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Foam Packing and Shipping Solutions

With more people shopping online every day, packing foam is becoming critical for businesses and consumers, alike. Improperly packed parcels can be damaged during shipping. This causes loss in revenue and delay in shipments to customers or loved ones.

Foam is one of the best ways to solve this issue. Foam is designed to absorb shock and provide support to contents during shipping.

Packaging Foam can be utilized in many different situations. It is simple to use and can be added to any container to prevent damage normally caused in transit.

Types of Packaging Foam

  • Charcoal Foam – a very versatile foam that doesn’t easily stain. This foam is safe for most items. It can be custom cut, if needed, for repetitive product shipping.
  • Anti-Static Foam – This foam is used when shipping electronics. It is made to safely dissipate electrostatic charges created through transit and handling. Anti-Static foam is great protection for circuit boards, computers, and other various electronics. It is available in sheets, but can be cut down to suit your needs.
  • Pick and Pull Grid Foam – an affordable solution that can be utilized for custom packing. It can be made to fit where it needs to go, and still provide stability and protection to the contained items. This design is available in both charcoal and anti-static foam.
  • Polyethylene Foam – Polyethylene is a sturdy option for moving fragile items like plates, glasses, mirrors, and artwork. This option helps relieve some of the stress of moving, and offers a peace of mind that your valuables will make it to their destination in one piece.  
  • Poly Foam – This is the most affordable solution and will add needed protection during shipping. It is available in a wide variety of thicknesses.  It can also be cut to accommodate a variety of requirements.

Need something custom cut? Our custom packaging features different foam types cut with precision to ensure the best fit. Custom inserts can be cut for music instruments, medical equipment, hobby items, and more. Contact us today if you need a custom solution!

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