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DIY Casper Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses offer many benefits that ordinary spring mattresses do not offer. For example, memory foam has the ability to conform to the contours of your body, which helps provide support where it is needed most while simultaneously relieving pressure on the shoulders, hips, knees, and joints. In addition, memory foam inhibits motion transfer so the movements of one partner are less likely to disturb the sleep of the other partner.

So it’s no wonder that memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, Leesa, Casper, and other name brands are top sellers. The problem with these products, however, is that they are extremely expensive and are out of the price range of many consumers. What people may not realize is that it’s fairly easy to recreate a Casper foam mattress from equivalent or even better materials from FoamByMail for less than half the cost! Here’s exactly what you need to make a DIY version of the queen sized Casper foam mattress:

foam-factory-foam-thickness-2016-1Queen Memory Foam Mattress

  • 1” Latex Foam (4.6LB density) – Queen 60” x 80” for the top layer
    • Price: $98.99
  • 2” 3LB Memory Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the contouring middle layer
    • Price: $70.99
  • 5” HD36-R Foam – Queen 60” x 80” for the supporting base layer
    • Price: $116. 99
  • Spray adhesive to glue the individual layers together (1 can)
    • Price: $10.99

Total Cost: $342.95

The density of the memory foam mattress components listed above is comparable to or better than the density of the materials used in the popular Casper and Leesa models. Density is an important consideration because the higher the density, the higher the likely quality of the foam, making it more resilient and durable.

Based on the information available, here is a comparison of our recommended materials vs. their product:

Our Materials: Leesa/Casper Materials
1.8 LB density HD36-R foam 1.8 LB density foam base layer
3 LB density memory foam 3 LB density memory foam
4.6 LB density latex foam 4 LB density latex or latex substitute
Price (including glue and cover): $342.95 Price: $850 – 890

As you can see, our latex foam top layer is already a higher quality than our competitors use, and for even greater comfort and support, you can choose to upgrade the other two layers we suggested above while still saving money compared to the Casper or Leesa brand foam mattresses. For example, you could upgrade the base foam layer from 1.8LB to 2.8LB density HD36-HQ foam for less than $50. You can also upgrade the middle layer from 3LB memory foam to 4LB for around $20, or to 5LB memory foam for around $50.

If you’ve wanted to try a Leesa or Casper memory foam mattress but are put off by the price, we invite you to DIY and recreate the same product with higher quality materials from FoamByMail. This DIY version will give you all of the great benefits of sleeping on memory foam at a fraction of the cost, so head over to FoamByMail.com to place your order today.

23 thoughts on “DIY Casper Foam Mattress”

  1. I love this! I just ordered all the parts to try this myself. I went with all the higher quality foams, too. I have a question, though. What is the benefit of having the 1″ latex as the top layer? Is it just for temperature regulation?

  2. How heavy is this in queen size? I’m looking at the dyi queen casper foam mattress. I’m considering for a travel trailer.

  3. Great work! Totally going to do this. How much would a King size mattress cost? Do you have a link for those materials? Also, I’d like to make some for my toddler’s beds. Any links to help me there? Thanks!

  4. Would you recommend any modifications to this mattress (to provide moderately firm support for the hips and shoulders) for side sleepers?

  5. Which would you recommend for side sleepers to relieve pressure or pain from shoulders and hips?

  6. This is great information! I am a 6′, 185 lb. side sleeper who buys deep mattresses to prevent lower back pain. However, I need to build a relatively thin mattress (no more than 5″ deep) for camping in my car. I know I can’t expect perfection, but what would you recommend to be my best bet for a supportive but thin mattress?

  7. The two adhesive’s on the website are Camie 373 Spray Adhesive and 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive. Which one should be used for these foams? Thanks

  8. I have 6 inches of latex, 3 soft and 3 firm that I am using as the top of the mattress, O am trying to decide what 4inch base layer to use. I want it to be durable so I was looking at the Lux but don’t want it to be too firm. What would you recommend so that it lasts but is not overly firm even with 6 inches of latex on top.

  9. What foam layer combonation would be best for a 280 lb body builder. I am a combonation side sleeper. Would all latex foam be best with the lux/firm base? Should i add an extra layer? Thanks.

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