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The Advantage of Adhesive Backing

Adhesive Backing for Foam
Make Your Project Easy with our Adhesive Backing for Foam!

Foam can be used for countless applications. In many of those projects, it is important to adhere those foams to other surfaces to keep them held in place.  Adhesive backing, a product that Foam Factory, Inc now offers, can help keep your projects simple and save you time.

Effortlessly Install Your Foam

The adhesive is peel-and-stick! A glassine release liner protects the adhesive until you start. Once you are ready to place the foam on another surface, just peel, stick, and put pressure on the foam to give the adhesive a good hold on the substrate. Since this is a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), once pressure is applied, the adhesive will connect and retain a strong, long-lasting hold.

Projects Made Easy

When does an adhesive backed foam come in handy? The number of applications where adhesive-backed foam will benefit you might surprise you!


Closed-cell, adhesive backed foam is often used for gaskets. Without adhesive, gaskets can have a tendency to move around. For example, a door gasket can move around with the opening and closing of the door. Our adhesive backing will help hold those gaskets in place. Applying them is simple! Now, keeping them in place is simple, too!


Another common application for closed-cell foam is as insulation. Whether it is being used for mechanical purposes, or you are trying to insulate your conversion van for camping, adhesive backing makes this foam easy to apply. The foam and adhesive will contour to the surface that you are applying it too, but will stick and adhere just as easy as it does on a flat surface.

Sound Treatment

Sometimes they are visible, and sometimes they are hidden, but sound treatments are found in a lot more places than we think. When maximum sound dampening is desired, closed-cell foams, such as Neoprene and Volara are great foams to turn to.  With any acoustic treatment, it is important to make sure that your foam stays in place for long periods of time. This is where our adhesive backed foam comes in handy. The adhesive itself is highly durable. It can even function in temperatures up to 120 °F, if needed! Keep your sound treatment project easy and without the mess with our adhesive backed foam!

Other Projects

Our adhesive backed foam can be used in numerous applications. Beyond those listed above, this can be used to bond foam to most other substrates, including: vinyl, tile, exterior mirrors, and even other foam types! The adhesive has a high resistance to UV, heat, and solvents. This makes it great for outdoor use, as well!

Cutting Capabilities

Many projects require that foam is cut into smaller pieces or designs. At Foam Factory, Inc, we do this using either water jet or die cutting. A benefit of our adhesive backing is that it is conducive to both of these cutting methods! Now, you can get the parts you need for your project, but keep things simple by having an adhesive backing on your foam. Applying your foam is simpler than ever!

What Next?

You may be asking yourself what you can do with all of this information. The most important thing to ask is, “will an adhesive-backed foam benefit me?” The answer is: If you need to apply your foam to another surface or object, having the adhesive will likely make things easier! We here at Foam Factory, Inc do our best to make things as easy as possible for you, our customer. If you have further questions surrounding the use or specifications of the adhesive backing we offer, feel free to contact us!

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