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Need New Cushions? Foam Factory, Inc. Has Them!

One of the questions we get on a daily basis at Foam Factory is, “My cushions are a ______ design. Do you make replacements in that shape?” In nearly every instance, the answer to that question is yes! Between our programmable cutting machinery and the skill and talent our team possesses for hand-cutting unique pieces, there aren’t many custom cushions we can’t make.

But because of how long people tend to keep furniture, sometimes there’s a lack of familiarity with comfort and support products. If you have a comfy sofa you keep for 10 years, that’s 10 years you aren’t looking around at alternatives and seeing what’s on the market. A good example is the world of automobiles. If you buy a new car and drive it for 10 or 15 years, when it’s time to buy a replacement you may not know what the current standard features on vehicles are, compared to a decade ago. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; there’s no reason to worry yourself over things that aren’t impacting your busy life. It’s just a fact that when things last for a long time, we need to reacquaint ourselves before going about replacing them.

At Foam Factory, there are 11 standard cushion shapes we offer to customers. Using our Online Make-A-Cushion Calculator, you can select the shape of the cushion(s) you need, add your dimensions, and have a new foam insert made just for you. While we are able to make nearly any custom shape, like stars, crescents, and ovals, we fabricate our standard shapes on a daily basis. Not only does this mean we have our manufacturing methods down-pat, the greater order volume of standard shapes means we can cut them more quickly and offer them at more affordable prices. So if you need new cushions and are wondering if we can make them, take a look at our list and see that not only do we make them, we’ve already made a lot of them.

Standard Square/Rectangle Cushion:

Foam Factory’s standard cushion selection
Foam Factory’s standard cushion selection

These are as basic as a cushion can get, and what the majority of seat cushions are shaped like. Often called box cushions when upholstered with clean lines and piping around the seams, our square cushions have six faces, and edges that meet at 90-degree angles.

L-Cushions and T-Cushions

Cushions in these shapes are most typically found on couches or deep seats where the outside edge of the cushion wraps around an armrest or frame. Because of their design, we often get inquiries asking if we make a “special cushion” in these shapes, but they are actually quite standard. These cushions get their names from the way they look, as L-Cushions have “ears” on one side to look like the letter L, and T-Cushions have ears on both sides, looking like – you guessed it – the letter T! In addition to squared-up, 90-degree corners, we also offer L- and T-Cushions with rounded corners.

Circular Cushions

Most often used on stools, circular cushions are another shape not seen quite as frequently that we still offer as a standard shape. Through custom-built templates, we are able to hand-cut smooth, circular curves with precision you’d be hard-pressed to replicate at home. This individual cutting also keeps costs down because we are able to produce these cushions without the added cost of powering a programmable machine. Circular cushions are exactly what they say they are, though; perfect circles. Ovals and oblong shapes are a custom-cut shape and not one of the standard shapes we offer.

Window Seats

Our window seat cushions, also called bay window cushions, are angled to fit into the windowed outcroppings built into homes. Full window seat cushions are trapezoidal, with two parallel edges, and side edges running at angles. For sectional bay window areas, we also offer “half cushions,” which are basically the full trapezoid cut down the middle. Often one of these goes on either side of a square cushion. We offer our window cushions with both squared off corners as shown in the image, or with a classic trapezoid shape, where the corner ends in a tight acute angle.

Boat Mattresses

The final custom cushion shape we offer is something many people haven’t seen before, unless they’ve been aboard a boat. Fortunately for those who own boats, we recognize our three-piece boat mattress as the standard cushion shape for their application. Consisting of two long, nearly triangular pieces, with a cutout for a small trapezoid at the bottom, boat mattresses are made in such a fashion to get a comfortable bed below deck. Single pieces or standard mattresses are very difficult to negotiate through the tight confines of a vessel, so this three-piece mattress makes sure you can sleep well on board.

As you can see, you won’t run into many pieces of furniture that require a shape different than one of our custom sizes. And using our Cushion Creator, you can personalize them with your own dimensions and have them built from your preferred cushion type, giving you the comfort and support you want, quickly and affordably.

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