LUX-R Foam - Standard Mattress

LUX-R Foam - Standard Mattress

LUX-R Foam - Standard Mattress


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A good night's rest can set you up for a successful day and lead to overall improvements in quality of life. You need the right mattress to make this dream a reality. Finding the right sleep solution for your needs doesn't have to be a hassle. With a Lux R foam mattress, you get the best in an affordable sleep solution without compromising on any of the comfort and support you rightfully deserve. This material ensures a comfortable mattress of high standards to help you reach a restful state.

Basic foam mattresses are great for people who desire all-around comfort and support. The mattresses help provide relief and alleviate pressure while maintaining proper body support and firmness. While foam, in general, is a great solution for sleep needs, there are a few things worth noting about our Lux R foam. For starters, the Lux R foam mattress provides the greatest amount of firmness for people who need maximum support. A firmer mattress will offer more stability and support during movement throughout the night as well as when getting in and out of the bed with ease. It also still carries the cushioning softness you expect of a foam sleep solution. While the firmness is higher than with other softer foams, this type of mattress will still provide the pressure relieving benefits of a foam mattress for those looking for the best balance of support and softness in one affordable solution.

We offer several options for thickness to help you get the right balance between cushioning and support for your sleep preferences. With options ranging from a half inch to 6 inches, it is easier than ever to get the right thickness for your comfort and support needs with this solution. In addition to varying thickness degrees, we also offer different sizes ranging from twin to California king to accommodate your needs. Regardless of which size or thickness is right for you, every option is a high-quality sleep solution guaranteed to offer supreme comfort for a night of restful rejuvenation. If you have any questions, please contact us to determine the right solution for you. We are always happy to help in any way!

Optional covers are available under Mattress Accessories.

Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.

Physical Data Sheet: Lux Regular Foam