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Tips for Designing a Home Theater

For some people, creating a “home theater” involves nothing more than mounting a 65-inch flatscreen on the wall and calling it a day. Sure, they might get a bit ambitious later on and add an external speaker or two; but in the end, it’s still just a living room with a huge TV.

If you want a true theater-like experience while watching movies and sports at home, then you’re going to have to put a lot more effort into the planning aspect. Here are a few tips to consider as you get started designing a home theater:

  • home-theater-sound-deadening-foamSelect the right room. If you have a few different rooms to choose from, we suggest basing your selection on the shape of the area and the number of windows in the space. Rectangular rooms tend to have better acoustic properties than square rooms, and the fewer windows you have to block off with curtains, the faster you’ll be ready for showtime.
  • Make sound-deadening a priority. Nothing takes the fun out of movie night like noise complaints from others in the house or, even worse, from neighbors, so don’t skimp on sound-deadening. Placing eggcrate foam on the walls and on the ceiling (if there is a floor above the theater room) will help absorb ambient sound, while corner bass absorbers can dampen vibrations and improve the sound and clarity of your speakers.
  • Opt for carpeting over hardwood floors. A carpeted floor not only deadens sound, but also provides far more comfort than hardwood. It’s much easier to envision family members and friends sprawled on the floor to watch TV or play video games when there’s a nice, soft carpet underfoot.
  • Fill the space with plenty of comfy furniture. With many of today’s blockbusters clocking in at well over 150 minutes long, comfy furniture is an absolute must in any home theater. If your budget allows, fully reclining theater seats complete with oversize armrests and cupholders are the perfect way to recreate the cinematic experience. If you need something that’s far more wallet-friendly, check out our foam sacks available in sizes ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet.

For media lovers, there’s nothing better than enjoying the latest movies, video games, sports, and TV programs in a well-appointed media room, so use the design tips listed here to get started setting up your very own home theater today.

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