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Leesa Mattresses vs. Foam Factory Mattresses

Finding the right mattress is key to a great night of rest. While spring mattresses are still a popular choice on the market, many consumers are moving away from this design in favor of foam. There are plenty of reasons to choose foam mattresses. Superior support, extra cushioning, and better pressure relief are just a few. Deciding which foam mattress is right for you can be tough, but a quick comparison of two top choices always helps! Let’s take a look at Leesa mattresses vs. Foam by Mail mattresses to help you make an informed decision.

memory foam mattress

Leesa Mattress

When comparing Leesa mattresses and Foam by Mail mattresses, we should start with the basics of their construction. The Leesa mattress is made using several foam layers to create the core. It uses a foam comfort layer that brings a bouncy, responsive feel to the mattress. This layer also adds some support. It also has a layer of memory foam to contour to your body. The third layer is a high-density poly foam that gives the mattress the stability to support the two softer foams. This construction is pretty straightforward, and many consumers enjoy the outcome. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. Here is a brief pros and cons list for the Leesa mattress:


Ideal for Back and Side Sleepers
Thanks to the triple-layer construction and the high density core, this mattress is great for side and back sleepers. It provides concentrated pressure point relief by contouring to the body of individuals prone to falling asleep in these positions.

Does Not Limit Movement
A common complaint about memory foam mattresses is the feeling of being stuck in the bed due to the contouring. This mattress removes that concern by using a denser foam that provides support.

Reduces Overheating
Some of their foam options contain a cooling gel that can help keep the sleeper cool throughout the night. This is meant to confront the fact that memory foam tends to retain heat.


Not Ideal for Stomach Sleepers
The Leesa mattress may not be firm enough for stomach sleepers. People who sleep on their stomach typically need a firmer mattress. This make it easier to move as they roll to the side.

No Customization
If you are used to spring mattresses, you may find the Leesa mattress too soft. If you prefer classic memory foam, the Leesa may not give you the contouring feeling that you prefer. They do not offer customization options, so the Leesa mattress is only offered at one firmness level. It is also only available in one thickness: 10”.

Foam by Mail Mattress

When comparing these two options, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, unlike the Leesa mattress, Foam by Mail mattresses come in a range of foam types rather than just one. At Foam by Mail, consumers can choose foam that meets their preferences or needs.

foam mattress topper


Allows for Custom Sizing
Foam By Mail mattresses are made of single layers and can be cut to your size, so you can customize the size and thickness of the mattress.

Firmness Control
Another big benefit of Foam by Mail mattresses vs. Leesa mattresses is that the shopper has control over the factors of firmness. Consumers may choose a super firm mattress or a super soft one, depending on their preference.

Options for Back, Side, and Stomach Sleepers
The Leesa may not be ideal for stomach sleepers, but there is a Foam by Mail mattress for every sleeping position. Since firmer options are available, stomach sleepers can find the right support for a great night of rest!

Options for Hot Sleepers
Foam can sometimes run a little warmer, but Foam by Mail also offers a 100% natural Dunlop Latex mattress that runs cooler to help with breathability. This is an aspect that many traditional mattresses lack.

Memory Foam Offered in Varying Densities
While memory foam is known for its softness and contouring element, the density matters a great deal. With a higher density, memory foam will feel more cushioned and plush. Higher densities also tend to have a longer lifespan. Leesa mattresses only offer consumers one density of memory foam.

Mattress Toppers Available
If you are not ready to commit to a new mattress, Foam by Mail offers mattress toppers that can be added to an existing one to add some softness and additional comfort!

Foam by Mail mattresses are some of the most affordable on the market. They give consumers a high-quality sleeping experience without the higher price tag. If consumers want a great deal on customization and comfort, it is pretty much impossible to beat Foam by Mail mattresses.

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