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How to Use Foam to Stormproof Your Home

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Every year, the U.S. faces countless instances of extreme weather and widespread storms in areas across the nation. Hurricanes bring strong and damaging winds, heavy rain, and hail that can cause lasting damage to homes. Severe thunderstorms, flash flooding, tornados, blizzards, and ice storms also sweep the nation annually. With a wide range of such severe weather that can cause billions of dollars in damage, it is important to know how to storm proof your home with foam and other durable materials.
Some homeowners will evacuate during a severe weather event, while others choose to stay and batten down the hatches. No matter which category you fit into, it’s essential to be prepared to react to a storm quickly and protect your home and your valuables from devastating damage. Since there is typically very little time to get ahead of a storm once it begins, you can start by reading here about how to prepare for weather damage by storm-proofing your property with foam.

What Type of Foam Should I Use to Stormproof?

If you use foam to wrap valuables, you’ll want to protect them from water damage. Big storms are typically accompanied by lots of water, whether flooding, measurable rainfall, or several feet of snow. You will want to keep the moisture away from your valuables by wrapping them in a water-resistant foam. This foam will keep water and mildew out, while providing durable protection for whatever is inside.
Cross-linked Polyethylene foam is one of the best water-resistant foam for stormproofing. It is an ultra-durable closed-cell material that is chemically cross-linked to make it compact and water resistant. While similar to standard polyethylene foam, cross-linked polyethylene foam is engineered to be gentler on higher-quality surfaces. No matter what you’re wrapping in this foam, you can be sure it is safe from any kind of damage — water and otherwise!

Below are a few of the fantastic protective features of cross-linked polyethylene foam:

  • Non-dusting
  • Non -abrasive
  • Highly flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Odorless
  • CFC free
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Lightweight
  • Tear resistant
  • Impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria
  • Shock absorption and vibration dampening properties
  • Cushioning
  • Durability

It is important to note that you should always try to place your valuables in a waterproof container or garbage bag after they are wrapped in foam. While the foam will protect your items from water damage, there may be some small gaps where you have cut, wrapped, and taped the foam. By placing the item in a waterproof container or bag, especially in the event of flooding, you are adding that extra layer of protection.

Is Polyethylene Foam Always the Way to Go?

While most waterproof foam sheets and blocks (which you’ll want for stormproofing) are made of closed-cell polyethylene, there are some instances where extra consideration may need to be taken. As a standard rule of thumb, most of your valuables are best protected by cross-linked polyethylene foam, but electronics, for example, require an extra step if you want to ensure their safety during the storm.
In the event of severe weather, you’ll probably have access to your cell phone, but what about all of your other electronics?

For things like laptops, TVs, tablets, and more, you can use Commercial Pink Anti-Static Foam before wrapping them in cross-linked polyethylene. Pink anti-static foam comes in various sizes to fit all of your electronics. Sheets as thin as ¼” are perfect for tablets and portable consoles.
Anti-static foams help to dissipate electrostatic charges, which can easily damage devices and parts. The open and closed cell options for anti-static foam, and the custom cutting options that Foam Factory offers, means that you can have tailored protection for each of your electronics in the event of a weather emergency.
Severe weather can happen fast, and the destruction can be catastrophic. Ensure your essentials and valuables are protected before there is irreparable damage with foam provided by Foam Factory, Inc!

Foam by Mail hopes that we’ve been able to help you and your family stay safe during the event of a storm.

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