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Protection and Comfort in Athletics with Custom Foam Padding

As the world of sports has evolved, so too have its participants. Today’s athletes are bigger, stronger, faster and better prepared than ever before. Unfortunately, this progress comes with a cost, as the increased physical masses and speeds seen on the field of play directly correlate to a greater potential for injury.

Hockey Helmet
Hockey Helmet

Now more than ever, proper safety equipment and padding is vital in athletics. Gone are the days where leather football helmets and generic goalie masks were sufficient protection from the forces and events of a game. Foam Factory, Inc. recognizes this and proudly offers protective athletic foam padding for a range of uses to keep games safer, more comfortable and more fun.

Specializing in foam-only custom pads and inserts, Foam Factory can produce replacement foam components for athletic equipment, fabricate new, custom forms to meet the specific needs of an individual or manufacture padding to add comfort to equipment that already functions as it should. In addition to personal equipment, Foam Factory also has gymnastic rubber available for padding large areas.

Manufactured from closed-cell foam because of its density, resiliency against force and moisture-resistant characteristics, these forms can be used in helmet padding, forearm, elbow and knee padding, chinstraps and shin guards. Foam Factory uses closed-cell foams such as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), polyethylene foam roll, neoprene, and polyethylene because their excellent strength and shock absorbing qualities allow them to diffuse the impact of hits and falls without degrading. Impervious to bacteria and mildew, they will not absorb the moisture that can weigh down equipment and cause odor. Gymnastic rubber excels as floor padding for dojos, gymnastics and wrestling and can be applied to walls for extra padding as well.

Comfort padding can also be applied to any piece of equipment that pinches or rubs uncomfortably, like shoulder pads, knee pads or catcher’s equipment. Other products Foam Factory is able to manufacture include foam inserts in base-layer compression apparel frequently worn by basketball and football players, custom insoles for in-line or hockey skates, helmet foam and extra padding for insulin pumps worn during competition.

While these safety products are offered as foam-only replacements or inserts, Foam Factory also provides spray adhesives that can be used to bond these materials to an outer shell at home. This saves time compared to sending your equipment away to be refurbished, so you can quickly return to playing. It is also more economical than buying new equipment when only a single component needs replacement.  With computer-programmed machinery, Foam Factory makes it affordable to produce even a single piece of athletic padding or cushioning, since molds or dies are not required. And for larger-run products for a whole team, our die cutting machinery can produce identical products quickly and efficiently.

So the next time you put on the chin strap or get out the ball and mitt, Foam Factory can help give you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to enjoy your game comfortably and, most importantly, safely.

6 thoughts on “Protection and Comfort in Athletics with Custom Foam Padding”

  1. Hi I am looking the replacement foam for my hockey helmet and not sure what kind of foam will provide both safety and comfort. Can you advise?

  2. Thank you for reaching out to Foam By Mail via our Blog.

    Per your question, yes we do suggest using the Neoprene foam for protection in sports equipment. As this foam is flexible, soft, water resistant, and will not be affected by body heat or temperature.

    For all future questions, please contact us.

    Thank you!

  3. What is your guises most protective foam when it comes to baseball the foam measuring at a 1/2inch thick?

  4. Hello,

    We have never tested this, however from previous customers it seems the neoprene is best used for padding and protection.

    Check out our website for some 8” x 8” foam sample kits that are available for purchase, see here:

    Foam Sample Packs

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