomed out, with a back ache,,, so i added a 4” charcoal memory foam and sunk, so deep, i couldn’t turn over,,,so i took the 2” off, and added just the alternative down cover ,,,i am still sinking,,,my arms and neck and legs are falling asleep,,,i am at a loss…PLEASE HELP, before i ,,,can’t sleep…THANKS..

  39. So I ordered this setup to a T and the only thing I switched up was upgrading to the HD base layer. It all just came in and feels fantastic. I noticed certain places saying the adhesive isn’t entirely necessary. I got the can of Super 77, but I’m trying to decide whether or not to apply it since we have a small apartment and the only real spot I could pull it off safely would be the backyard or the garage. Is there a good method of lining them up? Since I’m assuming once the two sides are adhered, adjustment will be near impossible. Thank you for such a quick delivery! Can’t wait to get this set up and covered.

  40. I had a tempurpedic cloud which became waaaaaay too soft and caused a lot of body pain. Ordered a Leesa standard and it’s too hard. I want to send it back and try my own. I have the 6″ firm base foam which I bought locally a few years ago. It is much too firm to sleep on so needs some softer layers. Also hate to sleep hot which is a problem with both tempurpedic and leesa.

  41. The 3M Super 77 spray adhesive is a permanent bond, so once glued the pieces will not easily be separated. The main purpose of the adhesive is to make sure these pieces do not shift over time with movement, so if you choose not to use adhesive, they may need adjustment from time to time.

  42. I’m seeking to make a 6 inch thick mattress for a sleeping area with limited overhead space. At home I have used a 3″ latex topper, but I use 9 inches of support foam. How could I achieve a similar experience in just 6 inches total?

  43. Do you think 3″ latex 29 ILD on top of 5″ LUX HQ 50 ILD will be a good choice for us?
    1 female 5’1′, 110-125 lbs, side sleeper 80%, back sleeper 15%, stomach sleeper 5%
    1 male 6’2″, 170-195 lbs, side sleeper 80%, back sleeper 15%, stomach sleeper 5%

    We are looking for firm and supportive but soft enough that hips, back and shoulders won’t hurt. We also want to be able to get intimate without making too much noise or sinking in the bed. A little spring would be nice. Thanks in advance for your advice!

  44. I’m having trouble matching some of the products here to what is for sale on the website, and I’m hoping to bother someone for some advice!
    Not long ago I bought a 6″ LUX-HQ Foam mattress for a base, got a 2″ 2.8lbs/ftcubed memory foam topper from a friend, and then a 1″ 29 ILD Latex Foam Topper, all to mimic the setup from this page.
    My problem is that the the setup with everything together is too soft (upper spine falls in too much and my outer shoulders and ribs hurt) but without the 2″ memory foam, the setup is too stiff and my lower back hurts. Any recommendations?

    LUX-HQ https://www.foambymail.com/LHQ_2/lux-hq-foam-mattress.html
    Latex Foam Topper https://www.foambymail.com/LTX_T/dunlop-latex-foam-topper.html

  45. What would you recommend for the top bunk of a children’s bunk bed with a maximum mattress height of 6″?

  46. I have been struggling to find a mattress for a year. Already returned 7! Tried an all latex diy (s-m-f Dunlop 3 inches each). Then added Talalay. I am 5’5, 135 side sleeper with hip issues and lower back pain upon waking. I think I need foam. I HATE the pushback of latex. The relative instability feels like it makes my back hurt more as well. I’m not worried about cost, just want to be able to sleep! Do you have any suggestions for me? I ordered a 4lb topper from you which is great! No offgassing at all! Thank you!

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