HD36-R Foam - Standard Mattress

HD36-R Foam - Standard Mattress


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The quality of your sleep can impact how you feel both physically and mentally. Poor sleep can lead to reduced performance at the workplace, tiredness throughout the day, and emotional issues such as depression and irritability. Foam is a great solution for improving quality of sleep because it is a supportive and cushioning material that can provide relief for years to come.

The HD36-R foam mattress is an even balance of firmness and softness that provides a restful, rejuvenating night's sleep by providing proper body support. This mattress is especially well suited for individuals dealing with aches and joint pain, as well as those looking for a more breathable material that can help them remain cool during the night.

Available in thicknesses from 1-inch to 6-inches and sizes from Twin to California King.

Custom Cutting is Available!
Need something other than our standard mattress sizes? We can cut custom sizes of HD36 Regular to fit your exact needs. See Custom Mattresses for details.

Optional covers are available under Mattress Accessories.

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Foam meets CertiPUR-US® certification.
Resources Notes

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

*California King Mattresses
CA King sized mattresses and toppers are a solid 72"x80" with an extra 4" glued to the end to make it 72"x84". There is no additional charge for the gluing.

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Verified Buyer
HQ foam custom size mattress
Maryann Kirk | June 6th, 2024
The HQ foam is the best, and I almost always get it with the ticking cover. Perfectly right on with measurements. Very High Quality indeed! Very Pleased.
Ramon | May 12th, 2024
I bought this foam for traveling. It is perfect It had some plastic smell. I put two boxes of baking soda for 5 weeks and left it in the garage, I forgot about it, the smell was gone! I think I read this in this site. Thanks It gives me so much peace that its Certipur-US.
Verified Buyer
love it!
Amy | April 3rd, 2024
Would highly recommend getting a sample of the different types of foam to try them out first - super helpful. My couch was the only thing I could sleep on that didn't hurt my back - until now!
Verified Buyer
exactly what we expected and wanted
William | January 26th, 2024
Great quality they met the specs that we were reading exactly how we felt it should be as far as softness and of course besides the shipping everything went outstanding
Excellent. 2nd time purchase
Cheryl | June 11th, 2023
We originally bought 2 Foam mattress pads for our pop up camper. They were both wonderful and comfortable. When we bought our new travel trailer we needed a topper for the extremely hard mattress. I ordered a 3 in topper and it's been wonderful. Quick service and shipping. Don't hesitate to order from this company.
Totally satisfied
Dennis Musselwhite | May 2nd, 2023
Bought the HD 36 R in twin for an extra bed. Arrived promptly and is very comfortable. Just right for my needs. This is an extra bed for when we have guests. I am 5ft 8in and 165 lbs.
Great Product
J. Turner | December 15th, 2022
I have purchased 7-8 mattresses over the years. Great product. Don't be afraid of ordering one.
Derek | August 12th, 2022
Bought 6" thick for RV bed. I find it weird a manufacturer has such large tolerances, my width was an inch off. Not as plush and comfy as a previous purchase years ago, on the firm side, hoping it breaks in a bit but might have to add a topper of some sort.
Great Mattress
Amy Softa | June 10th, 2022
We ordered the twin size of this to turn our couch into a bed during hot weather so I can sleep downstairs in the air conditioning. This was a great solution because it fits our couch nicely and is way more comfortable than just the cushions. The mattress came all rolled up with the cover already on it. All I had to do was unwrap it and it sprung to life and was ready to sleep on! Very comfortable, fast shipping, and a reasonable price. Thank you!
Best Mattress EVER
Becky | May 27th, 2022
I have been sleeping on foam mattresses from this company for about 8 years now. I started with the HD36-HQ and added a 3" memory foam topper. I replaced it a few years later with the HD36-R because the HQ was a little too firm for me. The HQ went to the Guest room, where everyone who sleeps on it loves it. The HD36-R was also somewhat firm at first but after a break in period has become perfect. I also got one for my small travel trailer and one for my daughter's guest room so I could sleep well when visiting. Selfish maybe but why not? Guests should be comfortable too! And the company worked with me to send it to an APO address in Spain. I would encourage anyone who needs a new mattress to try these. The mattresses have held up very well for me over the years and I am looking forward to finding out how long they will last. Hopefully the company will still be around then so I can order another if mine ever wears out.
Best mattress you'll find anywhere
Sarah | May 25th, 2022
