Super Soft Foam - Standard Mattress Topper

Super Soft Foam - Standard Mattress Topper


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Super Soft foam is our plushest material, making it an outstanding choice for a cozy mattress topper. Placed upon a solid, supportive bed, the contouring of Super Soft helps provide relief and alleviates pressure without reducing the support a base mattress provides. Super Soft foam is particularly beneficial for those spending extended periods of time in bed, or individuals with pressure and circulation issues, due to the softness of the material. This foam should only be used as a comfort layer/topper layer.

Custom Cutting is Available!
Need something other than our standard mattress sizes? We can cut custom sizes of Super Soft to fit your exact needs. See Custom Mattresses for details.

Optional covers are available under Mattress Accessories.

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
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Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

*California King Mattresses
CA King sized mattresses and toppers are a solid 72"x80" with an extra 4" glued to the end to make it 72"x84". There is no additional charge for the gluing.

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Verified Buyer
Fantastic. Turned a rock hard bed into a good one.
Meg Calverley | May 3rd, 2024
I just moved into a tiny home travel traveler and the bed was rock hard. It was awful. So I bought a combo memory foam and soft topper for it. Just as bad. The memory foam seemed to mold to the bed - not me. Every morning I woke up feeling stiff and had sore arms and shoulders like I’d been sleeping in concrete. And have since read other people having the same issues with memory foam. So I hunted for proper foam and found this great place. I got the 4” queen super soft and what a difference! When I took it out of the box I measured it and it was only 3.5 inches. But I thought I’d see if it would expand and it did to its full depth. I used it after 12 hours because I was desperate but it was fine. I had a deep super soft pillow top bed in my house before and while it’s not quite as luxurious as this - it’s really good. Soft and comfortable. I can sink in. I think I could have gone to 6” too. Princess and the pea here. But I thought I could also get their egg crate 2.5” topper if needed. Very good price. And an easy fix. But 2 weeks in and I don’t think I need it. Great price for the 4” mattress too. And great product. I would buy again if needed.
Verified Buyer
Twin long 4in foam
Tammy | February 28th, 2024
So soft! Now my hips don't hurt when I wake in the morning.
Verified Buyer
Soft without sinking
Matt | February 5th, 2024
This foam is amazing. Feels like a super soft latex without any bounce. I can't stand the trapped memory foam feel. Even with 4 inches of this as a topper it doesn't feel like you're sinking too much. I'm 180 pounds and a side sleeper. Usually wake up with sore shoulders but not anymore. It does actually feel cloud like. Only downside is it is pretty fragile, but I think it's worth it for the comfort.
4" Super Soft Foam
Brent | July 20th, 2023
We originally had the 3" foam but upgraded to the 4" and are very happy witht it!
The best
Ellen Garrett | June 29th, 2023
Finally, the perfect mattress for me. It is super soft like it says & I need that as a side sleeper. I have memory foam at bottom, this in the middle, & the convocated on top. I made my own combination & it's the perfect combo for me. I sleep better than I have in years. Can't go wrong buying these mattresses to fit your needs.
good to go
Dennis Musselwhite | June 6th, 2023
arrived in a reasonable amount of time and is going to be used as a comfortable guest bed, emphasis on comfortable
michael | April 14th, 2023
For someone with osteo-arthritis, it is superb! Fast delivery, flawless product.Thanks!
4 inch super soft foam mattress
Jessica | January 23rd, 2023
OMG!!!!! I am sleeping on clouds...This is a must buy. When I sleep on one side of my body my arm would get numb and would get upset because i would wake up in the middle of the night and had to turn the other way. But ever since I got this Foam Mattress my nights have been peacefully and no numb arms. Would recommend to anybody that have bad blood circulation. And very cost affordable!!
Best toppers ever!
Diana | September 26th, 2022
Purchased the 6” full size one first and ended up moving it to my RV. The RV is a queen short, but I made it work. I wanted my sheets to fit in the guest room and a 6” is too thick for even deep pocket sheets. Purchased a 4” and the sheets fit perfect. Comfort? Can you say perfect squishiness? I love these toppers! So reasonable and quick delivery. I love you folks! ❤️
Best Foam Ever!
Susan | June 10th, 2022
I just purchased the queen foam and this is my fourth time purchasing a foam from this company. This is by far the BEST foam I have ever purchased. Soft and comfy without killing your back. You just sink right into the bed but it still gives you support. Every single person who visits me and sleeps on this foam wants to know where I got it because they never slept better in their life. I have it on every bed that I own. Stop your seach for the perfect foam because this is it.
Great quality
Sarah | June 1st, 2022
I ordered a one inch slab of this foam just as a little buffer between my HD36-R mattress and one of those big puffy quilted fiber bed things that goes on top. It's very nice and does add a bit of cushion, but what I've learned in the course of buying multiple mattresses recently is that you really need at least two inches, for any type of topper. With the super soft foam, depending on what you're putting it on, you could even do well with the three inch. If in doubt, just contact customer service and ask. The same materials will produce very different effects depending on the thicknesses, circumstances, and sleeper. I worked with Haley for both purchases and she was able to make recommendations that worked well..
Queen super soft 6" expectations.
Yvonne Christain | September 12th, 2019
Purchased the Queen 6" topper and have not regretted one moment. Sleeping much better without the high cost of adjustable bed and other types of foam. Go here first. You won't be disappointed.
foam mattress topper
sandra klimek | June 27th, 2019
Don't pay the hight prices for a mattress topper in retail stores. I purchased a twin and queen and we are very happy with the product, shipping time and price. Need a topper come here first.