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When you want an option that lets you create your own solution, our shredded foam is the perfect answer. Our shredded foam can be used in throw pillows, cushions, patio furniture, cushion backs, and many other applications. Since we are committed to using only the best in terms of quality, this foam is made to be soft and comfortable, so you can experience true comfort and support. The perfect mix of cushioning softens and firm support, this foam fill lets you create a range of solutions to your exact preference. Whether you prefer a softer option or a fuller, firmer one, this fill lets you create the right level for your desired preference. This is a great item to have on hand for new projects and also repairing old items to a new state of comfort.

What do I fill my Foam Sack or Bean Bag Chair with?
Conventional Shredded foam is a great, economical way to fill up your foam sack or bean bag chair. It's a good quality product and an excellent choice for this type of application.

When shopping for this item, you will find a range of choices in terms of amount. Whether you are looking for approximately 8 pounds of foam fill or 30 pounds for larger jobs, we have you covered. We even do bulk orders to ensure you get as much foam as you need for the task at hand. If you have any questions regarding this purchase, please Contact Us for assistance. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your needs.

15" x 15" x 72" bag fills approximately 5 cubic feet.
36" x 36" x 48" bag fills approximate 15 cubic feet.


Exemption Charge
Product may be subject to a $15.00 exemption charge per bag shipped to the West Coast. This includes, but is not limited to: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA, and WY. We may contact you if this surcharge applies to your order. See our Shipping Page for more details.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Shredded Foam Colors
Colors may vary, but this does not affect the quality of the foam. Bulk orders may contain a "skin" or "crust."

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Great for floor lounger
Sara | February 8th, 2021
I made a large floor longer for my teenage nephew (used all 30lbs). He absolutely loves it. I have ordered foam elsewhere prior and I prefer this as its shredded finer making for a less lumpy lounger. Will order again!
Great for bed pillows!
Shari D. | November 9th, 2020
I bought an 8lb sack of this over a year ago and I'm STILL making bed pillows out of it. I like it a lot better than memory foam (shredded or not) which feels like a block of wood, or puffy polyester fiberfill which feels hot and smushes down. Standard foam that's been shredded like this is the ONLY thing that's ever worked for me in a bed pillow. I sleep on my side and I need support, but also don't want to feel like I'm sleeping on a wooden block. I've sewn my own case to hold this foam and even bought zippered cotton pillowcases from Walmart which worked great because I could adjust the amount of shredded foam for my head. I also found that tossing my pillow into a dryer on low for 10 minutes helps pump it back up. Thank you, Foam by Mail, for offering a good product at a great price. Oh, and BTW, you're probably thinking, well, I may be able to save a few dollars by buying the same thing on eBay. Good luck with that! Most of those vendors slip in hard pieces of foam or pieces of foam that are yellowed and old into your mix and after you pick all that out, you're not saving any money at all. Stick with Foam By Mail. They'll do right by you! :)
Great for horse arenas
venice Training Liston | September 24th, 2020
This so far has worked out great for our outdoor arena for our horses we needed something that has cushion and that absorbs water to help with dust.. So far so good i will be ordering more soon ...
Great product but packaging is terrible...
RLK | July 5th, 2020
I ordered this after being tired of continuously buying bean bag beans. So far they are working great. My only complaint is the packaging. The box it came in was almost bursting at the seams. It’s wrapped in a bag, which was placed in a huge garbage bag, which was wrapped in plastic wrap and then stuffed into the box. WARNING: the stuffing will get EVERYWHERE. Fill your bean bag/project outside. My only complaint is the packaging. If there were an option to have it put into bean bag filling friendly packaging I would have gladly paid extra for that. If the packaging were better I would have given five stars.
Great product
J.Beasley | March 12th, 2020
Order foam to fill out our bean bags, it worked out great. Highly recommend.
chill pods
Michael E Haley | February 24th, 2020
We make chill pods, are own bean bag chairs for special needs children. this is perfect to hold bigger kids.
Good price
Nancy | February 12th, 2020
Purchased this to stuff some amigurumi that I was making. There is a lot for the price. Slightly disappointed that the pieces were smaller than I thought so stuffing this is REALLY messy and difficult to get off the outside of the work. I’d look for larger pieces next time but it may be years before I run out of this.
great product
Jeff | February 5th, 2020
Good product filled big Joe bean bag with extra leftover, a bit messy filling recommend placing a tarp or plastic down in area filling product and wearing shorts pieces of foam stick to clothing
Great product
Lonnie K. | January 29th, 2020
Ordered 30 lbs of shredded foam. Worked out great! Was worried about it having an odor. Nope, no smell!
World’s Largest Foam Bag Chair!!!
C. Born | January 29th, 2020
I made a HUGE oversized bean bag and filled it with 105lbs (3 35lb bags) Shredded Conventional Foam. The foam bag is a HIT! It is sooooo comfortable, I keep falling asleep in it. The foam is perfect and bounces back quickly. A+ For the foam. I ordered more to make dog beds!
Nice foam
Elizabeth Erskine | January 23rd, 2020
I liked this foam, I used it in the zipper sack liner as part of my huge bean(foam) bag fill up. I got the bag as a gift, it's so huge - I need more foam to get it filled up. This is nice foam to use :-)
Incredible price for a reliable product
Kiefer | January 22nd, 2020
I love this stuff! First off, let me say that this is a ton of foam! It was perfect for filling my giant Snorlax as someone else commented. Even had some leftover to fill a limp floor cushion that now looks excellent. Shipping was very fast - could not recommend enough if you need some foam!
Shredded foam
Petrina Slade | January 18th, 2020
Just the type of shredded foam I was wanting. Pillows turned out great!
Avery Galtney | January 15th, 2020
I have searched for months even after receiving the foam from this company, but i CANNOT find shredded foam cheaper anywhere! I've been sleeping on this bag i made for about a month straight and it's still comfortable.
Stuffed a Pokemon snorlax
Joseph Rowley | December 26th, 2019
I got 30 pounds of foam to stuff a 5 foot tall Pokemon snorlax and the quality of foam is great. I still have 5-10 pounds of it and plan on using the rest incase snorlax needs more lol
Great product. Very pleased
Rhonda | November 20th, 2019
Fast shipping Clean foam. Very happy. Worked great 👍🏻
Handmade Pillows
Darryl D | June 5th, 2019
I recently ordered more shredded foam for stuffing my handmade decorative throw pillows. I’ve found the repurposed scrap or recycled foam to work very well. The firmness holds up over time. Great value as well.
Dog Owner
MRW | May 29th, 2019
Purchased this shredded foam to restuff a dog bed (XL slumberball). The foam worked great for restuffing and it took ~1/2-2/3 box to fill the bed. Dog looks very comfortable.