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For Transporting Instruments, Custom Foam Case Inserts Hit the Right Note

Whether you jam in your friend’s garage, or tour the world with your band, the life of a musician and performer involves a lot of travel. While exciting, it can take a toll on a person, with late nights, early mornings, and long days in between.

The grind doesn’t only impact performers, either. One of the frequent casualties of a musician’s lifestyle is gear and instruments, as they go virtually everywhere the performers do.

Custom-cut foam for a guitar case

Things like microphones, guitars, stage monitors, and other gear are all vital tools of the trade. Despite the necessity of travel and transportation with these items though, they remain fairly fragile. And when making music or recording audio is your meal ticket, arriving somewhere to find your equipment damaged is not an option.

Most gear comes with casing, but these are typically made to protect from outside impact, not movement. Take a guitar case for example. The guitar rests in there, and the hard shell will protect it from things falling or spills, but shaking, bouncing, and dropping the case would make it quite obvious that the guitar is moving around inside, banging against the case, placing it at risk for damage.

Mics are another example. You could keep them in the boxes they were originally packaged in, but those aren’t generally made to last and can break down. Plus, if you require more than one microphone to do your work, that’s more boxes to carry along and keep track of.

Luckily, there is a solution to help you avoid these situations and many more. Whether you use your existing case or purchase a new one, custom foam inserts for your instruments and musical equipment will protect them to a much greater degree, making traveling with them safer and easier.

For DIY-focused individuals, sheets of packaging foam can be gently cut with a serrated blade into the shape of the item being encased. An even easier DIY method is using Pick and Pluck foam, which features a grid of 1/2″ cubes that can be easily pulled apart by hand into the shape needed. Foam Factory, Inc. offers both of these fantastic case padding packaging foams in hard-to-soil charcoal foam, and static dissipating Anti-Static foam for casing more delicate items. When making your own custom foam insert, always make the opening in the foam smaller than the instrument being held so it compresses against the instrument when cased, keeping it snug and in place.

For professional cases, many companies offer custom cutting services, and Foam Factory is no exception. Custom cutting offers clean lines and snug fits for your gear, and allows you to place multiple things in a single case, limiting the number of things you need to haul. For some situations, low-density closed-cell foam may even make sense for providing extra case protection.

If you’re tired of damaging your instruments and gear, worried about traveling with it, or just want to protect your investments, contact Foam Factory today and find out what kind of case insert is right for your application!

4 thoughts on “For Transporting Instruments, Custom Foam Case Inserts Hit the Right Note”

  1. do you sell an insert for a fender electric guitar case to give a snug fit to the stratocaster model guitar? Can you give me a price? Thanks much.

  2. I have a Calzone / Anvil flight case for an Electric Guitar that the foam has disintegrated. Then I find out that the velour cloth used to finish the interior causes this. I now need to replace the foam and have been looking for someone who supplies precut foam inserts for these types of cases. Is this something you carry, and if so, what are your prices.

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