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Foam By Mail’s 100th Blog Post (A Compilation)!

In honor of this, our 100th blog post, we’ve gone back over the last few years and cherry-picked some of our most interesting, useful, and popular posts and collected them here. Take a look and let us know what you think, but remember – there’s a lot more than what we’ve recapped here! And if there’s anything you would like to know more about or have us cover, please feel free to comment or Contact Us and let us ... (Read More)

Protect Your Shoe Collection with Foam Cylinders

Every year when spring is finally peeking around the corner, most people are looking forward to warmer weather more than anything. After months of snow, ice, and wind, breaking out the sandals, shorts, and t-shirts can make us feel like butterflies spreading our wings for the first time. While winter weather is obviously the last thing on our minds once we don’t have to put on 15 layers just to get to the grocery, the cold will eventually return, ... (Read More)

Build a Beanbag with Foam Factory’s DIY Beanbag Materials

Here at Foam Factory, Inc., we offer many products that can help you over-deliver on a DIY project while staying under budget. From couch cushions, to organization methods, foam products can make your life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Lately, Foam Factory has seen an increase in a particular DIY project, and felt acknowledging it would benefit the visitors of our blog and Web site. Homemade beanbag chairs and foam sacks have been growing in popularity recently, as ... (Read More)

The Right Glue for the Job: Best Adhesives for Foam

Whether you’re rebuilding an engine or helping your child with a school project, things always go better when you have the right tool for the job. This is true in the world of foam as well, from at-home DIY projects, to businesses making custom couch cushions, foam mattresses, or foam rubber gaskets. Foam Factory, Inc. offers a wide range of foam products, and with them, spray adhesives designed to work best with each foam type they offer. This particular ... (Read More)

Hold On to Your Seat: Durable Rebond Is Great Seat Padding

When it comes to selecting a seat cushioning material for chairs or couches, people often say that they want the firmest, longest-lasting foam they can get. These people usually have traditional, open-cell, high-density foam in mind when they say these things. However, most don’t realize that if all open-cell foams were available options, rebond foam represents a choice that far surpasses traditional cushioning materials in density, firmness, and durability. Because of its high values in traditional comfort categories however, rebond ... (Read More)

Keep Temperatures Up and Bills Low with Foam Insulation

As winter drags on, many people see each snowflake that falls as another penny coming out of their pockets on their next utility bill. The harder your heating and cooling systems have to work to reach and maintain temperatures, the more money it costs to power them. While one source of unnecessary cost may be the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, an aspect of temperature control that often goes overlooked is home insulation. Most materials used in ... (Read More)

Ramp Up Your Workouts or Unwind from One with Foam Rollers

Whether you come home from a long day at the office with a sore back, wake up stiff, or want to optimize your workouts, foam rollers are one product not to overlook. Versatile and resilient, closed-cell foam rollers offer value people don’t always recognize until they experience it first-hand. For self-massage, stretching, or exercising, polyethylene foam cylinders can make a big difference in your life. Available in a wide range of sizes, foam bolsters and rollers can fit virtually ... (Read More)

A Closer Look at Foam: Part II – Closed-Cell Foam

For the second half in our review of the cellular structure of our foam materials, we take a look at the more rugged and durable of our two main foam types – closed-cell foam! — Closed-Cell While there is little variation among open-cell foams, closed-cell foam structure offers a range of cellular characteristics that can be differentiated from one another with the naked eye. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has the most unique foam cell structure in the closed-cell category, as ... (Read More)

A Closer Look at Foam: Part I – Open-Cell Foam

As one of the most used materials in the world, you would be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t know what you’re talking about when you say the word “foam.” However, what makes this material so interesting is that while everybody knows what foam is, the type of foam someone might think of can greatly vary. One person may picture memory foam or polystyrene just as easily as another would envision neoprene or spongy polyurethane foam. Of course, ... (Read More)

Organize Your Tool Collection with DIY Foam Inserts

At the top of the list of the most confounding household mysteries, along with lost socks and disappearing TV remotes, is how the tool we need always seems to be the only one missing from its drawer or chest. Whether a wrench is MIA or the screwdriver you want is buried under a bird’s nest of metal and plastic, it’s maddening to waste 30 minutes looking for a tool that you need for 30 seconds of work. The issue ... (Read More)

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