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High Quality Foam Futon Mattresses from Foam Factory, Inc.

Futons sound like a great idea in theory. They optimize space, save you money by providing two pieces of furniture in one product, and even give guests a place to sleep. Of course, theory is different from practice, and while there are high-quality futons out there, many of the entry-level products aimed at students or people with small apartments don’t always live up to the hype in terms of product quality.

Entry-level futons typically come with cushioning pads that are filled with loose fiber stuffing. This is comfortable at first, but over time, with nothing else to support the user, the stuffing can flatten or bunch up, particularly if it wasn’t densely packed to begin with. At that point, you’re left with a pancake pad that’s not comfortable for sitting or sleeping, with each and every rung of the frame being felt through the cushion. It just doesn’t make sense to have a single product that tries to give you the benefits of two, when the comfort it provides wouldn’t be acceptable in either a standalone couch or mattress. Take a look at any college town dumpster, and there’s a good chance you’ll find an included-with-the-futon pad sticking out.

Would you enjoy sitting on a couch that had a 2″, fiber-stuffed cushion instead of a plush, supportive foam pad? Probably not. There’s no reason to sacrifice basic comforts just to try and make the most of the space you have or to stretch a dollar. So, after years of happily fulfilling custom requests for futon mattress replacements for customers unsatisfied with their out-of-the-box purchases, Foam Factory, Inc. has introduced new foam futon mattress cushions as a standard product, available online, or in-store for pick-up. 54″ wide by 75″ long – a Full-size mattress when used flat – these cushions are 6″ thick and available in a wide selection of twill and micro-fiber suede covers!

Our foam futon mattresses are built in a 4-step process. The core is made from two sections of our HD36 High Quality foam, cut long-ways, representing the back cushion and seating cushion when the futon is in an upright seating position. The HD36 High Quality foam is a medium-feel foam, giving a blend of comfort and support with its 35LB ILD, so it hits that sweet spot between soft and firm. And by using the 2.8LB high quality version – our highest density comfort foam – the cushion packs extra longevity and durability for long-time use and enjoyment. Using two pieces for the core also allows us to create a “hinge” of sorts, which helps you avoid the creasing and damage of trying to fold a solid sheet of foam. Depending on the quality, some foam wouldn’t even fold into position due to the material’s resilience, instead, sticking out and sliding on the floor!

The second step is an individual wrapping of each of the two foam core sections in 1″ thick Dacron polyester fiberfill batting. This gives you a fluffy, soft, cushioning layer atop the foam that adds plushness without diminishing support. Thirdly, we wrap the cushions a second time in the fiberfill, this time together! When that is complete, you have a 4″ thick foam core, with two layers of 1″ fiberfill – soft, comfortable, and supportive, for sleeping, studying, or relaxing! Lastly, we stuff this pad into a 6″ thick mattress cover, in either one of 12 passion suede colors, or one of 8 twill covers. With all that fiberfill, these futon cushions end up looking and feeling stuffed and fluffy – something your old futon pad likely wasn’t!

Having higher quality materials makes for a higher quality experience. Few people would consider using a futon outside of a college dorm when outfitted with stock pancake pads. But with Foam Factory, Inc.’s new foam-core futon mattress pads, you can have a futon that is comfortable, attractive, and versatile enough to be used anywhere!

2 thoughts on “High Quality Foam Futon Mattresses from Foam Factory, Inc.”

  1. I sleep on a twin size 5″ tri-fold futon made of TI45 ILD (1.8lbs/density) foam. I love the firmness of this density of foam and am looking for something as firm in a twin size. Do you make something similiar? I noticed the 36 ILD but also 2.8lbs/density. Is that comparable? Do you make twin size (76″x39″)?

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