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Need a Custom Bed? Try a Layered Foam Mattress!

In our “get it done yesterday” society, a one-size-fits-all mentality can be incredibly efficient when it comes to consumer products … provided what is offered really does fit “all.” However, problems arise when that concept is taken a little too far, reaching into areas where one item simply cannot fit everyone and everything. Mattresses are one such example.

Everyone knows no two bodies are the same, each with different shapes, sizes, wants, and needs. Despite this, most traditional mattresses are still offered with minimal variation. 50 different people can have 50 different sets of comfort and support needs, yet traditional mattresses rarely offer choices beyond “soft” or “hard.” Not much leeway for preference, there.

Memory foam and eggcrate layering
Memory foam and eggcrate layering

Fortunately for everyone who isn’t satisfied by generic bedding, foam mattress layering gives individuals the chance to construct a fully personalized bed in an easy, affordable way. And at Foam Factory, Inc., you can get everything you need to build a custom mattress in the sizes and foam types you want, finally giving you a bed that feels like it was your match made in heaven.

Many people who are familiar with foam mattresses know them as thick, heavy slabs of squishy foam. Foam mattresses have existed in this fashion for years, but carried many of the same issues as traditional mattresses. While there are many different varieties of foam there is still a limit to how many types can be affordably manufactured. But with the advent of the foam topper, bedding manufacturers realized they could apply the foam sheet concept to entire mattress constructions. Today, custom mattresses can be built from sheets of foam in varying formulations, giving consumers a completely personalized mattress. Foam Factory is one such company giving people the opportunity to create the perfect bed, offering layered mattress choices in conventional foam, Dunlop latex foam, and memory foam varieties.

The combinations made possible by foam layering means common densities and firmnesses can be blended together for an uncommon mattress that is just right for you. These materials can create so many comfort combinations, it would be cost-prohibitive to manufacture them all as a single foam, but very affordable using standard materials layered together. By utilizing the usual foam materials in thinner thicknesses, the same materials are being produced in large quantities, keeping prices down, but the ability to morph them into something completely different now exists – a solution that works for both manufacturers and customers!

Latex Topper on Top of Conventional Foam Mattress
Dunlop latex atop a firm foam base

A typical layered mattress build usually consists of two or three sheets of foam, with the bottom often being a thick base layer, while thinner comfort layers are placed on top to soften the firmer base. Foam Factory offers their comfort foam varieties in standard mattress sizes that can be combined to create the perfect mattress, including six formulations of conventional open-cell foam, three densities of temperature sensitive memory foam, 100 percent all-natural Dunlop latex foam, and even reticulated, fast-dry outdoor/marine foam. In most cases, Foam Factory suggests that each individual layer of mattress foam be no thinner than 2″ thick. However, they offer both the Dunlop latex and conventional foam in 1″ thicknesses for special uses, with memory foam starting at 2″. With this combination of sizes and options, the possibilities for mattress builds are on the verge of being limitless.

Another benefit of a custom layered mattress is how easy it’s physically put together in the home. Firstly, foam is easily folded or rolled to get them into any room, and in 2″ thicknesses, even high density materials weigh substantially less than a full mattress. Once you’re ready to “construct” the bed, the foam sheets only need to be placed on each other in the order you prefer; no special covering system, strapping system, or adhesive is needed. This not only saves time and money, it allows the owner to change the layers to alter the feel whenever they want. If your comfort preferences ever change, you can readjust the bed, or even swap out an entire layer for something else, giving you a new bed feel for a fraction of the cost.

If you know a unique mattress is something you need, but aren’t sure how to take the first step toward a layered bed, Foam Factory can help you build the best mattress for you. Knowing what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past gives their experienced sales team enough information to make sound build suggestions in material combinations that will work well for you.

4 thoughts on “Need a Custom Bed? Try a Layered Foam Mattress!”

  1. Hello! I need some help diy-ing a mattress for a 150 pound side sleeper with hip pressure point pain. I love memory foam, so I am unsure if I’d like Latex. I love a soft soft bed. Thank you!

  2. I am looking for foam to make a mattress (queen) in my truck camper. I want It as firm (stiff) as possible. Like the stiffness you get in new boat upholstery.

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