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The Benefits of Promotional Product Packaging Inserts

In a “what have you done for me lately” society, impactful marketing can make the difference between being overlooked or being the first company a potential customer thinks of when they need a service. Product promotions are an excellent way to connect with customers and maintain front-of-mind awareness in a busy world, but as more companies saturate the market with their products, it has become difficult to stand out.

Custom Packaging
Custom Acupuncture Casing

This is why one of the most important, but often overlooked aspects of generating real value from a promotion is the presentation of the product.  And whether it’s something as small as a commemorative pin in a jewelry box or as large as a full-scale product sample, Foam Factory, Inc. produces customized promotional foam packaging and box inserts that present products with style and class and increase their value to the recipient.

Created on precision, computer-programmed machinery, these inserts for promotional boxes can be made to form-fit virtually any size or shape product, in any layout or combination desired. The professional-looking specialty packaging ensures the safe transport of a product while also generating the “Wow-Factor” every company is looking for. Having a specific, secure place to store an item when it’s not being used means custom packaging inserts can also help keep promotional products around longer.

With their diverse fleet of machines, Foam Factory can produce ten or ten thousand packaging inserts quickly and economically, no matter the project. The custom promotional insert forms are made from a variety of high-grade foam types to complement any product perfectly, from non-soiling or colored open-cell foam to dense closed-cell foam. Additionally, the foam inserts can be cut in either standard sheets or in eggcrate style, providing complete customization for any design plan. And for a finishing touch, Foam Factory can laminate fabric to the custom-cut form for even more customization possibilities. Available fabrics include twill or passion suede in a range of colors and Foam Factory will also use fabrics provided by the customer, should they desire something not offered in-house.

Bundled Product Packaging
Bundled Laser Pointer and Wireless Mouse

Foam Factory has produced custom marketing packaging for a multitude of products including photographs, uniquely shaped USB drives, bulletproof glass and product samples. They have also created bundled packages that included scrubbers, solvents and literature. Other potential products that could benefit from custom foam advertising packaging include water bottles, bobbleheads, flashlights, carabiner keychains, multi-tools, watches and more.

Ultimately, the quality and utility of a promotional product is what will help bring in business, but with Foam Factory custom promotional packaging inserts, you can make sure your quality product is the one that stands out among all the others.

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