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Christmas Foam Crafts

The holidays are a special time full of magic and cheer. When it comes to spreading Christmas cheer during the festive season, homemade DIY crafts are a popular way to add to the magic. Make this holiday season merry and bright with our suggestions for Christmas foam crafts!

Decorative Foam Sacks

Snowman Foam Sack Chairs

An easy way to add something fun to your home is to create snowman foam sacks. This is not only easy and fun, but it will give you more seating options for the holidays when family comes to visit.

To start, create foam sack covers using a white fabric in several sizes. You want to have a bigger base for the body, but smaller sacks for the upper body and head. Once you have filled them with foam, stack them on top of each other to create a life-sized snowman. You can add buttons, fabric, and Velcro to help create a friendly snowman to liven up any room. When you need the foam sacks as seats, simply disassemble the snowman, and put him back together when you are done! Best of all, you can use the foam bean bags throughout the year!

Christmas Ornament Foam Sack Chairs

Another DIY project you can create for the holidays is a Christmas ornament foam sack chair. This is similar to the snowman option but with more color!

Aside from the covers being color-coordinated according to your seasonal theme, you will need to make it clear that they are giant ornaments and not just foam sacks. With the use of felt, Velcro, and Polystyrene, you can easily create the ornament’s cap. You can also add some lines of glitter-painted felt to the surface to mimic a real ornament. This is a great way to make the holidays fun and offer special seating to the kids at the family get-together.

Decorations of All Sizes!

North Pole Sign

A North Pole sign is always a great way to bring in the season! You can use foam to create the stand and the sign. Carve and paint details to welcome visitors to the North Pole. This craft project is a great way to get the little ones involved, too! You can even give an authentic North Pole feel by throwing some glitter on the base to look like some freshly fallen snow. Place it by your front door or anywhere that could use some extra holiday cheer!

Candy Cane Walkway

Add a bit of sweetness to your holiday with a pretty candy cane walkway! You can have these stand against your fireplace, next to your tree, line a hallway, or line your front walkway.

Use some foam bolsters or noodles and wire to bend them to the shape of a candy cane. Add some red paint and glitter, and you will have created a festive treat for your home. Pro Tip: When painting, use tape over the foam to create the red swirl of the candy cane. This will help you get those nice clean lines!

Holiday Photo Booth

Are you having a Christmas party this year? If you are hosting, you could definitely use a festive holiday photo booth; foam is the perfect solution for this project!

Foam can be used in a range of ways for this holiday project, in fact, you can use it to construct the booth itself! Foam can also be cut and painted to make smaller cutouts to attach to the booth. Create a festive look that will surely impress party guests.

No holiday photo booth is complete without a few great props! You can use foam to create a range of foam props that guests can hold in their pictures. The possibilities are endless with this foam craft project, so let your merry imagination run wild.

Giant Gift Box Décor

When looking for décor for the holidays, giant present boxes are always a hit. This project can be matched to any holiday theme! Decorate the sheets using the right paint and glitter colors.  Once decorated, glue the sheets together to create a box. Use an additional sheet to make a box lid. You can also use some festive ribbon around the box to make it look even more like a present. For the finishing touch, add a gift tag to the top of the box to ring in the season in a fun way.

The Options are Limitless

These are just a few ideas for using foam to make Christmas crafts. Since foam is such a versatile material, the possibilities for Christmas crafts are endless. Try one of these this season, or create your own foam wonders!

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