I've bought this twice with the help of their staff person Haley. The first was an 8 in custom cut for an antique guest bed. I could not believe how comfortable it was, so I ordered a standard cut 6 in. for my own bed. The sizing for the standard was a bit wonky, which was very surprising since the custom was perfect. I contacted Haley and she went out of her way to sort it out immediately. I appreciated that so much, as many companies would have done nothing. Their customer service is excellent and I don't know what is in the foam but it's magical. I added a thin soft foam topper from FF and a fluffy quilted thing as I like the pillow top feel. Quality of life immediately skyrockets when sleep improves and pain is reduced. And FF is so affordable - you can even have different types of foam put together. Delivery is quick and free. There's no reason *not* to get this mattress... if you're on the fence, please do yourself a favor and order. The regular will last a very long time with periodic use, and several years with daily use, but if you're someone who keeps your mattress for 10 years, get the HQ version.
Mark | October 24th, 2020
I spent a month looking for mattresses after trying a foam mattress at a local store. It was $200.00 and the cheapest mattress in the store. They told us after we arranged to purchase it that they had learned it was sold the week before. ‘Smelled’ like a bait and switch to us. They pushed to sell us a $400.00+ mattress and I decided I’d find that Serta foam mattress somewhere else. I failed in finding that mattress but succeeded at finding this website. We were concerned that costing even less (i.e. $143) that there was a risk ordering a mattress we couldn’t try first. We took the risk. We couldn’t be happier. I can’t for the life of me see why anyone where spend hundreds of dollars, even thousands, for a mattress. This mattress is extremely comfortable. It’s very firm and even if it wears out after a few years I will consider this a great deal. I believe it will last much longer. We’ll see. In the meantime I’ll be recommending this mattress ... this website ... to anyone considering purchasing a mattress.
Great bed!
Stephanie | December 20th, 2020
I bought a 4” hd36 mattress and 2” visco foam topper to replace the horrible bed in a house I’m renting for a few months. That bed had been hurting my back so bad and I was sleeping terrible. I’m so so so happy with the new bed and have been sleeping so well again. I just placed a mattress pad on the two pieces of foam and it works great. I’m thinking about spray gluing them together but it’s not necessary since the pad and sheet keeps them together. Thank you so much for offering foam beds affordably!
Best mattress I've ever slept on
Lisha | February 6th, 2020
I love this new mattress. I got the king size 6" thick for my husband and I. It is so comfy. We put a 2" memory foam on top and that makes it the perfect comfort level. My back does not hurt as much as before, thank God. The price can't be beat. I would buy this again over other regular "high-quality" retail mattress any day. We are currently using this mattress as our bed, and we will be using it in our camper van as well.
The HD36-R foam mattress is fantastic! It has just the right amount of firmness combined with cradle-ing softness. I didn't expect it to be this great because of the low price.I've had many beds over the years
Judith Green | January 16th, 2020
I didn't expect it to be this comfortable because of it's low price, but it is the right amount of firmness (which I love!) with just the right amount of wonderful cradle-ing softness. I had thought that I would need a soft mattress topper, but no! It is perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing! It arrived promptly, well packaged, and 'plumped up' immediately with zero smell! I couldn't be happier. I hope to do business with you again. American companies like yours help make this country great!
Foam mattress
Lyle Ergang | January 16th, 2020
The best night's sleep I've had in months.
Good Mattress
RG | January 8th, 2020
I am using these for the kids' bunk beds, but the mattresses feel great when I lay down to read to them.
Nice product at fair price.
Dale Reifschneider | January 2nd, 2020
Product out of tolerances but customer service was fast with acceptable adjustments.
Very satisfied with mattress and service
Wendy | November 13th, 2019
We are in our 60s and both of us find this mattress very supportive and comfortable.
Great Buy!
Tim Spickler | November 8th, 2019
Love the supportive mattress. Placed it into former waterbed frame next to my wife's select comfort air bladder and it works perfectly for both of us.
Very Satisfied
Dianna Marlow | June 27th, 2019
I've slept on several small mattresses and several types of foam to determine the right one for comfort in my camper. I couldn't sleep through the night on any of them without back pain. After much research and reading the information on the foam factory website, I decided the HD36-R was the right one. I purchased the 5x39x80 piece. I may need to make it smaller but that's ok. After it arrived I unpacked it and leaned it against a wall to expand and air out for a couple of days. I slept on it and it was great. I'm so excited to know about this company in case I need more foam.
Happy Customer
Barbara G | June 26th, 2019
I purchased two of these in twin size for our trailer. They are wonderful. They are just the right thickness and firmness. I got the 6" ones. The service and delivery was perfect, and they expanded to the correct size right out of the box. There was absolutely no odor either. I will not buy foam from anyone else. I am a very satisfied customer.