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Hit the Mark With Foam Archery Targets

Hit the Mark With Foam Archery Targets A sport of skill, patience, and technical precision, archery is one of those activities that may appear easy to an observer but is something that takes an immense amount of practice and hard work to perfect. Proper form, physical strength and stamina, and excellent self-awareness are all required for consistent performance in archery. As any archer knows from experience, the only way to gain this is through hard work and repetition. Much ... (Read More)

Get Temporary Padding with Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles

Some things in life we don’t notice until we’re forced to. The amount of cargo space in the car when you move. The importance of sunscreen after a day at the beach. Ink levels when it’s time to print a boarding pass for a morning flight. Daily life requires us to juggle so many tasks, it’s easy to overlook minor things until they become major. The arrival of children in a family or the decision to convert a room ... (Read More)

Customizable Fun with Foam Sack Personalization

One of the most memorable products of the late 60s and 70s, the bean bag chair is an icon of comfort and design. It has come a long way since then, and today, bean bag chairs are making a comeback with a wide range of choices in covering fabrics, size, shape, and filler material. While the original polystyrene pellet foam filling still exists, more and more manufacturers are using shredded polyurethane foam for filler instead. This shift in materials ... (Read More)

Hunters: Protect Your Firearms and Muffle Those Blinds

When hunting season rolls around each year, people take to the outdoors, armed not only with their own weaponry, but with plenty of experience, superstitions, and do-it-yourself accessories to help them get their game. Because much of hunting is about using tact and guile to outsmart prey, homemade hunting goods are often the standard rather than the exception, from blinds to practice targets to decoys. Water-resistant, durable, and strong, closed-cell foam is one of the best materials for crafting ... (Read More)

Furnish Your Home with Custom Floor Cushions

Just like snowflakes, there are no two people who are alike. Brothers, sisters, and even twins, no matter how similar, have their own individual traits and quirks that make them their own unique person. Despite this, most things produced attempt to cater to the widest range of preferences and trends. So while many may be pleased with these offerings, there are still plenty of people left wondering why they can’t find something they like. Furniture is no different. Classic ... (Read More)

Turn Your Home Ideas Into Reality With Custom-Cut EPS Foam

As people look for creative solutions in their professional and personal lives, materials that were once only used in one or two applications are now being used for a range of applications that they were never considered for. Size, weight, versatility and affordability are some of the largest factors driving individuals to re-evaluate the status quo and find a new way to accomplish their goals. One such material that has proven to be valuable in far more applications than ... (Read More)

Foam Factory’s Body Pillows Offer a New Sleep Experience

To some, body pillows are something wanted but not needed. But as the mounting evidence showing the importance of sleep and its impact on our daily lives increases, people have begun to realize body pillows can serve an important role in achieving a good night’s sleep; something that is definitely a necessity. Fortunately for your shot at a refreshing sleep, Foam Factory, Inc. has the materials and resources to create custom body pillows that will help you get your ... (Read More)

Balance, Safety, and Fun on the Playground with Foam Padding

Keeping children active and healthy is one of a parent’s most important jobs and instilling the benefits of exercise at an early age is a lesson that can benefit a child over their lifetime. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body, as children cultivate social skills and use their imagination and creativity while playing. Having fun on the playground is perhaps the best way to accomplish all of these things, helping your child learn and ... (Read More)

Understanding A-A-59135 and A-A-59136 Item Descriptions

The world of foam polymers can be a complicated one, with minor differences in structure, additives and molecular makeup creating completely different products. Because the forming of these materials can be manipulated in so many ways, highly-specialized products for unique jobs are often created, with only a slight change in formulation tailoring them to a certain application. The benefit of this is that users rarely have to compromise on a material that only meets some of their requirements. The ... (Read More)

Smart, Simple Ways to Stay Safe in Your Home

People readily understand that the world can be a dangerous place, whether at their jobs, on their commute or even while running errands. One place people seem to let their guards down however, is at home. This is likely because the control we have over our own environment gives us a sense of security not present out in the real world. But the sheer amount of time we spend in our homes increases our accident potential, as do the ... (Read More)

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